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Thu Apr 11 23:17:41 2013 +0000
d989eab66df4312452c5c53f2445d9f807d9570eBrian Hackett — No bug - Fix warning spam, r=shu.
1d30583cd42f1fa48ac45cfc0b7f8ae0422b4244Wes Johnston — Bug 850946 - Use light theme for Sync setup on tablets. r=sriram
e329fecc259f3faee932f5efb0fa30c6cce880caBrian Hackett — Bug 855088 - Watch for 'arguments' variables declared within 'with' blocks, r=luke.
9688317ad779f024e8b0eb436ffc2d6cc87a4bb4Aaron Klotz — Bug 858800: Removes premature cleanup of Plugin Hang UI's browser-side IPC. r=bsmedberg
881b429d35e9057b75f266ac89f35aa7eba39f0fShane Caraveo — bug 856479 remove dead code missed in addon manager work. r=markh
05730b9af97595a07e857bbf87182dd3280430b4Wes Johnston — Bug 850946 - Use light theme for Sync setup on tablets. r=sriram
8ad8e97297312d3a04de0780760a3ef9d9b01bf3Wes Johnston — Bug 858111 - Remove background color from app icons on about:apps. r=mfinkle
c2943880a742ad275a9eac1cf5abc7f70d8bfb85Stephen Pohl — Bug 860779 - Enable two-finger horizontal swipes when swipe animations are disabled. r=smichaud
d5f5223bc71c8409f1bdbd3619e72f04b3930583Gregor Wagner — Bug 859601 - mozContacts API - return undefined if the API is unsupported on the platform, not null. r=bent
8165938b2dd4eb91968e5cb1a8536c76ad14a1bbBrad Lassey — Bug 858689 - Sending an SMS fails on Android. r=mounir
29a5fd2889f3e703c07ac2241accadfbb0fb4059Guilherme de Araujo — Bug 851128 - Introduce custom recognition for the double-tap gesture. r=smichaud
ed313842afecdb3df56769e7a9672f8e95e1427cMartijn Wargers — Bug 850302 - B2G mochitests time out on tests using r=jlebar
783f66376d6553f2d1510b039aaa198f480e1ff9Martyn Haigh — Bug 793747 - Add app origin to install message. r=mfinkle
4e471f4974821757e324258b0eb489c8ca3a5f63Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 850362, bug 600307) for Windows XP leaks on a CLOSED TREE.
e7cb5c6e47f0e114af9d60fe270ebe6174f61aabRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5e573a8f7ce1 (bug 856358) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
f23121d10690ddc689e6d3b262cc1b6c21288f66Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f556245d6da1 (bug 856848) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
2d4d6eea0dd6816ff6b79af7904e469c1e5a8521leo bugzilla gecko — Bug 852057 - Sort contacts correctly when givenName or familyName is null. r=gwagner
5e573a8f7ce1d0011efb17569df2480ce77e3a59Reuben Morais — Bug 856358 - Remove ContactProperties types from window. r=gwagner
71bf6bcba445c81d14d12f49ce567b406790a0ebNathan Froyd — Bug 860860 - use json instead of simplejson in; r=gps
dbf9ab7dec313fbe76fafcc8fcaaa7b146bbecf0Michael Vines — Bug 859486 - Add system property to enable the unloading of Wi-Fi drivers r=mrbkap
4add88d3db6959db49c8f1c47b0d8537539fa969Jacek Szpot — Bug 854503 - Rename JS unwrapping functions. r=bholley
f556245d6da1f6edf50fbbea4180d2d22d1a3a63EKR — Bug 856848 - Fix thread crash r=ehugg,ekr
e438d532b4af99ab3c358a24f153355dc2db8d67Sean Stangl — Bug 858783 - Check user-controlled asm.js flag. r=luke
83b8038839f1bda4c5f42afe54b63469a61eeb6fMichael Harrison — Bug 855402. Don't try to write to the startup cache if there isn't one, and definitely don't start _thinking_ we've written to it. r=ehsan
e1fd922ead11a7da6e17decb049356a7ac7709a9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860551. Fix instanceof for prototype-less interface objects to be saner. r=dzbarsky
fc32e1f944e3ff2dc8f4696a3536e7fd36330f29Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 3. Root ErrorResult::ThrowJSException. r=evilpie,smaug
df6981fad6a230cbfc557a791d850d02ad66a462Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 2. Root WebIDL dictionary ToObject. r=evilpie,smaug
dfa9337d57ed1f060d1c44242ba5cf92382e43beBoris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 1. Root WebIDL dictionary ParseJSON. r=evilpie, smaug
f85629692c594f3a0ba488c44b1fbd3302e3b75aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Text appearance for about:home. [r=mfinkle]
b225cfbfda5281cdccf32e9982a51f19adbfd4b7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848961: Cleanup font-sizes in Android UI. [r=mfinkle]
c6e7a788887627d8e3a9f60e7024aa3e33b33018Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850927: Redundant doorhanger layout xml file. [r=mfinkle]
13606f290f3b00551b852daaa61a2be5b494988dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base TextAppearances for the application. [r=mfinkle]
50ddb97f57238a5cc6e5674b2161a757c19386d6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Cleanup list-view style. [r=mfinkle]
625041f40a97fd8c9b3eabe88701eada670d475dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Remove the style named "Screen". [r=mfinkle]
0b212f5b6bbc64d11720cd2063f1b3582c6f6ea0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base theme for Fennec. [r=mfinkle]
fff11ed20a04edae7cd180e38f4fa9026706f240Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 835999 - add a topsites grid to the snapped view.r=mbrubeck
270ad24960d3a9ff3f29a045546a20515d2a88b9Bobby Holley — Bug 859957 - Simplify [[DefaultValue]] security wrapping setup. r=mrbkap,gabor,ejpbruel
737464b363f5e75f2c21b6fda761e4ebf034561eJoel Maher — Bug 858084 - upload a new to to fix the mozcrash issue. r=armenzg
dfed7579f7924ff427ce8a0645d8816ecc30e9ddMs2ger — bug 851542 - Gamepad to webidl (with nsIVariant). r=smaug
04dbe811e4a0e2dcaf0baa73c2769f03eb58f6d8Brian Smith — Bug 733642: Allow the user to enable any version of TLS that libssl supports, maintaining our current defaults, r=dolske
882345a7a0a9b3f73f12d3085aaf09cf0fe454b9Brian Smith — Bug 733632: Remove SSL/TLS Version UI, r=kaie, r=bsmith
eefef98b23fb75edff8653be2841a5f941a7cf85Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets a550dadafa30 and 315f6b451d07 (bug 857884) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
ed781d87fc46957d7803d1b0692b3010fa257cb7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2ceca4816688 (bug 854614) for intermittent mochitest-a11y crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
e82da4f52af889a3e5f665b159ffa365cfe1dd28Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 860446: Properly readback from WebGL with B2G. r=bjacob
6248d561a9788f9acb506842760b7f63cee86ec8Nicolas Silva — Bug 860463 - Ensure that we propagate Destroy() in the shadow layer tree on CompositorParent::ActorDestroy. r=nrc
0a4e209fddeaf3979e5ee7c75c82a3c28ee06837Chris Lord — Bug 859031 - Fix NullPointerException in dynamic toolbar prefs getter. r=lucasr
03f97f46000da051ebdeb258d758330e77318c62Chris Lord — Bug 859100 - Fix NullPointerException in BrowserToolbar.canToolbarHide. r=kats
bdf42baf15d87d4cb0fec9e2756118aa8a88c8c1Frank Yan — Bug 860095 - Adjust overlay button sizing and positioning, especially in RTL mode. r=mbrubeck
001296076966b874a9f07c0ec35f90da1b587dc9Honza Bambas — Bug 850362 - reintroduce bug 842852 - localStorage optimizations, r=mak77
46f9dbef58ea2e426b3a16d88a4839f423a2f880Honza Bambas — Bug 600307 - localStorage and sessionStorage implementation overhaul, r=mak77+smaug, sr=smaug
a550dadafa30d5e612c432bf2db6d4f211741ac1David Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 4 r=Ms2ger
315f6b451d07bc4da0708e42b011f40021b2595cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 3 r=Ms2ger
bc4dd82e27cd96481d97f8f586f52c8542efdd34David Keeler — bug 856777 - observe plugin-info-updated in nsPluginArray, not Navigator r=khuey
7b8ed29c6bc0126f8f5f704ff279e3608ea2d75eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b9d56a1e0a6166f373b95f0deca5997c3158814fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
04d0c8e895ce07eee238c0048a184fc3d46a04c4Tim Taubert — Bug 858643 - Don't handle mouseover event for closing tabs; r=dao
3a90900fe780b69a36d22523e386c917d0276ee9Tim Taubert — Bug 860621 - Fix allowPopups option for RecentWindow.getMostRecentBrowserWindow; r=dao
3cd8277947a6bc765481ca0629215c5db1554a5bNick Fitzgerald — Bug 850738 - Add a crap load of telemetry tests; r=past
8a7fdc4019c817460ca7d2d812becf133fe5d226Tim Taubert — Bug 860622 - Stop preprocessing browser/base/content/pageinfo/pageInfo.js; r=dolske
94dfaf6285b4c637529aea477162dc5913bae611David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 857201 - Restoring PageThumbsStorage.getFileForURL, with deprecation warning;r=ttaubert
16356f0121dd9e7ddbb45e10ec3c551266673b0dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 847349 - Clean up left / down navigation in variables view; r=vporof
904b91062c25c27ac4a827929547d6293f920dbfPanos Astithas — Bug 859569 - Target.makeRemote should attachTab; r=dcamp
d1264794ca7e9f01c217f96ebf67edfcd7e33dfcAnton Kovalyov — Bug 858759 - Move profiler.css to browser/themes. r=vporof
c950d2ea4c5bd2c0bc6d6e2a9e7da0542bc47b9cMike de Boer — Bug 819493: the Know Your Rights notification box has moved to be shown as default snippet on first startup. r=gavin
afc39d8b649af0c4a4b667f63ca6fc2c803ba66dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 17 changesets (bug 566746, bug 697377) for frequent OSX debug mochitest-5 crashes.
146c6ca0aa6ded255b4f5d567fef390ddfd86217Ethan Hugg — Bug 855335 - Signaling - fix Wformat warnings in logging r=jesup
65a30bc9da3c0e8694e1b5c7b3510920a42c4fb9Scott Johnson — Bug 824965: Implement a method of getting correct CaretPosition from within anonymous content nodes. [r=ehsan]
f496b4c13b046e60dea57891f12e06320b8cddc0Malini Das — Bug 859864 - remove NoSuchAttribute from, r=dburns
78bdaf0577cd7e3536f496befde8772b558999f1Jim Chen — Bug 857413 - Use only one copy of GeckoInputConnection.InputThreadUtils; r=cpeterson
5820dbc75b5a7179bb6de8e95eca49f2ad843cb2Jim Chen — Bug 856657 - Change Go button at the same time as resetting input; r=cpeterson
b16ed870d536c54d712865bd5676c180ca4b4e13Daniel Holbert — Bug 851379, part 4: Fix InitOffsets logging code to display horizontal and vertical percent basis, instead of just a containing block width. r=mats
8de3dbbec45df06e7b8ca7b633d066a6f81a6942Daniel Holbert — Bug 851379, part 3: Add reftest with percent-valued vertical margin & padding on flex items. r=mats
0e4434a4e7f3927ade2d551c2da024eaceb9994fDaniel Holbert — Bug 851379 part 2: Make ComputeMargin, ComputePadding, and InitOffsets take a horizontal *and* vertical percent basis, so that we can resolve vertical margins and padding against containing block *height* in flex items. r=mats
2cb63e38eeaf5b7f164dd77b3902520107224254Daniel Holbert — Bug 851379 part 1: Rename ComputeWidthDependentValue to ComputeCBDependentValue. r=mats
53e7c851a6a75bf7c920987799f2075eb9a009d2Fabrice Desré — Bug 853716 - Let the SMS protocol handler deal with sms: url without numbers r=baku
703e4668b5c8dcfd49afa2343566b9175dfde5e6John Daggett — Bug 761442 - treat substitution and positioning lookups involving <space> differently. r=jkew
8a0073ae1a45f4bd2318b84c7dcb37620d42156dJonathan Kew — Bug 761442 - don't use per-word shaping with fonts that use <space> in opentype lookups. r=jdaggett
ca09bff8d6f4ca7e457a4993935df69a927c8dfaTed Mielczarek — backed out dcf67f13c6bb – bug 851542 - for B2G bustage CLOSED TREE
90ae6736f95e9a6b84e6cc26347fe943f39a9482Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset dcf67f13c6bb, bug 851542 for B2G bustage.
85f1d207f52546e0e5fe78990cdefe6efae485fbPatrick McManus — bug 817533 - failed system proxy lookups should not fallback to manual configs r=jduell
2bb26d742f5ffd2d946291fd3c688dc3d6d34f67Jan Horak — Bug 539427 - Save print resolution (DPI) and duplex settings between print jobs, if they're available. r=roc, sr=smaug
bfcd471a1ed9d6237a6a0af369a4d85e1cdbd9c1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b6612169995a (bug 539427) for bustage.
