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Bug 720373 followup : regen configure with autoconf after configure.in change. rs=standard8

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The autoconf files here are a minimal shim to allow the LDAP C SDK to
build with autoconf.  These are currently just a slightly modified
version of the existing Makefile.client-based build system, merged
with a copy of the NSPR autoconf stuff.  As in the main browser tree,
I've checked in the (generated) configure script so that autoconf
isn't a prerequisite to build.

My hope is that the owners of the C SDK will be interested in
migrating to this build system, so that over time it can evolve into a
true autoconf-style build system with all the goodies that go with
that (ie configure-time feature tests for faster porting to new
platforms, cross-compilation support, etc.).

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Dan Mosedale