1a5afa9ac9b91e6f8b5065731ae7c0eecd014874Ted Mielczarek — bug 857383 - Don't try to print the app path for a partial build. r=gps
dcf67f13c6bb0e498b1045bb1a8da9623dc1ff11Ms2ger — bug 851542 - Gamepad to webidl (with nsIVariant). r=smaug
34296a24149224b669b4dce050f4459677521cc9Ted Mielczarek — bug 690938 - Get vendor id and product id on Linux for bluetooth gamepads. r=karlt
73adad5ded336441ca8ad6ade93fe740d127a705Benjamin Peterson — Bug 858712 - Make AsmJSModule constructor explicit. r=luke
2ceca4816688beb76f75aeb46fd0c8ebaa69df71Tom Schuster — Bug 854614 - Root result and argument JS::Values. r=bz
1174a55338e8cc5ca52a57f077133e44dcb22d37Stephen Pohl — Bug 860429 - Make NPPVJavascriptPushCallerBool a no-op. r=bsmedberg
7fc45d104920bd1b9110cbacdf07ce087d3976b1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 858900 - Poison JSContext. r=luke
41f71920a83b68f48f5fa90184562e4a4709c83bHenrik Skupin — Bug 858135 - Update LocalMediaStreamPlayback inheritance to use Object.create(). r=jesup
c6dae4b543df3a830044fc8a722db487e7b9ee20Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 857831 - Remove WBMP content sniffer. r=jmuizelaar
5c5faa6e978ec7ab13f4fccbc2a1a9c9f0f1395dSotaro Ikeda — Bug 851667 - Handle SendPGrallocBufferConstructor() failure. r=jmuizelaar
e4187e42329ba0ded1aea85ed369817a84aae1dbBlake Kaplan — Bug 840098. r=bz
b6612169995abda95d7482e0f48c47f4400a1306Jan Horak — Bug 539427 - Save resolution (dpi) and duplex settings. r=roc, sr=smaug
1c28a906a213614c7bae75c7c31f0b9e7bccc0f5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2949e808ed339f1c60e4cde99a58a39763254fdcChris Peterson — Bug 852704 - Part 2: Fix JNI crash caused by DomKeyLocation's change from int to enum. r=blassey
a6fb03a70c9d013f876b0c9db14e9e44ce4514d1Brian Nicholson — Bug 860454 - Remove space from UpdateServiceHelper. r=mfinkle
8ce65f4eb1bafe33d2e0359f9409c53d28ddb807Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - Wrapping nodes into documents compartment. r=bholley, r=enn
e1336dc1f555274a531476e25c6316f97280e7a3Jonathan Watt — Bug 859305 - Stop the browser app from panning the page when the user drags an <input type=range>'s thumb in the out-of-process case. r=smaug
0bdd532aab3d51c3a86e7a057dae5e2ed29699b9Alessandro Decina — Bug 853325 - Improve buffered time ranges accuracy with the GStreamer media backend r=doublec
2209aa5267f514d5b211fcbb95c77d89b2dee80dAlessandro Decina — Bug 853306 - Make the GStreamer backend play whitelisted codecs only r=doublec
9358e56ef5ddeceb807034d965c9b8c3320805d0Cameron McCormack — Bug 860370 - Undo functionality change from bug 848973. r=roc
b08b0dc81a5d1f68d59d05c0c00bf876b2577fdbCameron McCormack — Bug 860378 - Reconstruct SVG text frames sooner on DOM mutations. r=longsonr
0b669f2d896a18ee1dcaedc79535a5ad0a988890Neil Deakin — Bug 566746, android asynchronous form autocomplete changes, r=margaret
ffc72f75488d0f86f5ac994f48e42fae202e44e4Neil Deakin — Bug 566746, use improved callback api for asyncronous form history methods, r=mak
908a33b8d78bd55866c55538a7c404706a777f89Neil Deakin — Bug 566746 - main test for asynchronous form history module FormHistory.jsm and changes to notification test, r=mak
f6bdfe91bea78b449334702664bdb9db3aa9ae6fNeil Deakin — Bug 566746, support deleted table in new form history module, r=mak
4c3c196b31af139081a0bdbfd820103aeb3dc73eNeil Deakin — Bug 566746 - Convert to use asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for form history autocomplete tests, p=enndeakin,felix, r=dteller
44b897958ad4d139147ba23e2c2465966c34dd1bNeil Deakin — Bug 566746 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for test_autocomplete.js and perf_autocomplete.js, p=enndeakin,felix, r=dteller
5901830c7a9c063b931a30d5578519fec2c4308fFelix Fung — Bug 566746 - Changes to form autocomplete to support new asynchronous FormHistory.jsm module, p=enndeakin,felix, r=dteller
34598ecfe079725a8cbb716f7d81578a3851cc46Felix Fung — Bug 566746 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for browser_sanitize-timespans.js, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
05f781d73201945893a09905a8e4b999b5409471Felix Fung — Bug 566746 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for test_db, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
9ae935274c2cc161d19e1b11b97a835e2d90ab8bFelix Fung — Bug 566746 - Remove Tests for Old Form History Migrations, p=felix, r=dolske
e3ecf34f5b1285926a278f125d7d10c8293fe7eeFelix Fung — Bug 697377 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for content/search.xml, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
27018411227dc23150958eac2ecfc3df322828b2Felix Fung — Bug 566746 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for sanitize.js, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
e14f3c36e2d81c472344c99657871a337fb70fd1Felix Fung — Bug 566746 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm for test_db_corrupt.js, p=enndeakin,felix, r=dolske
1175723314cfa258a16efdf89520befb6a8157e0Felix Fung — Bug 566746 - AsyncFormHistory.jsm - Expiration Test, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
1417a970d5d34e2e2ec2994604eb35af43e3362bNeil Deakin — Bug 566746 - Changes to shared form history tests files to support asynchronous form history, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
4a41a62555263fdcf1bc0da0af01d4dd2429a36aFelix Fung — Bug 566746 - Remove expireOldEntries from nsFormHistory.js, p=felix, r=dolske
a34aa871123fe123442699112889651693307bdaFelix Fung — Bug 566746 - Create new module FormHistory.jsm with handles asynchronous form history, p=enndeakin,felix, r=mak
1381f98f22f5104bfcef669e6c9d3ffd80a98f5aGabor Krizsanits — Bug 851695 - PreCreate for BackstagePass. r=bholley
76c52c1ca95a05af0181527e5a947497b0381bc5Jan de Mooij — Bug 859446 - Fix GCC warnings from baseline compiler merge. r=bhackett
70424739336fd9f92103ae82718e46544c2c9958Landry Breuil — Bug 860631 - use $PYTHON instead of hardcoding python, fixes c-c on OpenBSD after bug 648980 r=glandium
10f03c8cf438ffdb96a1ba43d238ef46173ed78fMike Hommey — Bug 848385 - Avoid recompressing a szip, and (de)compress in-place (but still with a temporary file). r=nfroyd,khuey
80026f1feb0695d800ec1aea7f4fb79e060d3512Mike Hommey — Bug 857161 - Add aggressive flags to szip invocation on build slaves. r=ted
1396c7a1fb99b8378a4db8a2ce5f0bfc0907e2deMike Hommey — Bug 857151 - Szip all libraries instead of only. r=ted
859361dea2f077fab9ecfea34304266714f45aa4Mike Hommey — Bug 860371 - Remove dist/bin when starting a build. r=gps
072adf9514eba89472eb832418aeb1a95364e2b8Mike Hommey — Bug 854105 - Avoid gcc 4.7 complaining about array out of bounds in nsDiskCacheMap::WriteDataCacheBlocks. r=michal
63f2b10a44e2999535ded2927f8935db572c86ddRandell Jesup — Bug 830100: Avoid deadlocks by sending packets asynchronously r=ekr
18282c2c682dbe3dc7e555fab2e93d82cc670da9EKR — Bug 830100: Refactor transport flow to allow destruction on any thread r=derf
b47c83333ec72f0ec0fc0410f7189aa2cba66930Trevor Saunders — bug 856790 - make nsTArray::EnsureLengthAtleast() return void r=jlebar
a3b06580a0dad0274c28691fc0f31d8d6789f327Mark Hammond — Bug 859230 - fix windowless docshell crash by returning object with strong ref to the browser. r=bz
4705e2c47b2b33d05cb966394b916d17c55aa020Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d0e0bc4ccff0 (bug 859446) for suspicion of Windows PGO bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
16ff946d028cf85420ebd0df263a2a22fba75b22Benoit Girard — Work around bug 860503 with CLOBBER on a CLOSED TREE
5f7ef72c2c000c44f6aafd3ec2e1506e51942a74Benoit Girard — Backout cb37a2ae805f on a CLOSED TREE
ee168b506dd7f70145327b585e998cbdf3e231faBenoit Girard — Backout e090321a025c
c4787f90e6b877f9467fbf2284d7f7b3e5ff7843Benoit Girard — Backout f7814e2bc3dd
1ae57a618325757da7ecde589d1fbd5ceadeec1eNathan Froyd — Backout 138ea79ea71a (bug 854288) and aa9b27b090db (bug 852032) for xpcshell bustage on a CLOSED TREE
f7814e2bc3dd96b20e0ac154b107ba49857ced10Benoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE. r=bustage
a28728d22f22c7569adf2107eb5d086e58c11533Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9b9a5c42fb46 (bug 859601) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
855fe8cf74d8bd33133a7cff21330dc4ab7079ffRodrigo Silveira — bug 856458 - Fixup metro mochitests r=mbrubeck,jimm
5236e928b83182e5988f87fbf2dd3a8edc97b9a3Mihai Sucan — Bug 859858 - Fix for intermittent browser_bug664688_sandbox_update_after_navigation.js | Timed out while waiting for: window.location.href result is displayed after goBack(), browser_repeated_messages_accuracy.js | Timed out while waiting for: messages displayed; r=past
bf9945a4935ffd54cfcb1f9ea155d4a6236aec37Ben Turner — Bug 859591 - 'Aborted transactions sometimes block all remaining transactions forever'. r=khuey.
e05b20079419a4e6ce8a628a77fe4f457f4dbfc8Joel Maher — Bug 859840 - use devicemanager in-tree for xpcshell. r=Callek
b018c2f116e40608ac7f9ef7a2632a1b4eea859fTom Schuster — Bug 856477 - Root XPComponents. r=bholley f=terrence
8e5a1410e6fed50f9bde8f0a507d4d376fd68c9fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 366758c34e31 (bug 859591) for xpcshell failures.
0c6799449fd991a2ddd41e941c3013d04f4942f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1a426b650b1d703a7f35cd82628f805104cb1358Tim Taubert — Bug 858888 - Don't expire thumbnails implicitly in browser_thumbnails_expiration.js; r=yoric
8b554be58768caa43d36573f575a29cc300bd6c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
8a0fcda5b4eb2ce35bb86ced33e89237cc130f10Panos Astithas — Backout eb887b962dfa (bug 772119) on suspicion of leaks
4ca11b942d5a5be90ca45edaed0d6ad8e4f097dePanos Astithas — Backout 50b1fc3ef560 (bug 849069) on suspicion of leaks
d14c0b0326b784565146521afea23fcdc659178fPanos Astithas — Backout 0289f7473afa for causing intermittent failures
458bbef2075c89fe0a48ddd57fa965be523bf99aJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 855520 - Add spacing around no element in style inspector; r=mratcliffe
8f2cda813c78e49f02900fdb85187209ae8b2a61Josh Marchán — Bug 792815 - Update promise usage in gcli commands; r=jwalker
ec873217d6e247353bb6ef7fae8da944cf706bd1David Creswick — Bug 777877 - Switch CssRuleView.jsm back to WeakMaps; r=mratcliffe
0289f7473afa6e2e7c5d80434aeb592aa1228a44David Creswick — Bug 777681 - [rule view] Abbreviate long CSS file names source links; r=jwalker
998804965b3f83874d341ffd22a1a6b2e07853cfJosh Marchán — Bug 723923 - Debugger 'breakpoint list' GCLI command should have extra nice output; r=jwalker
50b1fc3ef5609b24115a1b97d8fbf5217b487490Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 849069 - Relative source map URLs should be resolved according to the spec's rules; r=past
eb887b962dfadadf3858cadad8f6f022dba4da4fNick Fitzgerald — Bug 772119 - Expose source mapped sources over the remote debugging protocol; r=past
e2e829df4d0345d91fedc0d5cb7904f60a43fe69Martin Stransky — Bug 601442 - Support the extensions.getAddons.showPane pref again in the Add-ons Manager UI. r=bmcbride
730c2bb841eea7292adc3d260b818524f5b912e7Victor Porof — Bug 859085 - [netmonitor] Add tooltips to all labels in the UI that may have cropped values, r=dcamp
9c4a7e02a3d61a89a05bf5d877a30e9a71fa5b46Victor Porof — Bug 859062 - [netmonitor] Hide right arrow in the SideMenuWidget, r=dcamp
2e2ae594b1acebe9e83d8528ca1797b4548454eaVictor Porof — Bug 859181 - Variables view closes immediately on first open, r=rcampbell
b4630d2ff589f559c7725edbf0149178d93ac0d7Dave Townsend — Bug 852777 - Make Tilt more extensible, r=vporof
6d5c67a4e45e7eaaf6d3eb97e61c86d7faf5edfeAnton Kovalyov — Bug 855244 - Add support for the Profiler running in multiple tabs. r=past, r=robcee
75acdef6ee50f2df737b18e98868f7d620f3d4c1Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 860143: Check correct variable when setting host r=ekr
76913343f8a689c23d4336798ed04be80c9bcd3eNathan Froyd — Bug 836493 - part 2: eliminate now-unnecessary ServiceMainThreadInitializer; r=mak
5727d59ae2083b28abb660f12b790b63c9d0e113Nathan Froyd — Bug 836493 - part 1: ensure that the initial reference to mozStorageService is obtained on the main thread; r=mak
138ea79ea71a0bc6d4ddecfca96cf7781d97e44bRaymond Lee — Bug 854288 - Remove PlaceUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
b0dd6a562281bb224e08aa4bf62bac18b6b9c3e9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 857617 - Clean up nsEditor::InsertTextImpl; r=ehsan
c134e27e7b72fd72598f28d26f489f1ed6b8df4fAryeh Gregor — Bug 857102 part 5 - Make NS_NewDocumentFragment etc. infallible; r=bz
adf7f52a3f58e4b5e60b72eaef90023a17655cefAryeh Gregor — Bug 857102 part 4 - Make NS_NewCommentNode and nsIDocument::CreateCommentNode infallible; r=bz
f3c020c2d68f7267e0210a939f1bc32c7537d7e6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 857102 part 3 - Make various GetNodeInfo callers infallible; r=bz
bf525be133594158abfc1911194ddf36cc4d4712Aryeh Gregor — Bug 857102 part 2 - Make NS_NewTextNode and nsIDocument::CreateTextNode infallible; r=bz
7ebd1eece7f0311c17dc3119f112c5552eba3b70Aryeh Gregor — Bug 857102 part 1 - Make nsNodeInfoManager::GetNodeInfo infallible; r=bz
e090321a025cd2c232de860feccc21ee686c425cBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Port multi-thread support to win/mac. r=snorp,smaug
cb37a2ae805f0793efcf445a1e886ce4efac6aa4James Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
aa9b27b090dbb64d534c15d50abcbbd6237111afRaymond Lee — Bug 852032 - Create a PlacesBackups.jsm. r=mak
9b9a5c42fb4670694f109608c0e3905a2f709ffcGregor Wagner — Bug 859601 - mozContacts API - return undefined if the API is unsupported on the platform, not null. r=bent
5e1117b3ad7fd86f5e115a1e65db7c1c4555661eShu-yu Guo — Bug 856206 - PJS: Teach TI about transitive compilation. (r=jandem)
0f1c94c460288efa02a71f6673444a924d8b3b62Shu-yu Guo — Bug 855901 - PJS: Improve recompilation of invalidated scripts by tracking callgraph. (r=dvander)
286594159989676fc3b908aaad32960fa19780e8Shu-yu Guo — Bug 846111 - Part 3: Dispatch style ICs in Ion and ParallelGetPropertyIC. (r=nbp)
f6e861adb46792efe1fda18549b692d9a14afd2dShu-yu Guo — Bug 846111 - Part 2: Teach VMFunction about parallel execution. (r=nbp)
c84256093802173d35150c0d9db2072986e57a41Shu-yu Guo — Bug 846111 - Part 1: Pure paths for looking up native slot properties. (r=bhackett)
49b44cd1cdb12c97cf07eb3fd9669edb6bfcff64Margaret Leibovic — Bug 823230 - (Part 2) Remember search terms and show them again when returning to the awesomescreen. r=mfinkle
26bc83f8c555135569a0ece338104c1f7994b6baMargaret Leibovic — Bug 823230 - (Part 1) Pass search term along with "keyword-search" notification. r=gavin
9f10c5b3c41830d52745430e36347398d821e690Jason Duell — Bug 792920 - clarify thread-safe use of nsITimer v2. r=bz DONTBUILD
35f95339c44c8101c7965dd52ab77ccc50806d74Boris Zbarsky — Bug 859503. Make unknown extended attributes into parse errors. r=khuey
d1c30a97d22923761769a436aaf777a4e479f8c4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 851917. Get rid of the classinfo for HTMLObjectElement, HTMLEmbedElement, HTMLAppletElement, and rip out nsHTMLPluginObjElementSH. r=peterv,johns
58cc5c8a4e01f389528524d15e7c5deda9dcf4d4Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 860012 - Complete hooking up errors from gsm_sdp to PeerConnectionImpl r=ehugg
e30393f6f85b8740f643cc59a13616b6825e414aDavid Keeler — bug 854467 - fix nsIPluginTag enabled state API r=bsmedberg r=unfocused
bc8ae226ad99860268da2ef4b8f3e63e389562e6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 860104 - Cast prefs after interpolation, r=ahal
366758c34e31d01de51f41e0baf2df6e89721a33Ben Turner — Bug 859591 - 'Aborted transactions sometimes block all remaining transactions forever'. r=khuey.
f2af04ff7494394dbab14f40dc31a2538cd36ef7Sid Stamm — Bug 836132 - add more tests for x-frame-options ALLOW-FROM. (r=bz)
e6a95781f51c1445ab5f953559abb9c4e5f66c4fPhil Ames — Bug 836132 - update x-frame-options ALLOW-FROM parsing to conform to IETF internet draft. (r=bz,geekboy)
b3f29dd916842cae390fea91952a7b2ae7583ac6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 726716: Keyboard shortcuts for Fennec. [r=mfinkle]
78e13e815d62a26cf72b9fb4bc8ab05f793c7e3fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 858893 - Follow-up to fix B2G bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
2e36cebdefe7c8cf8c20e16e14336df3110a3375Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a3bdc9a0259f (bug 854288) for xpcshell failures.
d0e0bc4ccff0989b10c6803b041c5094ce02a286Jan de Mooij — Bug 859446 - Fix GCC warnings from baseline compiler merge. r=bhackett
b91378fabba2a5747fda719cd8d8008eda932981Jim Mathies — Bug 859077 - Annotate crash reports with hresult failure codes when layer manager fails to initialize. r=bbondy
850ae0bd07785877c06b1029e69b9675a4f69ac4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b37f8a4ef976 (bug 859077) for landing with the wrong bug number.
9f92f6c2d0deca31fb9c389356e1cb9b4b990972Andrea Marchesini — Bug 858893 - Port DesktopNotification to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
64d2859ca6b19a8d0558bf09e14d4cc14ff46275Andrea Marchesini — Bug 858893 - Rename nsIDOMDesktopNotification to DesktopNotification. r=Ms2ger
32c37babc5bf9f2aa42b0a8d5dc4406e2bf23b60Mike Hommey — Bug 788613 - Dump config.log when configure fails. r=ted
a4d23f9a3081bea39cc88a82084450df06d207ecMike Hommey — Bug 859763 - Remove more remains of the old linker. r=blassey
43ec10ce605677f4a9fa79f095da6f29d49346cdMike Hommey — Bug 857557 - Avoid being modified for new other-platform-specific variables. r=gps
88d8ab81db89f63a6bd564e0095fb5473f20cfa6Mike Hommey — Bug 858455 - Add system ffi flags when building jsapi-tests and gdb-tests. r=gps
510ff4f297d7dedfd68f2097306b61feaba80528Mike Hommey — Bug 858539 - Unbreak standalone js make install after bug 850074 and bug 851108. r=gps
8b8b3f270ee65a65aa213c7d6f1fbc6651941170Mike Hommey — Bug 860184 - Automatically use the x86-64 NDK toolchain when possible. r=ted
4d5134b3cc6c9da5228423c17c9373a1febc3574Jim Chen — Bug 858808 - Use String version of getBytes to accommodate Froyo; r=blassey
4d7e1a76c63dca8ab2291e2370abacb7530b2a95Jim Chen — Bug 858960 - Check for end of stream when identifying traces file; r=blassey
a64adac42aa0089dbda37da3e52edfba41560375Jim Mathies — Bug 859447 - Fix for settings menu not displaying on tap. r=mbrubeck
5f12be9cea2aad317fe36a160c24f7bd55983bbaJim Mathies — Bug 859094 - Remove InvokeContextAtPoint selection overlay handling. r=fryn
b37f8a4ef9760144047ddb29261d6a962d128f5bJim Mathies — Bug 859007 - Annotate crash reports with hresult failure codes when layer manager fails to initialize. r=bbondy
2662deb8dead46de2de2a720c91db0b982b295deJim Mathies — Bug 859490 - When switching selection modes, hide all carets. r=bbondy
f89a2ddffe06fe11438b23968b25b902100d84a3Jim Mathies — Bug 858855 - Remove the code that sets form element focus in SelectionHandler now that the overlay has been removed. r=fryn
6c8f2ba905b1e22071a1aace327c013446bde350Jim Mathies — Bug 858590 - Remove auto positioning code from MenuUI. r=sfoster
4d115df0d9208ae1e6940257a98b22a79687dbf4Jim Mathies — Bug 858526 - tests. r=ehsan
7dc94dc6cd221e005bd8ed57adddd527380e3ed4Jim Mathies — Bug 858526 - Use non-native text offsets in domWinUtils sendQueryContentEvent w/QUERY_CARET_RECT. r=ehsan
d210097816a18eccd29fa17ad58b9324bcf8cc6eFrank Yan — No bug - Fix incorrect merge of changes from bug 818940, bug 859576, and bug 738818. a=me
afd9fc3d1c18b4153600396fc0ebe64bae0c4bb6Chris Lord — Bug 859749 - Fix building with --enable-dump-painting and --disable-debug. r=mattwoodrow
463440611ad649e888bdbc5763ccfd2c30cf8617Chris Lord — Bug 858550 - Don't transform fixed layer descendents multiple times. r=nrc
645b63111263268c87a74abc664a2311003e19c6Cameron McCormack — Bug 839957 - Followup for review comment.
0ff1755d6359bfbbb9585d7a041c57adfb06a6c7Cameron McCormack — Bug 839956 - Choose SVG text font size scale factor without regard to devPixelsPerPx. r=longsonr
dffb1a1c78737b1e9da04d9abab81030f389a5fdCameron McCormack — Bug 839957 - Avoid inaccuracies when computing SVG glyph positions. r=longsonr
a3bdc9a0259fe7a3dacf8ba64c4e0bf8daed11ffRaymond Lee — Bug 854288 - Remove PlaceUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
7b3b57c68f998929243c068a743fd26411ad228aRaymond Lee — Bug 852041 - Part 2: Use BookmarkJSONUtils.exportToFile in services/sync. r=rnewman
d946c9ecdea6e72f3788aaa53640b5c3fdfeb98cRaymond Lee — Bug 852041 - Part 1: Use BookmarkJSONUtils.exportToFile in browser and toolkit components. r=mano
f10884c6a91e01699b19aff130f58b7b2649252cJan de Mooij — Bug 858022 - Fix baseline compiler crashes on hardware without SSE2. r=dvander
1348d28d70fcbceeaaf366c36962ecab1d79ffa9Paul Adenot — Bug 847194 - Protect mCodecStates from concurrent accesses. r=cpearce
a2fbe8dc1ee1f7056372b144b561bd73df4f69b1Jon Coppeard — Bug 858107 - GC: Some more rooting in XPConnect - misc rooting r=bholley
53f30efb50b05d2c14ee61a2398366563e9c206aJon Coppeard — Bug 858107 - GC: Some more rooting in XPConnect - root XPCCallContext r=bholley
684ed7a62fb67047dc5c0ced6281d859f73e2611Patrick Wang — Bug 847744: Part 5 - IPC for retrieveMMS. r=vicamo
b6bb8c14385c5b568e7bdbd966158dcaf39f24d6Patrick Wang — Bug 847744: Part 4 - IPC implementation for MMS send(). r=jdm,vicamo,mrbkap
f0727b1cd52d73fbf767bb68d992770fa58cec54Patrick Wang — Bug 847744: Part 3 - IPDL change. r=vicamo,jdm
17549598a514bfbcf167059fcb022562cb712b8cPatrick Wang — Bug 847744: Part 2 - Use sms-* topic to notify mms observers. r=vicamo
1bc493a828f6fcd4b0ad73a82bf2723f46b8d894Patrick Wang — Bug 847744: Part 1 - Create MmsService for content process. r=vicamo
ee5ca214e87c483e65e45dbf4c3e2d323c976003Bas Schouten — Bug 825928: Land layers refactoring. r=jrmuizel,bas,nical,mattwoodrow,roc,nrc,benwa,bjacob,jgilbert,kchen CLOSED TREE
f9d3e8cc8417841e8c106af40236a1623e893612Dave Hunt — Bug 857599 - Clone profile for Marionette tests to prevent polluting the original profile. r=jgriffin
621656e9b09d68beb07e58f8e3256ad502744028Mike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 3: Make changing currentEngine also change defaultEngine, including for about:home. r=fryn ui-r=limi sr=gavin
ea44f501b0c595963dca699dde8531226dfd36c6Mike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 2: remove keyword.URL, r=gavin, sr=bz
cc569e87074cc68da6f4c7e6863e7da086002fffMike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 1: replace originalDefaultEngine with defaultEngine and make defaultEngine a settable. r=gavin
2ad1b71d0c32c91c02cf47f300fd2fcd73075028Phil Ringnalda — Back out a3a31fc4429a (bug 738818) since the thing it was following-up is coming out
278ea1d0e072ad76d507c2e7edc4ebbe0ff43ecePhil Ringnalda — Back out ec6dd0cc8053:3c55e92d87a6 (bug 738818) for being on top of bustage, and b50153f9e011 (bug 819493) for bustage
a3a31fc4429a062c7d36387d391e1d8d20b663ccPhil Ringnalda — Bug 738818 followup, restore preprocessing of aboutHome.js since it's now necessary again
fdc97a5d635633004692fe0aa49d71665c6b41c7Christophe Mouraud — Bug 856080 - Fix a ComputedTimingFunction leak in Layers. r=jrmuizel
ea61e47d09cac623534e2a9eeb66522700530156Chia-hung Tai — Bug 855607 - B2G MMS: Notify user while retrieving expiried notification indication. r=vyang
f58889f46660cdc3cf58d336ac5ab6ebe65ba5eaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 859939 - Make AsyncPanZoomController::mLastEventTime unsigned to avoid overflowing. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
5d45fb2126d6019cc053e70d1d428ec2376be9acKartikaya Gupta — Bug 859935 - Make AsyncPanZoomController not assume the controller thread has a message loop. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
82a60cd87361a9e82ccdecd5c440d52841f5762dBas Schouten — Bug 630197: Check for a removed device before presenting. r=jrmuizel
cfcfb6f5d44b952ecb3457a92f301e6b7e06c38cBas Schouten — Bug 859791 - Part 2: Set the recording output file before the recording flag. r=jrmuizel
8cb762f1b9fa35e91245daffd406ed71d0d6155cBas Schouten — Bug 859791 - Part 1: Listen for changes to the Moz2D recording pref. r=jrmuizel
2e924c300aae170f8d89f74972fc058dcd91aee7Randell Jesup — Bug 846137: Don't call PR_Close() off STS thread r=mcmanus,smaug
bbed45f6dbcc0ee92a816aefec702e9d499c0fe6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 848560 (part 4) - Fix broken memory reporting on Fennec. r=kats.
cc4abdf71cb88dc604fd574f8192f2fde6b442bfTim Abraldes — bug 855587. Pre-defined links should point to URLs, not DONTBUILD. r=jimm
ec6dd0cc8053ac5ff48dc968399b4501017506e6Mike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 3: Make changing currentEngine also change defaultEngine, including for about:home. r=fryn ui-r=limi sr=gavin
8998ff84caefb042b7821b126ba317d814e00de8Mike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 2: remove keyword.URL, r=gavin, sr=bz
3c55e92d87a60945d8e505e833d33a3bf7ed7711Mike de Boer — Bug 738818 part 1: replace originalDefaultEngine with defaultEngine and make defaultEngine a settable. r=gavin
b50153f9e011612db5dd16ff52cbd144029246e8Mike de Boer — Bug 819493: the Know Your Rights notification box has moved to be shown as default snippet on first startup. r=gavin
08f54c265a09a579d21084a615f308c3692aa8e4Tim Abraldes — bug 859418. Use 'firefox' instead of %APP% in branding links. r=jimm
903ba2e70444ae93950f56303617e3ef1bec33bbTim Abraldes — bug 854271. Make packaged versions of MetroFx include branding and use it correctly. r=bbondy
76a0a767541d93599c50cd8fbd26a2c2e8f06e4aTim Abraldes — bug 859903. Remove a bunch of prefs that we're defining in metro.js that are previously (and more correctly) defined in branding. r=bbondy
f3df7c77c4652d0ad41f5e77e69e8bd89dc110dcHonza Bambas — Bug 842611 - Don't let nsOfflineCacheDevice::Init() create mozStorageService on non-main thread, r=michal
8cd1bf40749537e930f8959f2d81f3d198520f7cBrian Nicholson — Bug 856163 - Part 5: Reduce preprocessing in WebApp. r=mfinkle
b11be362d4399db4906a0e74e9c26e07460455bfBrian Nicholson — Bug 856163 - Part 4: Use gecko package for database classes. r=lucasr f=rnewman
948b0710f7278890a7fbd7083705ce26d64be924Brian Nicholson — Bug 856163 - Part 3: Remove GeckoAppInfo. r=jchen
5966e48d3c633a392a02987f8064c2322a81d4e3Brian Nicholson — Bug 856163 - Part 2: Move preprocessed code to AppConstants. r=kats,mfinkle,rnewman
9518bed6e1b89f8c6d182350e15b8bac2bac6dd2Brian Nicholson — Bug 856163 - Part 1: Remove unused classes. r=wesj
b467e7ef9d5671fbd3cd77f64306b05af1dbd087Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 846137 for burning this CLOSED TREE.
6f0f04f764a776d74b1f804ed3c2f699273312eeFrank Yan — Bug 859997 - [Metro] Overlay plus button. r=mbrubeck
efd8efab82127df70689f3f45f7c5984be3b4cb6Frank Yan — Bug 859950 - [Metro] Overlay back button. r=mbrubeck
0899fd8d1a58df569482219cc1fc90c55ba67927Gavin Sharp — Bug 692894 - Update Fennec's nsISidebar implementation to match interface changes from bug 691647. r=mfinkle
1fa259b3c08c169083bf1bcd1b0c0ce0ddcb6733Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 764638: Find in page can better use LinearLayout. [r=margaret]
e2d34d74ca35b371292ee1e6a7fb529d8125008dRandell Jesup — Bug 846137: Don't call PR_Close() off STS thread r=mcmanus
1e6a9891d364e124c01bfa384c9201088ca50be9Kyle Huey — Bug 859894: Reland on this CLOSED TREE with a CLOBBER.
8d236795202e69c2899ea97e2a513948b27834abKyle Huey — Back out bug 859894 to open this CLOSED TREE.
0d95f4b5917818ab55033b0315ea6b99002e9727Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3f8a9cfdc055 (bug 857599) for Mn failures on a CLOSED TREE.
3ee806e6bf5c61c04b8f6225aa31b49777308663Christian Sonne — Bug 857236 - In-content Privacy > Tracking preference UI always shows the default state r=gavin
9e8dfd6e832f30b46019e1fa393bec56aa3b2281Kyle Huey — Bug 859894: Switch dom/bindings off of r=ted
260999a5d63b383d04c070410417828db69196d6Mike Hommey — Bug 462463 - Stop using r=ted
9c2c1d10ebb639feca8fc749fe8d2773a051b925Kyle Huey — Bug 855276: Moar diagnostics.
bcaa26984f9a0e74923a899687ec472a4848234aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 851701, bug 851702 - reset image/js loading preferences, r=gavin
75406eaf8351f14a1ea0b99aff0c24604c10edd7Randell Jesup — Backout changeset 5abbf6fd5466 (Bug 830100) for sctp_unittest failure ON A CLOSED TREE r=ryanvm
6ceb449263707fa1451ecbd5132782d4e03ab2cbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 851702 - Remove JS load and advanced preferences from the UI, r=gavin
6b893ed61f92d45643f6b564f413aa8c0959ddc9Patrick McManus — bug 857906 progress indicator spinning on multipart motion jpeg r=duell sr=bz
01ffdd61fd94c145ca00d043fcabdfc97058b59fNikhil Marathe — Bug 851253 - SimplePush: Only wakeup apps that have registrations. r=jlebar
a703fa409b153a6e99eefc249a44ee3c94899962Jonathan Kew — bug 851520 - add systemDefaultScale attribute to nsIScreenManager, and use it to decide when to remove browser.content.full-zoom prefs during UI migration if running on windows/hi-dpi. r=roc,adw
322f2cc8d58a431ac9bca70c64de886fa2a36f25Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 856425: Call onicecandidate with a null candidate immediately after setLocalDescription succeeds r=ekr
b61950280061d2d6cea6afdabf976fbd274fb554Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 851701 - Remove 'Load images automatically' checkbox from prefs, r=gavin
3f8a9cfdc0557205ccf92c17ddfa71eee5d5fcf2Dave Hunt — Bug 857599 - Clone profile for Marionette tests to prevent polluting the original profile. r=jgriffin
9a624a23c88ac6a0387dc8b6ae01ba4c120f5ec3Jonathan Kew — backout 4149244358fd and 5ad0e08799d9 (bug 851520) for b2g bustage on a CLOSED TREE
e6d6b388ef60cbfc842daf0be7deacaa394bec5eJared Wein — Bug 859576 - aboutHome.js doesn't need preprocessor flag. r=fryn
3c7ab35260ef884120820b12860c491ebfd11fdaSean Stangl — Bug 853154 - Generate and root target JSScripts during MIR construction. r=h4writer
a9042561f00448c053facf92ab1a7d0abfb1fdabNathan Froyd — Backout 61e1edc0b6bf (bug 793735), 77014412cd4a (bug 793735), and 8c5aa269c3cd (bug 793735) for botching FHR data
e1e464427681aea65b396c6bfe08210ad91dac66Randell Jesup — Bug 855769: add pref to disable TURN if needed r=ekr
915ad1e8a9bb64dfe9bad34365193ed572966eb7Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 855769: Wire up TURN support in RTCPeerConnection config r=jesup
5abbf6fd546681cfee512037c35f6a7d70a8efcdEKR — Bug 830100: Refactor transport flow to allow destruction on any thread r=derf
80be27b3bb36aff354d53e77da204e5a2c4000b4Robert Strong — Bug 813569 - Long string (ONE_MOMENT) not fully displayed in localized stub installer. r=bbondy - Windows stub installer only which is only built with the nightly - DONTBUILD
9ac72a22012f54ef17c99374287af56dc2422399Paul Adenot — Bug 854336 - Implement the playbackRate property of AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
ee683fed039db05d89f45edc61ffdc27372c1fd1Paul Adenot — Bug 852366 - Don't resample on the main thread. r=ehsan,roc
f6ac21e1e9663eaeaf939fbca11a99e843ae0cc2Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 855704 - Pair pushPrefEnv with waitForExplicitFinish in speech tests. r=smaug
4149244358fd3854149a433e2538abf62431a7bfJonathan Kew — bug 851520 part 2 - remove browser.content.full-zoom prefs during UI migration if running on windows/hi-dpi. r=adw
5ad0e08799d9082fce1eaa66141883e5b540e268Jonathan Kew — bug 851520 part 1 - expose systemDefaultScale attribute on nsIScreenManager. r=roc
e13ccfc9b811e3ae99214e1d00a77996228f72ebDoug Turner — Bug 856440 - Use global preference object instead of a getter. r=nsm
367df9ba7a519018b9b1f7224d363eefd552134cDave Hylands — Bug 859928 - Make profiles be saved in temporary directory for B2G.
5e4ccad71f40bc203b36680e76f502126f709feeStephen Pohl — Bug 678392 - Add support for swipe animation as in Safari. r=smichaud,jaws,felipc
52a3f612300983c750c889b4c883133ede1c8b28Shane Caraveo — bug 857923 fix some l10n issues, r=gavin
9db46ddfb517f302ba8039560247f4abd26581d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9d5f05a6d497f968fd1580f6af8f84486323b0c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
5306afe4579bcef1c554cd50248da8f8bab5ad48Panos Astithas — Bug 818134 - Allow multiple debuggers in toolboxes to debug separate tabs; r=rcampbell,dcamp
26fb3bd67f5f613835504058d6708cb2440d592eMihai Sucan — Bug 587757 - (global-console) Implement Browser Console; r=past,jwalker,Mossop
dfc808a01756195e3ebbc315bf6f87e6cf95e489Mihai Sucan — Bug 808370 - Use the VariablesView in webconsole; r=past,vporof,paul
f5d6c95a9de90e6b2ea07f3ff1b502e36da4597bMihai Sucan — Bug 783499 - Web Console should use the debugger API; r=past
2fdd3d16ed3b0984e940b87c21203e7ca569eb56Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
07aae4e9a66ae9b1fb32eb5077487ab4cb83d3c2Jim Blandy — Bug 837723: Implement Debugger.Object.prototype.unsafeDereference. r=jorendorff
b65e3791e401ebfd8bb1ce5be1b707f789f9d3feVictor Porof — Bug 859221 - [netmonitor] Sizes are displayed in KB not kb, r=dcamp
2779fab6ba584e8cc63b0514dfd569f05422e0d5Victor Porof — Bug 859089 - [netmonitor] Under very constrained sizes text in the timeline view is sometimes not rendered, r=dcamp
d09a5a5666baa44c817a4e1e463ef62eae0a1105Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
b1fb34b07c17cc4e56c5c4410d7c83958b1fb320Trevor Saunders — bug 856349 - follow up to fix c-c by removing SHORT_LIBNAME from xpfe/components/autocomplete/src/ r=me
974726290de1761f5df6d3fda7ff79dacd0e4979Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9983874bfa63 (bug 854467) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
de37ace9e98a8895d18651681601055289e9404aMatt Brubeck — Bug 859397 - Use "new Set()" instead of custom cloneSet function [r=sfoster]
9a364c95741ae8266a378b16c13b2ff0a16ba80eFabrice Desré — Bug 859307 - [updates] wrong behavior when the manifest changes but not the packaged zip r=ferjm
f59c6cbd3bc9f7dc1ba698ff3fa5e07f8fb86f58Kyle Huey — Update pymake. No bug.
f272d2441a3b4ba147bd40f94df8e4bc0ca45a7cEthan Hugg — Bug 859303 - Signaling allow 63bit session ids r=jesup
ad17721184ece8c2fea6d282797be4f980df252cJustin Lebar — No bug: Fix typo in comment in TabContext.h. r=me DONTBUILD
f728c08664a4654e63db50737511e13b86253b18Malini Das — Bug 736592 - Use getWeakReference instead of actual references to elements, r=jgriffin
923bd52ea241311727ac53e0ec5906b4c8e38becMike Shal — Bug 846634 - Part 1: Support EXPORTS[_NAMESPACES] in; r=gps
82deda121d716b5de2b49a1e521ee5cf5a80fb47Trevor Saunders — bug 859646 - fix b2g code that checks what infallible TArray::EnsureLengthAtleast() returns r=jlebar
faf3b775851c726ce3c06bdfcfe14de50c330d59Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859326 - Hide the New Window Mac OS X dock menu item in permanent Private Browsing mode; r=jdm
5943881c5298826d687a75f0a7ee0f624465b7b3Kyle Huey — Bug 854799: Make image.src='' discard the image immediately even if the image is not in the document. r=jlebar
f9f0cd9ffe789f06065c1b3ed0dd592afb3841f9Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 3/3: fix test cases. r=gwagner
bc3fdf70603a5765480e9187d64a4160630eb4b0Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 2/3: DOM & IPC changes. r=bent
8318ed5d76af89b28dea76eb3e1ad51da7dfa198Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 1/3: Use DOMRequest instead of SmsRequest. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=bent
9983874bfa63901589d387c893f9651415570e02David Keeler — bug 854467 - fix nsIPluginTag enabled state API r=bsmedberg r=unfocused
75cd6e698bec494e93198ff8209e833e2d7d94f6Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 4/4: RIL. r=gwagner
625fef901d65e55bff093cc53d2b96ce3fbb5911Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 3/4: IPC. r=bent
109cadb6d2e221535b4373ad064ffbf374f77672Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 2/4: DOM. r=mounir,mrbkap
128457f530f24e06ecf681dd0a4da1b2da22eb1aVicamo Yang — Bug 849739 1/4 - WebSMS: Replace GetThreadList() with DOMCursor based GetThreads(). Interface changes. sr=mounir, r=bent
0ff31e921833182a21e3b241e419de0f24dc28eaVicamo Yang — Bug 838467 5/5: test cases. r=gwagner
94b4e7b38533c3d274d4d3efdebd5ca489d25913Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 4/5: RIL. r=gwagner
11aa80c27732de1267e00222bfe4f83b987babe0Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 3/5: IPC. r=sicking,bent
ac2be78cb5e790ab25fa5e410d31724301b9283fVicamo Yang — Bug 838467 2/5: DOM implementation. r=sicking,bent
f45aa3bf28cb2d1bfa5570af8ad92297ec0f96d7Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 1/5: use DOMCursor instead of SmsCursor. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=bent
3146a645d19e00c8c5a8c258c86e746bd4a19e32Ethan Hugg — Bug 856423 Signaling - check return codes from vcmCreateRemoteStream r=jesup
ef9509eb9a4c5fa2065bdb3ea4dd51b516748f27Boris Zbarsky — Bug 857417. Trigger a fatal assertion when wrapping a wrappercached and nsISupports WebIDL object which has the wrapper cache before the nsISupports in its object layout. r=khuey
4547d76ad82858608d9474217b39de105d576d6aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 859617. Make WebGLContext's primary nsISupports its canonical nsISupports. r=khuey
7e4b8b95e0abc605f87aa1868a1582019f0c59c9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 859675. Return the canonical nsISupports from ToSupports(SpeechRecognition). r=smaug
0ce9544cbb8f012e702369b7e78842ad2eed26f6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 858176 - Free global reference before detaching the JVM. r=blassey
dc65fd30747749ae230b955b8c5e8fb656b598ceAndrea Marchesini — Bug 851470 - Attr to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
bb57393cb0d45d8173a8df611c22fd240e005a46Andrea Marchesini — Bug 851470 - Rename nsDOMAttribute to Attr. r=Ms2ger
5e12aede33382991cce6737b7ab618017b1d79f7Kyle Machulis — Bug 844705 - Add comment to mReadFileThread. r=mrbkap
7a7d890a225383a4d05cf28de7dbb1ea49554927Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 3ae03ecf8b5e (bug 852366) because of mochitest-1 crashes
8cf0185087b203aad00ea012fe5eb1a39a284642Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 92c2f24cb6ff (bug 854336) because of mochitest-1 crashes
d65cf43c471748c967c1d3b52f70aa3f0e23b72dEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 9c080ffa640f (bug 853551) because of mochitest-1 crashes
d297feba6efa61def7e7acf59e6f1c280aef4977Hubert Figuière — Bug 840612 - Part 2: make sure that networkmanager is ignored on pandaboard and emulator. r=jgriffin
9c4cdebae3a5acb2add728dc5a0bdad2105b24aeHubert Figuière — Bug 840612 - Part 1: Don't close Marionette and debugger server socket when going offline. r=mdas,past,mcmanus f=jduell
754dc0c091a6e816b414e66e8ccb3043b234dcdaHannes Verschore — Backout changeset d93ad2c96f01 (bug 844779) for browser crashes
0bab8308f5616219e7cff5dc704f79a2b8018448Jeff Walden — Bug 856384 - Make outer windows always be [[Extensible]]. r=bholley, r=till
5afb4c8949a07cc4da86e128d70dce8bed72c75bChia-hung Tai — Bug 855605 - B2G MMS: Support auto-home in retrieve mode. r=vyang
312ea5e42aef5b6e7bf12c7c97c260b43c44f647vliu — Bug 855513 - WIFI is not re-enabed when internet sharing is getting stopped and WIFI was enabled before. r=vchang
e69693180dffb97ae302b712f7c1775d0092a960EKR — Bug 786235 - Rewrite TURN stack to match RFC 5766. r=abr
aee727a3f109f5fc6101a2cd8588554cad716f40Chia-hung Tai — Bug 843445 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.retrieveMMS() to retrieve MMS for the deferred retrieval mode, part-1:idl part. r=vyang, sr=sicking
81dc5a203ac28c0914d916faf34811303bc06065Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 13 changesets (bug 838467, bug 849739, bug 749086) for Marionette failures.
9c080ffa640f90b7ceb5266541ff27d54a9999b0Paul Adenot — Bug 853551 - Implement the doppler part of AudioPannerNode. r=ehsan
92c2f24cb6ff2e19a8aa828b1f1eba35a9d0dd26Paul Adenot — Bug 854336 - Implement the playbackRate property of AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
3ae03ecf8b5ed6f3826f4db22bb8dee5d7e601adPaul Adenot — Bug 852366 - Don't resample on the main thread. r=ehsan,roc
c1290c85d3db5a0b2ed469bb7b8699fcace81023Simon Montagu — Exclude U+30FB KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT from the non-recommended characters that force IDN labels to be displayed as punycode. Bug 857490, r=jfkthame
c2f229f146bac8f4d586ef2e4bc5e9c1383ab4f3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 858803. Fix coordinate system of subdocument frame bounds. r=mattwoodrow
7dd53c10924e1b5f66916f0a0686155ac8cb2a8dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 854094. Assign the principal of the receiving page to remote MediaStreams. r=jesup
51ea6740443031194295c0ef1680f47be760475cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 851445. When saving a frame scroll position, if we're in the process of trying to scroll to a saved scroll position, save the desired position instead of the actual current position. r=mats
28c45607546a5c7a25f5ab56eed433388f793642Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859597 - Narrow down the acceptable range for AnalyserNode.fftSize; r=padenot
5133c67c0473f8af5512c0230cd3ce5028f9b38dMike Hommey — Bug 857596 - Remove file_id. r=ted
2cc258f94ac011c3b8e911599d9b0ee745f3304fMike Hommey — Bug 855824 - Get rid of the file on Android. r=blassey
39902799d11b6d81cee51ce5c8d9a8f899970130Mike Hommey — Bug 855823 - Rely on breakpad finding file ids itself instead of relying on AddLibraryMapping caller to provide them. r=ted
a12537d6776557bae9ca76ccd4218bbc0c96af36Mike Hommey — Bug 858149 - Update breakpad to SVN r1143. r=ted
84477df7c3d937ad847e75ded8efb6250058bf1dMike Hommey — Bug 858149 - Add missing breakpad patch from bug 853851 and bug 779291. r=ted
8ca4c43e5f64ace928e34ce57af67deb4a2c3cd3Jan de Mooij — Bug 858551 part 1 - Make JSScript::{baseline, ion, parallelIon} private. r=djvj
471f0b0a58e11e7628f8b3c6cd3f9fe5644f30c4Tom Schuster — Bug 836949 - Remove obj parameter from ValueToId. r=njn
53273047c43e9ac0a3d3fd00ab98b966754b1501Tom Schuster — Bug 836949 - Remove InternNonIntElementId/FetchElementId. r=jwalden
3fd383ca51c812e99a2c8c1fdf692a57d9d336a4Tom Schuster — Bug 854614 - Root XPCLazyCallContext. r=terrence,bholley
9cb8ac3f27a2a297248314c46e4d26c7f944c367Cameron McCormack — Bug 848973 - Make nsStyleDisplay::IsBlockInside() and friends work only on style structs for the passed in frame and document them. r=roc
56ceb60c5d0b40792a0c79d94c9b75d1d58f5e8cSam Foster — Bug 800996 - Add clear-selection action for start tiles, button transitions. r=mbrubeck
ca4c54c81073a5483193bb946a14812a8a90abd4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset dc4066373f5a (bug 849399) for failures in test_bug451286.xul
dc4066373f5a2e0c08869e435edd78ed46825c86Nicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Invalidate existing style rule if we start a transition. r=dbaron
09ff3bd0beb83a227efb87d51f2594a30118fe07Philip Chee — Bug 856566 Followup fix for crashreporter_win.cpp(1227) : error C2065: 'nullptr' : undeclared identifier (VS2008SP1/VC9) r=ted.
091fe36759968a34264793dc71e89ec1666014bcEd Morley — Backed out changeset f916756bbcbd (bug 809733) for failures in browser_social_chatwindow.js
444149388adb00a77008b9d6c69173cab550d81bJonathan Kew — bug 859266 - respect devPixelsPerPx preference when calculating screen dimens on Windows. r=roc
9aa0ec79f823925828eea09a9a2a5bdeaaf52820Yoshi Huang — Bug 859200 - Part 2 : update xpcshell tests. r=vicamo
47ca2082e78412660df557e02ed0a9d5265bc543Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 859200 - Part 1: Get properties for RIL as boolean. r=allstars.chh
488db939e3e10e919d694b3b84151659c62274efRandell Jesup — Backout changeset a54f620cf84c (bug 843445) for build failures
2f10c3704fe57595c5d84442493666ddab2d8d93Michael Tüxen — Bug 857095: Fix SCTP build warnings (remove unused code) r=jesup
a54f620cf84c0a8b2982c43e9b11ac6b67f95b28Chia-hung Tai — Bug 843445 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.retrieveMMS() to retrieve MMS for the deferred retrieval mode, part-1:idl part. r=vyang, sr=sicking
8f3f965dc11677593b56c40416660af0078184b0Douglas Crosher — Bug 840285 - ARM support for Ion asm.js (r=luke,mjrosenb also landing some of doug crosher's patches)
0e47bb858304b373330af0be986dd44717faaf1cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 848560 (part 3) - Add support to about:memory for writing memory report dumps and reading gzipped memory report dumps. code=nnethercote,maierman. r=jlebar.
560ce5e96e6b319397dd66bf34ca2500cc2f1818Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 848560 (part 2) - Prevent memory reporters from being registered while about:memory's tests are running. r=jlebar.
dcf9107c178585181f93e987bd308fd1569ed321Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 848560 (part 1) - dmd::ClearReports() needs to check if DMD is running before doing anything to avoid crashing. r=jlebar.
f916756bbcbd0911ae325bd3af6a8666c6d7dd24Mark Hammond — Bug 809733 - Add CSS transitions for minimizing and restoring the social chatboxes. r=jaws
86a405c5f7af6dec5f60ce22cdb84926191fa599Simon Montagu — The test for bidi isolated subparagraphs should be > 0, not > 1. Bug 859093, r=roc
421f600cc295f551d5138bdd3b1c75aae01eefdbDaniel Holbert — Bug 859128: Store SVGPathSegUtils::ArgCountForType's return-val in a signed variable, when we need to perform signed arithmetic with it. r=jwatt
230b1e362be456c7c164c77105f7fb9ab9b1740ePhil Ringnalda — Back out f55d9235d5a0 (bug 859200) for test_ril_worker_icc.js failure
3f85757613d2bb1f72907ec7cef39aef084d1a1bMichael Tüxen — Bug 858691: Cleanup of DataChannel OpenRequest Message r=jesup
7f28e9df56c90e991e0cf46b5f235a88bbca698eMichael Tüxen — Bug 858685: Fix byte order issue in DataChannel open message r=jesup
f55d9235d5a0b67783e2d4a9abb0fa4b96e637c5Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 859200 - Get properties for RIL as boolean. r=allstars.chh
54015df3731c8530688ddf572974ea20d1d61fd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859602 - Remove AudioParam.minValue/maxValue; r=bzbarsky
913781187387e225c36fa4799721af9e3969356dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 859594 - Remove AudioSourceNode; r=bzbarsky
7e69fd152f944688db60ab733ce4b092504b7b5dBoris Zbarsky — Back out Bug 810644 part 1 to fix b2g test_closeOnGC.html orange on CLOSED TREE
8507944b62113238743ef3591af7d97f77b4f317Boris Zbarsky — Back out Bug 810644 part 2 to fix b2g test_closeOnGC.html orange.
180eaa7f651949d45e500cb544e0e05eae1ebf9bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets d901d33dd142 and 48da1752622f (bug 729463) for robocop failures.
bcdc2f3743f947c9f6317af2b7248ee2e0c6fbd5Gavin Sharp — Bug 691647 Part 2: remove Firefox Desktop implementation of removed nsISidebar methods. r=dolske
3f2095fd4fc94ce3667506a6811037d0548c25e7Gavin Sharp — Bug 691647 Part 1: clean up nsISidebar interface by removing the non-standard addPersistentPanel/addPanel methods, and adjusting method arguments to avoid the use of string/wstring. r=jst, sr=sicking
bc8c31010d962c14842eb3bba55992a5a5a21bd6Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 3/3: fix test cases. r=gwagner
f1584e7c0992fe0fd95f997f0d7dee55b31bf0c5Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 2/3: DOM & IPC changes. r=bent
b3c8b7cc36ce34fbf7a3cbf824b9c219338ad792Vicamo Yang — Bug 749086 - 1/3: Use DOMRequest instead of SmsRequest. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=bent
9b8f074bc8653c07fab44cff910ef2b7979c8e16Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 5/5: test cases. r=gwagner
a0d54f2785fdaf16ea9a2917b265e988e25ec734Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 4/5: RIL. r=gwagner
67d1f7ca23812bbdc99925c0407a2650d280d082Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 3/5: IPC. r=bent
2957ce54d228455d0c065b0e2ceb18d77f32e98bVicamo Yang — Bug 849739 2/5: DOM. r=mounir,mrbkap
ad3f6f75ac8bdd481e07a377e19ee54d989a7430Vicamo Yang — Bug 849739 1/5 - WebSMS: Replace GetThreadList() with DOMCursor based GetThreads(). Interface changes. sr=mounir, r=bent
f43fddf08e85aa94741ca1db933a2d3975007584Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 5/5: test cases. r=gwagner
5664d2d50c0a39cf40af15b107afe31d65c6731bVicamo Yang — Bug 838467 4/5: RIL. r=gwagner
705364b9c45cf4d788084643eed066cec6992b3eVicamo Yang — Bug 838467 3/5: IPC. r=sicking,bent
14846076568807b64055626f6183628ab3452f55Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 2/5: DOM implementation. r=sicking,bent
cc3d0f45fd4aad4e905530346bea0c4596930da2Vicamo Yang — Bug 838467 1/5: use DOMCursor instead of SmsCursor. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=bent
ca1887b25c951d07c1da9368b186835ab905fa4bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets ab64b048ad04 and 025d24d7fee8 (bug 734691) for leaks.
859e776239bf1e35c265e36987501f5c73c75656Jim Chen — Bug 844573 - Detect textarea; r=cpeterson
0b5b5d9a8761e76c436cf8502cad4485232d5bddJim Chen — Bug 844573 - Pass textarea input type; r=masayuki
e0553df9a3be076896632fed62a90859fbda0640Ben Turner — Bug 858674 - 'Tweak SQLite pragmas on mobile devices for space savings'. r=khuey.
a56bbca40488d3819ee7959b5741be5db8214602Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e5cf40b38bd7 (bug 859545) for jit-test failures.
f49cb7d4b7363c20bcd69eeea05aa156c5c15a1fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 856202 - Alert service always cancels in Metro right away. r=wchen
b85fe1022f984cf306bb59f1319c246d7cd01735Justin Lebar — Bug 857834 - Remove a warning in the startupcache. r=mwu
d901d33dd142879073825f4eb33c4457d36f2495Wes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Readd 'Open in New Tab context menu item. r=mfinkle
48da1752622f052d37f793a3d13d07dd663e3301Wes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Add switch-to-tab for Android. r=mfinkle
ba80ed4de3439a76da257541a634eafd852c2dffEthan Hugg — Bug 845362 - Signaling - Remove max calls per line r=abr
36b8347bbdde31e58f88da1503be09808ec17068Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 857600 - Add a mach command for debugging using gdb; r=gps
456c148977b3372f7ba4d2684e4d9f20584f3b43Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859335 - Make sure that the chunk passed to WriteZeroesToAudioBlock is not null; r=roc
5a821a7b43ae10e51db0d3a1ed2fcdf3ff70decdRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 35178de36bd3 (bug 855704) for frequent mochitest failures.
ab64b048ad04f74a4d4fc1bec56fcc85c59ee93cBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Port multi-thread support to win/mac. r=snorp,smaug
025d24d7fee881901cfe4307e5cd2aca90a9c11aJames Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
434c6e6948135ece3d1c81c393f7d381114ff7fcMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 771975 - Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from rest of the tree. r=roc
17c32b5e6461f02c62fb269d2dec3036469c4982Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 771975 - Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from devtools. r=vporof
200eab5fa1ed0ccbaf1a87c7052a33edfaff318cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 771975 - Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from b2g. r=fabrice
e5cf40b38bd719789f2a67143e0218cea289b150Sean Stangl — Bug 859545 - Enable default parallel compilation for shell JS_THREADSAFE builds. r=bhackett
9c2a43214d740b0cbd6444afe20df6a938447a87Camilo Viecco — Bug 672811 - Fix cert viewer usage display when using libpkix. r=bsmith
c5aad24d91dcda452b0dd658ef9348dff6413ae3Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 664a2230e5c7 (bug 843793) because of Marionette test failures
d61fd3898e79a76b0787bca2464a294754ed0995Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset d0d75e76d41f (bug 857417) for crashes during tests
9bda607c832db0a3086e028c75a8b2d758e93800Daniel Holbert — Bug 859021 followup: Add missing "f" suffixes for float-valued numeric literals, even where it's not strictly required by MSVC build warnings.
1b86d1d851def3e223bdefb8aa46d76f92a9dc7fDaniel Holbert — Bug 859517: Move LayerManagerOGL::Initialize's helper-nsRunnable from function-scope to class-scope to fix build warning about ignored visibility attribute. r=BenWa
53268e47c77948a22c46aa6801faf977edc94ad5Daniel Holbert — Bug 859482: Remove no-longer-used variable 'definedProperty' from xpc_qsDefineQuickStubs. r=bz
167fecb7c11200bede19a5bca0f332f49a4185f3Daniel Holbert — Bug 859491: Fix Wreorder build warning for XPCJSRuntime constructor. r=bholley
000c0c72fa829f2b4739e55324d198b6e1fbf473Jason Smith — Bug 836349 - Crashtest for bug 836349. r=abr
3aab0275c08ff2bcf0c84708a49d97eae35bf883Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6c40b2d396c6 (bug 836349) for a bad commit message.
35179d8073738df684b12f1d17e2fbda4aaccbdfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 834034 - Migrate persdict.dat when resetting Firefox, r=MattN
e621a3f5db9897fb56874f732fc04d5f48188c53Terrence Cole — Bug 857345 - ExposeToActiveJS should not care about GC things in the Nursery; r=billm
6c40b2d396c6878feb6d86bf7b00b5f32d94de50Adam Roach [:abr] — # HG changeset patch
664a2230e5c7478ea71ba0a657c0e50f586b821bJonathan Griffin — Bug 843793 - Throw specific errors when a frame has frozen/crashed, r=mdas
db1d5109d1729a08985a4719759fc018d6ef7501Randell Jesup — Bug 838380: don't crash browser on server 500 error r=abr
b84b3d48463681c1022f22e4f9b79069e73ef357Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856428. Don't try to root an uninitialized value. r=peterv
d0d75e76d41fa911b53818a0d129b8f80c8711cfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 857417. Trigger a fatal assertion when wrapping a wrappercached and nsISupports WebIDL object which has the wrapper cache before the nsISupports in its object layout. r=khuey
729177f4b5c8abebe4f5f44ff1b6850e83a54391Boris Zbarsky — Bug 688691. Warn when LenientThis actually causes us to not throw. r=ms2ger
d37a93af33a8b14dd9f6ca50f2f2b068142ef1adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 858671. Make do_GetAtom infallible. r=khuey
d93dab0b19fcf9431dfa0ad5ae218c5cfdd6f326Boris Zbarsky — Bug 857645. Make it possible to copy-initialize an nsCOMPtr<T> from an already_AddRefed<U> as long as U inherits from T. r=ehsan
0d1f670b9d86a0a7b8fc2263600fb5db05ea674dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 810644 part 2. Eliminate the now-unused CallEventHandler. r=smaug, sr=peterv
65a949c811fb5e7c23c1cc32470391a7e9a23f83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810644 part 1. Switch setTimeout and setInterval to using WebIDL callback functions. r=smaug, sr=peterv
fbc229932c909586b082f6edb6c59ca812d7f84fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 765780 part 2. Simplify the docshell code that was trying to enable script in subframes of designMode documents. r=ehsan
fc80e729a417fbfb1957ea6ed979232dccf6ac7fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 765780 part 1. Stop disallowing script and plug-ins in designMode documents. r=ehsan
ad371c559524ab9edbcb78660b932b9652d162c6Terrence Cole — Bug 857706 - Always allocate the self-hosting global in the tenured generation; r=billm
fc82676827254b9e517351c45a574c24259e74deNikhil Marathe — Bug 857135 - Remove Push components from android and desktop builds. r=jlebar
ba48781b74e49a71329c8be4a5933a30233a8a9dMark Finkle — Bug 852787 - Do keyword DB lookup on background thread r=bnicholson
deef421f9169bb0eafe3bc697b888e421c38d4d3Mark Finkle — Bug 852787 - Skip keyword search if we have a URL r=bnicholson
99cfae75ee7c88297502622928bd318b7f77b31aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1e01b8a81990 (bug 858674) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
9133673bb8a4d06b88da980d55f69ef152ff3ba6Gregory Szorc — Bug 857984 - mach mochitest now colorizes and prints failure summary; r=Ms2ger
418df13c8385be63af8a432749e9f94389a0280fReuben Morais — Bug 858837 - Clean Contacts/Permissions/Settings build config files. r=khuey r=gwagner
f971d287ba11d60ddc72c7aae79869d426221aeaBug 852704: Created Java enums to encapsulate data formerly stored in int constants. r=cpeterson
79c23403daee79ac89901009b3e5ed4212fccb55Chris Peterson — Bug 859212 - Part 4: Remove unused HKB whitelist. r=jchen
f1a739e3b5fa4c9312f108abf9038241e76e1633Chris Peterson — Bug 859212 - Part 3: Remove unused InputMethod names. r=jchen
0c4b651f1a448efede1659d81e3393fc6d278d50Chris Peterson — Bug 859212 - Part 2: Add Android stock keyboard and TouchPal to list of gesture keyboards. r=jchen
d678fbf4ca2e4ecbaae7cfed34401ba6b86718d6Chris Peterson — Bug 859212 - Part 1: Move AwesomeBar's Swype logic to InputMethods. r=jchen
fd139be90362fe3918a6c6ce7da330af0d82e08eChris Peterson — Bug 859229 - Part 4: Expand wildcard Java imports. r=kats
4ccdf3167644be4b4b9b67ae16f15b104e233448Chris Peterson — Bug 859229 - Part 3: Fix order of Java imports. r=kats
566fa9aeec46b1dccaa20643e1251d532943bb77Chris Peterson — Bug 859229 - Part 2: Remove redundant Java imports. r=kats
430d73385b0857b24b3cc780aa2b3e925f762582Chris Peterson — Bug 859229 - Part 1: Remove unused Java imports. r=kats
d8846d94297a9cb129b476235667d4bad5a459c5Ralph Giles — Bug 857022 - Remove MOZ_MEDIA build-time define. r=ted
c130590bbe8c6bca6dd57cbccb9c7315226add34Ralph Giles — Bug 857022 - Remove MOZ_MEDIA from parser. r=smaug
d26b014749ba1f331f7ffdb4be2f6c94f5c0d37aRalph Giles — Bug 857022 - Remove MOZ_MEDIA from the layout module. r=cpearce
9eb2df8128354e8bcd10977b370c09663231751eRalph Giles — Bug 857022 - Remove MOZ_MEDIA from content. r=cpearce
4b9d6e04de881fd64b400693424d5069672e2973Daniel Holbert — Bug 857250: Remove unused typedef from IonCompartment::getVMWrapper. r=dvander
42904845f8a2dca1bb846ffa57f4f3fa3be68dbaBobby Holley — Bug 856840 - Kill FindWrapper. r=mrbkap
35178de36bd3217eb83cacf6e3f2e1123693c6fcGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 855704 - Use pushPrefEnv instead of setBoolPref in webspeech tests. r=smaug
1e01b8a819909526b5cde33254fc0bd4c399aa6aBen Turner — Bug 858674 - 'Tweak SQLite pragmas on mobile devices for space savings'. r=khuey.
a7ec1554d48176d15ee1a5b746a2f83a633f0b47Matt Brubeck — Bug 854868 - Make srcdir and objdir paths match for in accessible/tests [r=tbsaunde]
78457232611ad15cb0ccb46c23ff0acebb5fbd53Mark Finkle — Bug 859434 - Close thumbnail cursor in TopSitesView r=lucasr
5549afae23a71ff44b840056847f98e3988f2243Mark Finkle — Bug 859425 - Move decoding/storing favicons to background thread r=kats
39fbc0bcfa1f68027b21c03be8df90fcc86b3bffMark Finkle — Bug 856739 - AwesomeBar.onDestroy does DB access on the main thread r=lucasr
7f5c58257d65728166486eea844639c091e79bf0Mark Finkle — Bug 858872 - Make Favicon service a little smarter about failed favicons r=bichnolson
ba408deda60565c6c43a1e83408e75e443ef61d8Trevor Saunders — bug 856349 - bustage fix because sucks landed on a CLOSED TREE
9a584c882786a061fd5afa473253e645f5e8ee8aTrevor Saunders — bug 856349 - fix review comment r=me
68fc259ff3e0a6a3c6a138e45228c978af5e4b13Trevor Saunders — bug 858896 - crash if sdnAccessible is constructed with a null node r=davidb
f3e849b9ea6fab2a6a75d37fc041f0417dc34b19Brian R. Bondy — Bug 858359 - Select and Select All context menu test adjustments. r=jimm
cee523a84f6bc0ff8e69206839ae8f8f3b2304f4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 858359 - Remove Selectable context menu options on input and textareas when there is text and no selection. r=jimm
13943daf18f8b80e7aa3be5499ba45726ecfa010Brian R. Bondy — Bug 846275 - Intermittent problem on first install w/ win8 prompt not having firefox listed. r=jimm
f9b061217eadd264b7fbb2d87179855881da134fTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 840722 - Add an object which represents the viewport metadata in browser.js.r=kats
f0c903d9ade4148f9c040f75afa39b285dc6e195Scott Johnson — Bug 600100, Part 2: Force a vertical resize even if our available height hasn't changed in anonymous blocks of a column set so we don't crash. [r=mats]
8b0e28d37501b64d7e420747ea61b2d12f1b7d0fISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 857640 - Fix to IntentionalCrash.h when getenv(XPCOM_MEM_BLOAT_LOG) returns NULL. r=bsmedberg
3c6cd745bea0b58a4cc0555e682b4bea22af60f0aceman — Bug 856238 - Remove unused includes of the obsolete nsISupportsArray and nsIEnumerator. r=Neil, r=bsmedberg
218c31e56f0a8c975c5a07cbdcc0ffd20e915184Jason Smith — Bug 850275 - Adds some basic mochitests for offer media constriants. r=jesup
a65e8af95d3997ddb7d7fc74c5483ece398de7e8Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 837051 - Store less buffers for video playback at MediaOmxReader. r=doublec
beb76e04039063e8a7e7035d50d7b27762fcccc0Garrett Robinson — Bug 821877 - Browser Mochitest for CSP error logging to Web Console. r=msucan
7c6c8509630429b618697bde5e32494ddb88b239Garrett Robinson — Bug 821877 - Log CSP errors to Web Console. r=bz
98b3cdc05f1872e0fae57737ab4d68f02433f08aGeoff Brown — Bug 833765 - Increase default sut timeout to 320 s during rc tests; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
01f0d7b85857a780f95545960f9251220dd8ced5Reuben Morais — Bug 856923 - Don't stop installing permissions if one of them has an invalid entry in the manifest. r=gwagner
3250333a5e6c177ad0194dc7d91440a0ca69aafcMatt Brubeck — Bug 859349 - Saving .mozbuild/warnings.json fails if .mozbuild doesn't exist [r=gps]
107e9db562b3f9c55564c733584a86d8f26b7ca4Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856349 - Update CLOBBER file.
7684baafb4e32fc1d79e31603fc98aa41db46ea3Shane Caraveo — bug 855389 fix social toolbarbutton structure to work with themes/etc, r=felipe
e10b37c57162636100dac601398af0a2dcad3835Bobby Holley — Bug 839467 - Remove aCx parameter to CloneAndAdopt. r=mrbkap
96a501b8fb8421f47ad39f6c8e8b8b272ae2eeceBobby Holley — Bug 839467 - Remove JSContext pushing in AdoptNode. r=mrbkap
4b6761caea27b42e8de292f714077ad8f30162c7Rodrigo Silveira — bug 854274 - Showing tab doc when clicking + r=mbrubeck
4a2cc1ec0a506d3d438ce66d37416ff42e10a862Chris Lord — Bug 856497 - Fix dynamic viewport sizing for margin changes. r=kats
e59593a4baa1ed0db7e2b69b31104b1e07051f01Georg Fritzsche — Bug 857589 - Bail out without warnings when no plugins registry key is present. r=bsmedberg
be4612e105b16c67a92a7668d3fea71b00f23dfeTrevor Saunders — bug 856349 - remove useless SHORT_LIBNAME assignments r=glandium
eebe60eebd95fa807ee6b93706a8b9e2b5828f68Trevor Saunders — bug 856779 - remove nsFrameManager::Init() r=dholbert
b56af2a805195418c7d709f5a81a0fb3289edd02Trevor Saunders — bug 856779 - make nsStyleSet::Init() return void r=dholbert
590e354d2750d14edaa1c7b1ae08ec1aa77db92bTrevor Saunders — bug 856779 - kill NS_NewPresShell() r=bz
962ec303ced29c831230cfdd10494a126eeb7925Gregory Szorc — Bug 837323 - Automatically clobber when CLOBBER is updated; r=ted, glandium
b1f9f2bcaf1633106a7613d7f385cec03dadd7b2Patrick McManus — bug 857291 - fix 807678 regression of DNS::GetCanonicalName r=josh
ba6d123bef6eeec7ced6df01b28f515e23b68c2aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 856455 - Make nsCOMArray::SetCapacity return void; r=bsmedberg
bbdc376f08fe3d80ce92c3a952c82bf6017386a5David Burns — Bug 838607 - Added explicit wait for element to appear before carrying on the test. r=mdas
e19ace7a61e4817da259b5a2a9ca928b5033ae8aISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 859267 - Compile time warning: js/src/jsapi.h has an extra comma, and a semicolon r=jonco
27211859cb34dd4bd369d45c5274d734a09b255eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 206bb159d62f, a6ab3e11f721, and a61aa08ab4ac (bug 837323) for frequent Windows fatal clobber errors on a CLOSED TREE.
b8078621fb2a6e8502fd8fd134737482453d30e6Lucas Rocha — Bug 854458 - Use different focus navigation direction on horizontal tabs tray (r=mfinkle)
aca8116e7b0b3a9d496e86293155f6717d0c748eLucas Rocha — Bug 854458 - Implement keyboard navigation in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
61f0e35aab011ea758f88dfdd2af7addcb2f313aKyle Huey — Back out Bug 788613 for breaking the build on Windows.
d6ac13733d48c9ba3e213c57833ff4396060a8d6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 2 - createHTMLDocument() should work with no arguments; r=bz
f2963140e6202ac13663f79ebd7869b4eccc4a7eAryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 1 - Update dom/imptests/webapps/ and harness; r=Ms2ger
11f52a74cac4d95ad089be0d9d830e7a472f274aHannes Verschore — Bug 855514: IonMonkey: Add fastpath for JSOP_TOID for ints and doubles that fit into an int, r=jandem
e7307ecec02c8eac5b84661d27a9a706c676bcccJulien Wajsberg — Bug 858833 - During an update, downloadAvailable is sometimes not reset to false after an error when it should. r=fabrice
c390a34a1663480c0fef31e0a354b82e7bec075aChia-hung Tai — Bug 843445 - B2G MMS: Provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.retrieveMMS() to retrieve MMS for the deferred retrieval mode, part-2:mms_service. r=vyang, r=gene.lian, sr=sicking
c2ce06b2fa0419d1af0ebf7beb3ba6852765e658Cykesiopka — Bug 794410 - Prevent drag and dropping an about: tab to the download button downloading the associated XUL file. r=paolo
0c181daeb66c06bb4349c1514c903f58cdeac217David Burns — Bug 814037 - Check overflow x and overflow y when doing visibility checks with Marionette. Atom updated. r=mdas
88a6559918c8c6f8614126767d8242fc67a9b6acHannes Verschore — Bug 858617: IonMonkey: When inlining box unknown inputs, r=nbp
59e93bff76d4210b734b1870b30a74da412be551Randell Jesup — Bug 845741: Set mUpdateFinished under lock r=roc
7ff7a49bd2e6c9cf2ff8b6afd855434fb824c010Jonathan Kew — backout bd072e286fc0 (bug 858617) for assertion failures in check-jit-test
9da2aa52affc753e5fcb098c93301d233855e7b1Jonathan Kew — bug 832524 pt 3 - use higher-resolution menuitem icons when available on hidpi display. r=dao
70176237e0181aac5506510fc3356e373099917fJonathan Kew — bug 832524 pt 2 - position of the menu gutter rule in the app menu needs to be sensitive to resolution. r=dao
f41142af196454f33b40eeee847459573739ada3Jon Coppeard — Bug 858619 - GC: Address rooting hazards in ctypes r=terrence
7e3960f19a2d547fd8b4ffcead86b03b1d4fb501Vicamo Yang — Bug 850127 (follow-up): use JS::Value instead and fix possible fennec build bustage. r=me
bd072e286fc03508ff42d71a1c9bcb905bb3617aHannes Verschore — Bug 858617: IonMonkey: When inlining box unknown inputs, r=nbp
09170e15685a8f3d4e42c2345f76a132d31a6b4dSimon Montagu — Exclude U+30FB KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT from the non-recommended characters that force IDN labels to be displayed as punycode. Bug 857490, r=jfkthame
2089d4146c21eaf48bb92a4d50f3609d1ce341e5Simon Montagu — Disable the check for mixed Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters when determining whether to display IDN labels as unicode or punycode. Bug 857481, r=honzab
a66e4f7da75f9b165b58b38df5028afe36081116Jonathan Kew — bug 840881 - apply widget's default scale factor in widget/gtk2/nsWindow move & resize methods. r=roc
68d6e055e7bb76a8e11ddc2e0f656390c97ec62dMike Hommey — Bug 858204 - Enable libevent logging on debug builds. r=jlebar
970623e7539343ed04c2249d047d56b139797452Mike Hommey — Bug 858393 - Avoid race condition creating directories in config.status. r=gps
8d1e8c802365cbdfbda2ded56f74a2e005cc33e1Mike Hommey — Bug 857526 - Check webrtc target arch right after checking target OS, instead of after AC_OUTPUT, which is too late. r=ted
06e05aaebe7bd7f94e3b86052bcdaf7c5c893ae4Mike Hommey — Bug 857147 - Fixup Android DIST_FILES after bug 648407 and bug 852950. r=ted
c3361cd2e9678f98971d639a8459f8852d94293bMike Hommey — Bug 788613 - Dump config.log when configure fails. r=ted
de4f34069146e681412af811d645f75d4b226968Phil Ringnalda — Back out 314ce3068d94 (bug 855389) for browser-chrome bustage
6286b4578f1437987bca01ef6289d038adfe15bfJohn Daggett — Bug 854799 - backout changeset 0caf5937f8bc due to tp regression. r=roc
314ce3068d94de19a3e3adc4e403ebb875e9416dShane Caraveo — bug 855389 fix social toolbarbutton structure to work with themes/etc, r=felipe
6b2d5c652043784ad393a5b8f05d383b35072709Frank Yan — Bug 795495 - Addendum: Fix browser_google.js's data URI again. a=test-only
1bfd5cff709b593a00f651e85f80a834ce0e1191Frank Yan — Bug 795495 - Use 32x32 search engine icons in HiDPI mode when available. r=dolske
74354f979ea8bff23885148fa3c254f3788596d2Phil Ringnalda — Back out 75f108f790a1 (bug 795495) for breaking browser_google.js
a19f9df3a7a0bd1302c8c64d391b297ad6319687Shane Caraveo — bug 858868 fix xpcshell test bug and social pref migration. r=markh
75f108f790a17926cf506cbfa4b501d5af083167Frank Yan — Bug 795495 - Use 32x32 search engine icons in HiDPI mode when available. r=dolske
d8095f79eb0e12177b36f6a039a596909df90ae9Shane Caraveo — bug 845151 add new icons for install panel and chatnub, r=markh
340bb06af4f2dccdc2a02979c540ad491467ffddRaymond Lee — Bug 847786 - Remove app.feedbackURL preference for B2G if it's not used. r=fabrice
5111f19fd4a6f0490f30b8d7de8c5de3a0fef37fDouglas Crosher — Bug 858039 - Initialize the correct mType for SurfaceStream_TripleBuffer_Async. r=snorp
3c18c4a6fb18f9d126b3a63f3b836a9d70c97675Jared Wein — Bug 856051 - Move WindowsJumpLists.jsm out of EXTRA_PP_JS_MODULES since it doesn't use any preprocessor directives. r=dolske
0608d181dac61f93e7fe58d04574cb6621b73f14Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837950 - Script to import ECMA-402 conformance tests into the Mozilla tree. r=ted
61e1edc0b6bff52d690cbdca4e888f4ab38172a3Gabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Make XRE_StartupTimelineRecord() generate TimeStamps and modify its callers to use the appropriate timers, r=froydnj
77014412cd4a112a68a6f30d4e840033710a561dGabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Make StartupTimeline use TimeStamp instead of PRTime and adjust nsAppStartup to cope with it, r=froydnj
8c5aa269c3cd94c773b5e95a0f886293ddbb637eGabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Add functionality to create TimeStamp instances representing the process creation time, r=froydnj
b0d84238095938e638497cd1b02bc7005f1abdfbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 771975 - Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from android. r=mfinkle
8739c3bd5734b3012da2bf42a690c54fa019c91fOlli Pettay — Clobber for Bug 858014
a37f106cf4ecd9c94453f5d5fea1767a4a0db906ishikawa — Bug 854888, don't warn when GetContextForEventHandlers fails, r=smaug
7177dae62b2fa53b01be672a33253b205dc5d288Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 771975 - Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from browser and toolkit. r=dao
5231dff8991edf8ef7f75da86e2144c14ec3d372Andrew McCreight — Bug 856313 - Clean up some Traverse/Unlink declarations. r=smaug
d510b884c45fa8e1ec8c42984b158549ccd1665eOlli Pettay — Bug 858014, make sure nsPIDOMWindow can be used in external apps, like TB/SM, r=neil
81a4a2975ca30087de23d1b3640655e5259d32d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5e01908df6d7f638ed6e34f7463ada4a844c5d25Victor Porof — Merge fx-team to m-c
bba5637808ef0e6a1fb0836ea8f9ed0b11aebfa2Anton Kovalyov — Bug 856797 - Fix localization typos. r=dcamp
3fda72d2c6c31f5555f3ce1f900d80dac45869e1Victor Porof — Bug 855544 - Implement a network monitor, r=dcamp,msucan
f6d26cee5c6cfd874795a299dda060b649b4e7dfVictor Porof — Bug 857441 - Autocompletion popup is very jumpy while typing text, r=msucan
c54b8b913a705660f01547d6be39001f2277ddd2Panos Astithas — Bug 853787 - Report errors in nested event loops in xpcshell tests; r=jimb
86daec0a67427e9bb46adc59cc9f942e756b2554Panos Astithas — Bug 849500 - navigate and will-navigate events for remoted targets carry payload that is incompatible with the non-remoted case; r=jwalker
13c4b1ff5564d40cb13c1c06b5edb71627693c5dPanos Astithas — Backout cset 98e19635eb97 (bug 849500) for suspicion of breakage
b467a96d1e3eac6bc8cf60a4c4716902deb957a0Brandon Benvie — Bug 851381 - make the scratchpad evaluate code asynchronously; r=harth
89f2c56f3caf766554bb04d43c3d883b283a574cPanos Astithas — Bug 857082 - TabTarget.makeRemote doesn't need any arguments; r=jwalker
98e19635eb97a151d59c1ba8d7a5cb9754d005d1Panos Astithas — Bug 849500 - navigate and will-navigate events for remoted targets carry payload that is incompatible with the non-remoted case; r=jwalker
66ed95d19a69a2df3d4532a8a94ca26e49f62445Panos Astithas — Bug 839515 - Tiny fonts in the remote connection screen; r=jwalker
b05237492a4c31d161adc4258ecadbb9c5123da4Jim Mathies — Bug 858700 - Swap in better browser bindings single coordinate conversion method names. r=mbrubeck
0a99f51a4d7c27538610c71e98cb6b44d5929d06Jim Mathies — Bug 858155 - Restrict the size of auto-complete menus. r=fryn
4abb7d516065ec899d25825d48f102da6892af9cMs2ger — Bug 859075 - Attempt to make the test more robust.
db5fe4e235ee40d85c16f47b9eaf06325ed2c1a7Andreas Gal — Bug 858454 - Deliver MozKeyboard key events from the event loop instead of synchronously (r=fabrice).
8e2fa34df9d4cf4096f7006c420a40735cd2d845Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 859021 - Add comments explaining "0 -". r=dholbert DONTBUILD
7fe1df8b1a9b3009edc8158cb16349d5dc8b8048Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 859021 - Fix remaining MSVC build warnings and remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/svg/content/src. r=dholbert
d4ce330107160cc82d4c1c03a60f05aa0fe2a1f9Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 832091 - guards against crashes in resolveDOMCollectionProperty. r=bholley
48ae802598f5ae2766e40b02d15df710b9b426b6Ms2ger — Backout changeset e1bddda508fe for double logging when running mochitests through mach.
d80e4fd84bb473e037fde6febf709ac6b651eb77Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 858224 - Remove most MSVC exemptions for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=ted feedback=dholbert
63bfbc612e21b5cf29c08a7481ce08ba5b651284sarat addepalli — Bug 858012, fix compilation of nsSpeechTask.cpp r=smaug
fcd43a7b4b982f568d25c36a5143a37fa0e099f5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 858929 Allow external components to register memory reporters r=njn
970a211a1d762109d464fc743a62babf22daf282sarat addepalli — Bug 857994, fix compilation on some older GCCs, r=smaug
dd22c81ebf57e2b3a1451e4f92f9931b693934a0Jonathan Kew — bug 854277 - improve font fallback behavior for zh-* locales. r=mfinkle
99ab49e3aebbd23f2c17386576c75ce00502529cMark Finkle — Bug 765155 - Missing associative icons for recommended add-on listing on about:home r=bnicholson
687ec8a5c9581693ceea48a4451a7e971e3b9b7eMs2ger — No bug - Remove Windows line endings from layout/style/AnimationCommon.cpp.
86c81849225a76affdccf0b58c6624c4a32660d9Olli Pettay — Bug 858973 - Make it possible to build with --disable-webspeech, r=Ms2ger
93d85dbe736829d619a64ab7521e9cc77c4bf63dJustin Lebar — Bug 856006 - Attempt no. 3: Switch mozbrowserloadstart to mozbrowserloadend in the hopes that this will resolve an intermittent orange. r=me
be3be63607b00c60401a469c1fd7e9a8f33d566bXin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in browser dir. r=mak
3736eec7dd73d022fb3ac4e7e1376358db97d598Xin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in toolkit dir. r=mak
e69b675641870ba4c3083516430314a7d5b2f835Xin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in testing dir. r=mak
125d104b58bebd7b205d31cf6ddff19de23543b4Xin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in storage dir. r=mak
af01ad72d579dd546177db0ecdf42fc6f87ff51bXin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in mobile dir. r=mak
bc8070070b0683802edbf71704c0bab7a5ab127dXin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in image dir. r=mak
79131be6fd647a964837fa0852998b8e924208aeXin Zhang — Bug 849764 - Replace removeObserver() calls with three params with two in b2g dir. r=mak
c677dd4b1aba3806ea464b1dfccef647d4aefe56Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a85d21e394c0 (bug 854503) for bustage.
082be152752b30163643e4f8201dd5171814bb6aDavid Creswick — Bug 856317 - Expose the column number of style rules via inIDOMUtils. r=dbaron
a85d21e394c0b3114e4ae34eac63ac5bea2f0f7cJacek Szpot — Bug 854503 - Rename JS unwrapping functions. r=bholley
ea8f727040ce32120f99325421212c431e2159b1Yuan Pengfei — Bug 844031 - Fix Intel graphics driver detection. r=bjacob
8bcd935cbcfe06705cc6854eb45201ce6318e0faTom Schuster — Bug 854614 - Root xpc_qsUnwrapThis. r=terrence,bholley
33206172518174f847fbd055446ae5703ff6ffabJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 855498: Async onEvent to PC on main + safe-join of SyncRunnable-using SIPCC threads. r=jesup
6ec116262288331a9bd35d2fd1f47bb3e39a6efeJan de Mooij — Bug 858533 - Don't stop marking caches as idempotent if JM is disabled. r=djvj
f0063cd8a37b6a0b75669d144b7fda9a2eb59f52Julian Seward — Bug 855977 - SPS breakpad: disable stack scanning for profiling unwinds. r=bgirard
2f719ebae709a17fc7c0db0129c387620d3116e0Dave Hunt — Bug 858290 - Need to enable focusmanager.testmode for tests run against B2G desktop builds. r=jgriffin
b56d762d3511356c2d15bbbf2de0748200e49d8bJulian Seward — Bug 857242 - Make profiler verbosity on desktop be runtime-selectable. r=bgirard
04864ed004a7ed3147714c4a1d67a9e3abbbd4caJames Willcox — Bug 858039 - Make SurfaceStream_TripleBuffer_Async use the correct SurfaceStreamType. r=jgilbert
28b7fa5d890b4afd39569086055e4e79ce9e2654Randell Jesup — Bug 838319: don't assert() on bad STUN input credentials; accept utf8 for UTF-8 r=dmose
9e6fe353c9b4dd14bac6436ed9f905dc735660f2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 854088. r=rstrong.
3fd2c92483578be9cc9fa64768025061b234838aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 850492. r=rstrong.
0d93ae35f8b5083c23a5287fa5089cdfe01e78dfShane Caraveo — bug 858704 new providers in whitelist, r=gavin via irc
c713727a3cf6562f50f1a766540cdca69d7b3597Shane Caraveo — bug 858663 fix install of facebook, broken by bug 851936. r=gavin
3e19dec4264f956cc494cb282794c78fc08e6934Seth Fowler — Bug 857623 - Ensure we always call PostFrameStop before PostDecodeDone in nsGIFDecoder2.cpp. r=tn
efd4cd61eb3d9354e0ce1fd22ead20f9ba9cbc80David Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 2 r=Ms2ger
183c3d7a2c18daa43b893e5c643adf20d1a9f93eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ r=Ms2ger
3a9ac6eb47b5f57259fe58a10f7b2cc9d272e660Shane Caraveo — bug 845151 add new service icon for social services tab in about:addons, r=markh
23460af2c6d4b974a441bb0225ff0ab2b6a53376Gary Kwong — Bug 858852 - Remove "Float on the stack!" message from js shell stderr on hardfp systems (e.g. Pandaboard) r=mjrosenb
1b0d2a0323d119d9054823b8029fd506cf54b112Margaret Leibovic — Bug 856369 - Fix typo in WebrtcUI script load. r=mfinkle
23c638395987fc856bd231d9abaf349910f978abDaniel Holbert — Bug 473236, 2013 edition, part 2: Remove executable bit from any png files that are incorrectly marked as executable, tree-wide. DONTBUILD
1d77d2aaabf95f41c5506008e54cf52f42467009Jonathan Griffin — Bug 853188 - Use the url and line number passed to window.onerror, r=mdas
768af8d8fad4d05a21a3819c8081307ceeb14e07Benjamin Peterson — Bug 858705 - Use newKind parameter. r=terrence
ef4448dadcc3632ef2850ccb02dd0574a4fadbd1Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 5) - Remove imgIContainer::ExtractFrame. r=joe, sr=bz
ec0f65680925a4286243b58d1c7a8fd071183686Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 4) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for border-image. r=bz
96764c6123e2e8a5e8a7629a33f41d11a500952aSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 3) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for -moz-image-rect. r=bz
548590c423672fa5e89e9817ad49a219f0c81d6bSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 2) - Create a static utility class for image operations. r=joe, sr=bz
f04bd50a5c13d45d62792ccfc51f71090a9948bbSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 1) - Add ClippedImage. r=joe
6a31b85208420fdf13562901d78df8af76272009Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 2b47c18653da and b9d17aa000e7 (bug 854614) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
2f52c6baf82fdecaad7e7605a616a7dada4acfe6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
139b6ba547fa4cfb6b54669c707be20069ff5905Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f4f549a04ee8f70370e8104b4258de2d105b9cdcPatrick McManus — bug 850968 - backout cache experiment for causing 858588 r=backout
40a228f7438952c95dc75856b9679315e9155ee4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5b710d7fe073 (bug 850968) to see if it fixes bug 858588 on a CLOSED TREE.
aec1088730f6c5e8dfdcf272d46a2631b505dd96Scott Johnson — Bug 520992, Followup 1: Simplify code in nsDOMComputedStyle for box-sizing adjustment for clarity. [r=me]
9509f6be00951a35ae1f60443e577a9a43e82e97Jason Duell — Bug 855906 - SimplePush: Set pingInterval on websocket. r=dougt
5f5ef06d13fa324e83a78d22c5109bd882f1b542Jason Duell — Bug 855906 - Convert nsIWebsocketChannel pingInterval to seconds r=mcmanus
68dfccf515c036deb0114231ad1e088ac12b8c2fNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 858077 - Check for unknown object flag before checking number of objects r=bhackett
2b47c18653da1436f00347cef854eba771a0ebadTom Schuster — Bug 854614 - Root XPCLazyCallContext. r=terrence,bholley
b9d17aa000e7ad40bbf15b11101680f5d2cdc29fTom Schuster — Bug 854614 - Root xpc_qsUnwrapThis. r=terrence,bholley
6be07c836e6d8bcfb5ef1aac5821558c02ef06deDaniel Holbert — Bug 858684: Remove HTTP(..) annotation from flexbox reftests (which only needed it for font access). r=billm
a9aa417015a441837d2b6647eba0560c7d97d25eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 858192 - Correct error in nsIContentPrefService2 documentation about callbacks and observers. r=mak
50725df22b056deaa8242ae90c5774e74e6dae44Benoit Girard — Bug 844996 - DeallocShmem failures will abort in debug builds. r=cjones,benjamin
b7f51945a2b7ee5f6d6a2cbdb6d0b4f98bb7cdfcBobby Holley — Bug 858642 - Null-check the XBL scope. r=bz
07d20c5e48723166ae0cb96c89be7fb5e31b30d6Mark Finkle — Bug 843005 - Disable Android SQLite locking in databases for REL 11 and higher r=kats
d275d814f89ae05c1fb77dabbcb8ffd3d93b1861Steve Fink — No bug. Prune out some indirect calls outside of js/src that cannot GC. Various other analysis updates. r=NPOTB DONTBUILD
722d438e10724aa09bf55b73afd18abd67c151ddChris Peterson — Bug 855146 - Part 4: Add Actions.sendKeyCode() method for IME tests. r=gbrown
1aa5e2d8cd87d903a5f5ed22a68feeddc9310790Ivaylo Dimitrov — b=854539 - Implement AllocateAndGetNewBuffer for SharedPlanarYCbCrImage. r=nical
282de3fcc0cddc0ee75b441983a2a567f62bda4cNathan Froyd — Bug 858203 - mark more reftests as needs-focus; r=dholbert
0ccc71560958389c3e178eb7ea50944ea0f6dfe2Malini Das — Bug 858288 - set sandbox to null in switchToFrame, r=jgriffin
561ac0327dc98e88966fff85a684365049ee0c9fAndrew McCreight — Bug 852134 - simplify rooting and unrooting of SMS. r=smaug
2704dd67e99cb04ebcad3b22e4e7c77e9dec1a8bAndrew McCreight — Bug 856906 - make nsDocLoader mainthread only.
182c43d6c7d4f148f73ace3f917d29104ee567b8Andrew McCreight — Bug 852600 - traverse/unlink mStyleSheets in nsHTMLEditor. r=ehsan
e640b1edc504c4dcd86ba600a04b653d310b20b2ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 858477: remove extra comma from nsCycleCollector.h r=mccr8
e27ce27cd6e148753610b59bca743f2134f62b54Jim Mathies — Bug 858556 - Double clicking text with the mouse displays the selection grippers in Immersive mode. r=bbondy
855ddcd081e82ced8a378c8bad67a8a6445906b3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 852014 - Defect - Issues downloading and installing msi. r=sfoster.
8262a337d5be6b3296f467a42e783f58fbeef72dAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853858: Move PeerConnectionTest instance reference into global scope r=jesup,whimboo
448765c6360b44b5ea3ec255936bfb086f8545c5Gavin Sharp — Bug 369180: override nsIAuthPromptProvider implementation on search suggestion callbacks to avoid proxy authentication dialog popping up while entering text in the search bar, r=mayhemer
45835d0c9d58d23af167821879fafd2570764e5aNathan Froyd — Backout 5820d44601c1 (bug 520992) for build bustage
6f83b4eedf820113c03a7941cae43aee4efe6bf1Marty Rosenberg — Bug 858083: fix a silly bug where we use armv7 instructions when in armv6-mode (and think we are on armv6 when we are not). (r=jbramley)
c13cc671185857f59cf9a3eb172292be4f2dbebeMarty Rosenberg — bug 858535: Make sure the cache is flushed beforewe attempt to enter BC compiled code. (r=jbramley)
ccb2618918a868c07fa8ab51c324ba6ac10cf8a3Mark Finkle — Bug 858561 - Move BrowserDB.expireHistory from GeckoApp.onPause to GeckoApplication.onActivityPause r=kats
5820d44601c173d627eb30ee6ab6f18de6a807c5Scott Johnson — Bug 520992, Followup 1: Simplify code in nsDOMComputedStyle for box-sizing adjustment for clarity. [r=me]
d93ad2c96f01806909ccb442c090e0f95540dd99Hannes Verschore — Bug 844779: IonMonkey: Improve the order of blocks, r=jandem
2633093f531e511c2409f4e3cf54938d1177643bJustin Lebar — Bug 856006 - Attempt no. 2 to fix orange in browserElement_KeyEvents.js. r=kk1ff
41197711fec552995def20fd792e76eea3a56df5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 849394 - Change assertion annotation on a CLOSED TREE.
c60cda8016e84aaf3b57c834ab40c5b4ad97eba7Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Re-add expected assertions to test_bug451286.xul on a CLOSED TREE.
f8ed82bee517e34450c956e2057469d4e9bf691dChris Lord — Bug 854099 - Make nsPresShell::ScrollToShowRect take fixed position margins into account. r=roc
969674821d1ae13ccf3e7b7a4fe995f2f98dcb62Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root XBL_DeserializeFunction. r=bz,terrence
aee8610885274e97901696193c40ceba8c3e70e2Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root various things. r=bz,terrence
1766922c611f729467f667de29447dad896e9978Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root InstallField. r=bz,terrence
ddb51ef64845804c6c4b1af12b019cb1ffb3ef9fTom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root InstallAccessors. r=bz,terrence
8e58ad2f288b61a9e299086f8b0b55595d005185Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root InstallXBLField. r=bz,terrence
00040dd1bf44dbe2466e99c5aeeb11ce59db75eeTom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root Execute. r=bz,terrence
9cb8032812a873823bcb66b1e8c295aa586497efTom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root Read. r=bz,terrence
4bda5dd4a307734475b13c365aa9f71cdf344449Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root CompileMember. r=bz,terrence
f066c15b6025fc947ca0c8d6db82f29b739719daTom Schuster — Bug 855411 - InstallMember. r=bz,terrence
35ad506ee9ac60719b49a0920da93e2d5f0edf30Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root doCheckAccess. r=bz,terrence
f7c2fc1b53c400ace2380f865e769ad37ef7a1b8Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root LookupMember. r=bz,terrence
fea6d161488d3a478873eb055aeb039c733646d3Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root Init{JS}Class. r=bz,terrence
0f2dc243e4c7fcd05686ea05fbeb2cffbd900dc8Tom Schuster — Bug 855411 - Root ChangeDocument. r=bz,terrence
f7156b703f3d31fd87aec6225f6f32321c155953Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fddde2d1e9b2 (bug 853858) for Windows leaks.
6ecf4abf365967f528a02657ab62c8fa3cdbf13aDave Hunt — Bug 858124 - Flick (swipe) is failing on desktop B2G builds. r=mdas
6d2bd7177ac95144bd5ef1c7b89d9eaf72467b44Adrian Tamas — Bug 856518 - Add more detailed test messages to testDoorHangers Robocop test. r=jmaher
c291c98a1bfc00edfe2f5e90808fce5af69234fbRaymond Lee — Bug 854927 - Remove callback from new async getCharsetForURI in PlacesUtils. r=mak
8f6b9b15be231ae3c5222ae45d959fd5f54fcbabJonathan Laver — Bug 851044 - Modified stringifyArgs to use the objects toString method if it is not Object.prototype.toString when logging. r=Yoric
32001b4712e80dc7262ac96c6c62e1a279589d6bDave Vasilevsky — Bug 848792 - Update the dock icon only 8 times per second. r=josh
ca8b7c325edecf2744f2ed2228fc8d96608f3490Diego Wilson — Bug 847779 - Abort playback if OMX audio init fails. r=doublec, r=cpearce
1f65b5204c8bcb45df6a2bfb7b2418ecb635cdabMartijn Wargers — Bug 788866 - [B2G] mochitests fail to focus test window. r=smaug, f=ahal
1e958f7224a737ac34be464a9e11e445c8d1b0dfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 16: Take plugin's own clipping into account when computing the region for its window. Make SortByContentOrder handle cases where display items in the same list come from different documents. r=mattwoodrow
3396e302a1e44e964f3dfeea457f26498acbdff4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 15: Move DisplayListClipState clipping methods to AutoSaveRestore and AutoClipMultiple helper classes for safer usage. r=mattwoodrow
5f7f4e26d4a9b1e17772e32caf1aa9502b008a21Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 14: Convert all usage of nsDisplayClip(RoundedRect) to use DisplayListClipState/DisplayItemClip. r=mattwoodrow
00fdcb8176a77c505f78bf9b30cb6a74f7cb3df6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 13: Rename nsFrame::ApplyOverflowClipping to ShouldApplyOverflowClipping. r=mattwoodrow
54952cb8f86946a3c7f8df351fe129daea001c61Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 12: Move RoundedRectIntersectsRect from nsDisplayList.cpp to nsLayoutUtils. r=mattwoodrow
c9583f064a2dac83cd7e6e5dc2740a6679fd64a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 11: Make nsDisplayOptionEventGrabber be a non-anonymous display item list wrapper. r=mattwoodrow
072417fd4d8e18a840bda2fc7222481c88047182Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 10: Add extra APIs to DisplayListClipState to constrain the current clip, and an Auto class for safe saving and restoring. r=mattwoodrow
30928f33d63f060dc0f5fbf4d6773bf29d0f948aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 9: Add extra APIs to DisplayItemClip to set the current state, intersect with another DisplayItemClip, test intersection with a rect, translate, and provide easy access to a DisplayItemClip object which doesn't clip anything. r=mattwoodrow
b16876942c8df78107b10f0288f88f27198cbdc8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 8: On encountering out-of-flow frames during display list construction, save their clip rect as well as their dirty rect for later use when we traverse the placeholder. r=mattwoodrow
a9214f38c73e930990123678bf1f4bfc26ac7cf5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 7: Move child->MarkAbsoluteFramesForDisplayList call down. r=mattwoodrow
dc2f8190c7dd7959ff52db79666634f3da8f5753Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 6: Save and restore DisplayListClipState when we start building display lists for a frame. r=mattwoodrow
d6f4ddf03ffb57f6618e3476f1c264d16e9f1b5fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 5: Add "current DisplayListClipState" to nsDisplayListBuilder. r=mattwoodrow
ec3f4cfe3866b48f0f7714a50ae5e621f588bfcdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 4: Create DisplayListClipState. r=mattwoodrow
fb7633e8733e0094329fa668b21738f6464e52cfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 3: Make DisplayItemClip members private and encapsulate them in a real API. r=mattwoodrow
698d23ec564bb1cbb8f4b97c2aa09779bd186ad0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 2: Move FrameLayerBuilder::Clip to DisplayItemClip. r=mattwoodrow
1740631994daf663573763f3843b2e33c9850945Robert O'Callahan — Bug 841192. Part 1: Make <frame> elements behave more like <iframe>s, in particular supporting padding and borders (but not border-radius). r=mats
905671d954c58534ec4b2c3a28db568c563b79e2Henri Sivonen — Bug 849597 - Add more kung fu to nsParser. r=smaug.
624ff603f70cb17d0664eb7b23deabdf12949a2cVicamo Yang — Bug 850127 - 3/3: RIL & test cases. r=gwagner
f7b7600dd8fa938da9d380d2b0d1eb8ffd81a7f9Vicamo Yang — Bug 850127 - 2/3: DOM & IPC. r=mounir
4a62344fc87b9732c578828b2992e310a9b3f0d4Vicamo Yang — Bug 850127 - 1/3: Expose threadId in SmsMessage and SmsThreadListItem. IDL/IPDL changes. sr=mounir
84d0583cc8cb9259041fa07c28a1c937250a818aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8a6cacf047a1 (bug 833795)to fix bug 856083.
fddde2d1e9b2df375ec4263849c32f51f1575de3Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853858: Move PeerConnectionTest instance reference into global scope. r=jesup, r=hskupin
c680d2e04a83a28f8ec13024982c035aec444e53Jim Mathies — Bug 858229 - add keyboard shortcuts for sync and about flyouts. r=rsilviera
3d0b269794a9f738bc74cb50038872c33a943bb0Jim Mathies — Bug 857823 - rip out more obsolete FormHelper code, add a new deck transisioning check in cao, and add support in FormHelperUI for delaying menu display until the view updates. r=fryn
a6225409a345dec7aabd015379f24ad181c98fcaJim Mathies — Bug 857825 - remove pointer-events:none from selection overlay and touch up input support. r=mbrubeck
7dd4f12137c3f9d4321a794e933be184ff1655cfJim Mathies — Bug 857825 - merge close edit session apis. r=mbrubeck
6a67ec142bb14b33aed989c1484c5d15c6846521Jim Mathies — Bug 857825 - handle moz deck offset change events in selection code. r=mbrubeck
d33c412d2be05ac950a35262a24c4cbd8444245bJim Mathies — Bug 857825 - houskeeping in SelectionHelperUI. r=mbrubeck
9a0aa8302b9efccfbe1ea1aa73d6bc9896bf2d1aJim Mathies — Bug 855362 - support querying content for the distance focused elements should be raised when the skb is displayed. r=mbrubeck
8870e8029899c88f1f7fa38162e95f7ded916ea9Jim Mathies — Bug 856008 - cleanup and reorganize ContentAreaObserver, make it more modular. r=mbrubeck
85c51fb7a1ec625e79374985e081209a6548ed9aJim Mathies — Bug 856008 - move ContentAreaObserver out of browser.js. r=sfoster
1225c6016d106c0d9207b6aa7247fb13189e8f59Jim Mathies — Bug 855232 - revamp UIABridge such that it queries for element state in real-time rather than relying on accessible observer events. r=bbondy
10bcc9c3ca1d36c5cb186dd18d29c202ece77500Jim Mathies — Bug 855232 - don't send native msaa accessible events when running in metro, it messes up soft keyboard display. r=dbolter
d3a0bc6f68b128c4a83924bfb599d04d9e377afeJim Mathies — Bug 856151 - update selection code to use new bindings. r=mbrubeck
5722966a3126e7d5e47476457fcb78a105034272Jim Mathies — Bug 856151 - update context menu code to use new bindings. r=fryn
a5aa2d31e8e9a9ef9dd4b0eb60690452fd0ad351Jim Mathies — Bug 856151 - do some houskeeping in browser bindings, and define a set of browser/client coordinate conversion helpers. r=mbrubeck
842c175f344c4df1f33c9852a12134d4fa6d64e0Jim Mathies — Bug 855417 - don't display caret monocle if there is no selection in focused inputs. r=ally
59e4c48fa13fe08e73903fac1ec6e3d40d7e33a8Jon Coppeard — Bug 858108 - GC: Root the Locale interface r=terrence r=bholley
d0a75bdaa01efe52672396c1ea42f39143e38099Simone Carletti — Bug 857497 - reorder private part of PSL into alphabetical order by company. r=gerv.
c99b61f740d717035cd585b40c5f1043997d4fabJacek Caban — Bug 856566 - Fixed crashreporter compilation and profiler on mingw. r=ted
305ce1b7307124fad3e12d7ac45def78b66d3297Jacek Caban — Bug 858006 - Make binaries large address space aware on mingw builds. r=glandium
7bf86554e74a36654dd72aefc0d4bef7b1005846Mihai Sucan — Bug 853568 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_599725_response_headers.js | we do not have the Content-Type header | Content-Length != 60 - Didn't expect 60, but got it; r=vporof
3552a2a5faf702beac010e6e69547d4fb05f9ffbMihai Sucan — Bug 809424 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_611795.js | The unknown CSS property warning is displayed only once - Got 1, expected 2; r=vporof
f134e2c4bb2a3c6fe5343869978e1e98f89551fdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 856962: Move Touch to its own file r=Ms2ger
acd478e0bd550b69bf952f28f614363916e5a3acMarkus Stange — Bug 849157 - Keep calling drawUsingOpenGLCallback even when a native menu is open. r=bgirard
b48c78488fce7267909ebd76db66095769e9babcMarkus Stange — Bug 853488 - Styling tweaks for Mac XUL notification alerts. r=dolske
052ef269b9c3e26b8bbed4892a832a3c718ec11aAlexandre BM — Bug 850987 - RenderedToContentOffset/ContentToRenderedOffset should return an offset unchanged for HTMLTextFieldAccessible, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
841a0c51f991d1f02ef0f73c257f14024f8e874dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848719: TabsButton will have curve only one side. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
72e02f2e3521afdc9372bad99d4031c0557b9f2eSriram Ramasubramanian — am Ramasubramanian <>
bbad31208ebdd7e4f74012355b1c61c1617bbe3bMs2ger — Revert to changeset 4c45dbd81a32 to fix mochitest-chrome orange.
8fc33d047ed60ff108695ea3bf613c536e14a7a9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8396d7543197 (bug 857645) for build bustage
bc159983a018b10ff2e3a0572d8a1e70783f49e4Anthony Jones — Backout 8a6cacf047a1 (bug 833795) to fix bug 856083
aaae69fde5623b8ae0325f5485a7e168b8caf4d7Gavin Sharp — Bug 369180: override nsIAuthPromptProvider implementation on search suggestion callbacks to avoid proxy authentication dialog popping up while entering text in the search bar, r=mayhemer
9b50f98dee9147180a746a529535067a77b5515eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 850090. Don't assert things about our stylesheets during unlink, since our state can be kinda inconsistent then. r=smaug
8396d7543197fafcb70ab42b7d55d6d00e0e360dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 857645. Make it possible to copy-initialize an nsCOMPtr<T> from an already_AddRefed<U> as long as U inherits from T. r=ehsan
4c45dbd81a3224768c250fd2bac7d0dbc53d98e6Phil Ringnalda — Backout 051cf1c1449c:521215a7b32e (bug 826093) for Android reftest failure
91ac668eeace1af9bf22b24e2d4ea3bd8574427bNicholas Cameron — Bug 856272; don't round our mask size too early so we get a proper transform for small surfaces. r=roc
bef79d45847ac466040f65c64b14332704356814Alexander Surkov — Bug 857936 - ARIA columnheader/rowheader should inherit editable state, r=tbsaunde
051cf1c1449c2e45f776e701a33d05ea29acf2c1Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 5) - Remove imgIContainer::ExtractFrame. r=joe, sr=bz
79cfda08fdbbd14edd55fcefac7e03fd5166c127Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 4) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for border-image. r=bz
0111943786533712c813be35991643498b4b718dSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 3) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for -moz-image-rect. r=bz
fb83f2bd2eb1a71a7ca387efb6e949d0d10cf13dSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 2) - Create a static utility class for image operations. r=joe, sr=bz
521215a7b32ea442b2059715b17935929636f8e1Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 1) - Add ClippedImage. r=joe
b5f2678e1cc8c5f55bb51ef7e59514f00009afb8Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 9 - Small misc fixes; r=mrbkap
1246e3291a04bd98739022ec0daf333e3233ed03Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 8 - Add BluetoothSocket* as an argument of callback functions in BluetoothSocketObserver; r=mrbkap
26f388aeced914f847ec06858156fc20e7085960Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 7 - Remove function ListenSocketViaService(); r=mrbkap
1d5a3e86a843e9bcf3512364c9203420a3ed8ebcEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 6 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothScoManager; r=mrbkap
4530d1c784f36d12cb9de3e0631d56eb4c1bd243Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 5 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothHfpManager; r=mrbkap
a7a3e3a4e53450fc2c98983368fbf98650cacbc7Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 4 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothOppManager; r=mrbkap
fc1c1298bd85163181a984dd4061c61dc595a799Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 3 - Replace (Bluetooth*Managers)->CloseSocket() with (Bluetooth*Managers)->Disconnect(); r=mrbkap
c3f5fa4c5fc9db888175510c7ecf5da96f4e47e8Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 2 - New Class: BluetoothSocket; r=mrbkap
bf47d3b3d6c1b0a6f30c628fb3a08eaf3efe54a7Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 1 - New interface: BluetoothSocketObserver; r=mrbkap
2edc2af0ec32bdaad1900b2459f928536920c257Daniel Holbert — Bug 858304: Fix 2 signed/unsigned comparison warnings in r=smichaud
503dea706f82dcc671e73aae1b2ce8226bec8bb9Seth Fowler — Bug 857367 - Make it safe to call RasterImage::DecodePool::RequestDecode off the main thread. r=tn
e63cb4c3e06320521b32cf08465f66fa728d35f3Dale Harvey — Bug 826058 - Hosted app install/update tests. r=fabrice, r=ted
8161280e740e290a8082a9e2a6c6766b23460a05Seth Fowler — Bug 856602 - RasterImage::DecodeJob should not reschedule itself if it can't make progress. r=tn
2418deea4b19e48fb1f5f5ef5402563c3d428501Gregor Wagner — Bug 804623 - Permission Prompt Helper needs more access context to enable/disable permissions. r=sicking
03a6b2be2d610ff22b75194d0abe335507b716f2Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 851046 because of rebase problems
ca34eba9c8b630ede0c9eb62fa7717c3df7c06a8Matt Brubeck — Back out 795e9ec338a7 (bug 856272) because of test failures
db1838b652938002554bd64bbf993b23e0621da3Gregor Wagner — Bug 858339 - PhoneNumberJS: Fix colombian phone numbers without the leading +. r=bent
1576f07a1d8b72e27079a884840b6787f1d82890Gregor Wagner — Bug 858330 - PhoneNumberJS: Fix chilean mobile numbers. r=bent
9ba6b7c64335c7457684f40ee99d3909b47f7110Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 9 - Small misc fixes; r=mrbkap
76f4a2ff72d92775e31e4e0538a23b2010f8a02aEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 8 - Add BluetoothSocket* as an argument of callback functions in BluetoothSocketObserver; r=mrbkap
08a717bd993ae6e2824e18f068686aaec0171b79Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 7 - Remove function ListenSocketViaService(); r=mrbkap
a6ad591545f5c40b3294dd686687e8d15ac5077aEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 6 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothScoManager; r=mrbkap
a18acbecddaa81e73f8b6748494a7040b5c74e3fEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 5 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothHfpManager; r=mrbkap
16108b4d0213f15614cc3bb93b5edaa3e8e1ba1cEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 4 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothOppManager; r=mrbkap
9b22106f5492e10522296e22104076024ce935d8Eric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 3 - Replace (Bluetooth*Managers)->CloseSocket() with (Bluetooth*Managers)->Disconnect(); r=mrbkap
8439b019d59b324176c7c536b42d441b0c973bacEric Chou — Bug 851046: Patch 2 - New Class: BluetoothSocket; r=mrbkap
b76be1ee53501aecaaffd0fb214803c2c602638cMatt Brubeck — Back out 8daa66c443a3 (bug 853858) because of Android and B2G test failures
079495f97d601fa0aee96b5d4f4d914aa24add53Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856469 - Upgrade SQLite to version (Mozilla changes). r=mak
3e311d250b6eae1a2ca801c17638e625fb0fe565Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856469 - Upgrade SQLite to version (SQLite changes). r=mak
d4130427c3130ec27434c0cadb29b8cf12fe0aaaBen Turner — Bug 857376 - 'Use 2k page_size for databases on B2G'. r=mak, sr=mossop.
ba7609e950386e7260b86b93792163f4ef73fae3Wes Kocher — Bug 858326 - Uplift Add-on SDK changeset 99d7f27c7e
d4499dadb6e779534d556c758952e587b9c7aa67Jason Duell — Bug 792920 - Update nsITimer.idl comments re: off main-thread use. r=mcmanus DONTBUILD
795e9ec338a77719d61475ac57c7a9ec22e4156aNicholas Cameron — Bug 856272; don't round our mask size too early so we get a proper transform for small surfaces. r=roc
24d4bd4b5fd7cbfb08b328e321dd111905209af7Seth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Followup 2) - Make sure we use the buffered frame, when appropriate, for all callers of GetDrawableImgFrame. r=me
d68412295d0fb4c38601dc8f4e3f3ad9ac38432bEddy Bruel — Bug 858170 - Fix a NULL dereference in the debugger; r=jorendorff
429e15d02de3ac6933b20456a855b79ccbeabf14Eddy Bruel — Bug 846906 - Implement nsAppShellService::CreateWindowlessBrowser; r=bz; sr=benjamin
4170679cb85ae13bfed63596c5b6504c0343a6dcDave Hylands — Bug 858034 - Make navigator.getDeviceStorage('') not crash when device storage is disabled. r=bent
e1bddda508fe6842e33bd760c921f554667234ccGregory Szorc — Bug 857984 - mach mochitest now colorizes and prints failure summary; r=Ms2ger
55985195ce90f5650d06c780bd5d200b386e4b75Yura Zenevich — Bug 753984 - added a preference for utterance order to make it configurable. Presenter context was moved to Utils and renamed to pivot context. Created a new method to generate utterance for pivot context. Moved context utterance generation from Pivot(Presentation) to UtteranceGenerator. r=eeejay
8354b14f50366ca1ea529451cce06eeb253dbcb1Yura Zenevich — Bug 753984 - added tests for an utterance order configurability. r=eeejay
273c69918d05f2a19da9dc0bc3df51c9d644ab29Shu-yu Guo — Bug 857846 - Deal with -0 in scatter. (r=nmatsakis)
1aa1dc84a1a40a4616755115bdfd1e566c46cf3cShu-yu Guo — Bug 857094. (r=sstangl)
9cbf2e118de6437a9bbc4fcd7a1ccdc78cd57268Shu-yu Guo — Bug 857579 - Monitor ICGetIntrinsic_Fallback for when bailing Ion->Baseline during eager compilation. (r=djvj)
d29304061c08eefd589e79983a445d16705e07aaEitan Isaacson — Bug 858136 - Rename nsIDOMSpeechSynthesisGetter as nsISpeechSynthesisGetter. r=smaug
8daa66c443a34fa0b6d80127576553b7bc8f8c26Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853858: Move PeerConnectionTest instance reference into global scope r=jesup
91de875536e8ade892c60e97b0aaa4c5bf15099bSeth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Followup) - Make sure we use the buffered frame, when appropriate, for all callers of GetDrawableImgFrame. r=me
60b08f643863b6b3733f7d94925e5e58e539ce64Tanvi Vyas — Bug 834836 - Turn on preference to enable Mixed Content Blocker and block insecure active content loads on https pages. r=dveditz
4f1779767e3d7c8b7479e38ae41dd0ad0f98982dTanvi Vyas — Bug 834836 - Disable mixed content blocking when running tests that rely on mixed active content loads to test security state. r=smaug
6c636853b5a3bd24171159cdc459fb97e402b51dJeff Walden — Bug 805121 - Add tests. r=terrence
489ab986ea69e1ba7746e383a267483db9d861eaJeff Walden — #include jsscriptinlines.h in SPSProfiler.cpp so that it builds in no-jit configurations. No bug, r=sparky
04f2c0f0a220b409af15722eaec46304979f04acJeff Walden — Bug 857856 - Make --enable-debug --disable-optimize --disable-ion --disable-methodjit build work again. r=sstangl
695eb5588304e963bd3587eb49e592646d7c8453André Bargull — Bug 836404 - Provide better timezone support in jstests. r=jwalden
a65a4e4b385d44b9b7c579515420fb6200f2ef56André Bargull — Bug 836396 - Apply a local-time correction to the value passed to date.setMilliseconds(), before passing it along to the mock implementation against which the native implementation's being tested. rs=jwalden as it doesn't look *wrong* and he's spent too much time trying to understand this already, even if he doesn't fully grok it
6af472638173db65947ece1be175b71387157c14Nikhil Marathe — Bug 851368 - Remove SimplePush registrations on app uninstall. r=dougt
a451409c4d941740edf76b30b68bef5c293f980bDaniel Holbert — Bug 857740: Use MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT instead of COMPILE_ASSERT in convolver.h. r=jrmuizel
6f832cf6485f0e909b2711dbc5fd608cbf3d902eDaniel Holbert — Bug 857863: Disable MSVC build warning C4244, since it's easy to trigger with valid code and other compilers don't warn about it by default. r=ted
55f9e3e3dae7aae2f422cc0f79508d00ffd148a7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9967368c7c72:5d817fa463cb (bug 847983) for mochitest-8 crashes
3b237165e5c7f73d57c76203fe6f8a5e171c69b3Chris Lord — Bug 822810 - Enable low precision rendering in more scenarios. r=kats
c4f46d70fa1c285f24f8b9f55dc3c318a3d09563Chris Peterson — Bug 857335 - Add EventDispatcher warnings about events with no listeners. r=mfinkle r=kats
bc3f63dbba94dd4427b0e625dcf47ce076d45649Chris Peterson — Bug 579517 - Remove some PRBools. r=ehsan
97d4b08ee4af69c159295967b28cf55d689beca9Jan de Mooij — Bug 857580 - Fix breakpoint trampoline to store a NULL stub pointer. r=djvj
c13f65b59301fbf86928b393591141d7dd8470a8Shane Caraveo — bug 851936 allow uninstall of builtin providers, r=markh
f6ba788a7eea93f3722b1a999b7a16d0ddc99478Tim Abraldes — bug 852805. Add an event handler to the "find in page" textbox to make 'enter' equivalent to 'find next'. r=ally
8a97d3df713a9b5ff5eee72ed5a4e5fcc3b377d0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4081996a7420 (bug 855276) for mochitest-other orange on a CLOSED TREE.
9967368c7c724e0815db5d0960f7f70d7b3bf3bbJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Try harder to get a valid frame; r=masayuki
2606c534949383ed25f1549ddcaf0a87d88f0d1aJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Don't include empty elements at end of range; r=masayuki
5d817fa463cbb7a75c4314cdbacd296fde8759a4Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Skip script text nodes for content events; r=masayuki
6c18d264e0b5035d0baa58e123050f56473e5b1bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cbed4fe28c54 (bug 858084) for talos bustage.
0ab0587c3ed5ec09420740df5aa4e000ec01fdbcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 854269 - Pin still selected when pressing Bac or Forward buttons. r=sfoster
c0b57faff59d3808c2f97b68b65739eb11fa214aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 855590 - Start page does not refresh app bar Star button state. r=sfoster
8b35998de0fef0e674cc8f4f2f20ca3041fdaba1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 850458 - Add full screen video element to html5 video controls. r=mbrubeck
0cfcf56f7b4ef5d80fc4d952f015b09be46c8264Brian R. Bondy — Bug 842130 - Fix fullscreen video which currently isn't working. r=mbrubeck
ababa309ae8ba12a26e717b8fcb6e7afd8621d52Brian R. Bondy — Bug 841228 - Defect - Hover state on buttons (like the bookmark star) persists after you tap the button. r=jimm
d26881860f30ddce639b470694e63d62d477d7b0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 715fce49a07b and abbc05319449 (bug 851916) for B2G mochitest-2 orange.
9be5069796d7e647001c77fe659c50b3fa28411cNils Maier — Bug 857690 - Introduce xpc::ZoneStatsExtras and xpc::CompartmentStatsExtras. r=njn
12554c928f609720def90615003c0f04e99086a5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856247 - Disable TestStartupCache on B2G desktop builds. r=mhommey, f=fabrice
ede8de979d5cc280b0185f5e0b787771478b0559Kannan Vijayan — Bug 857576 - Make sure isOwnProperty() method of the input typeset's single typeobject's property typeset is run before main body of IonBuilder::jsop_getprop method. r=bhackett
cbed4fe28c54ed2dd2bab4c1914cad44bec84597Joel Maher — Bug 858084 - upload a new to to fix the mozcrash issue. r=armenzg
4081996a74200ac7a7534d4fbcf2ea7d7c5ae9faKyle Huey — Bug 855276: Add assertions to catch the cause. r=bent
911ace364d7545ef40e6d2a4fccafb92797ef1bcDavid Burns — Bug 857717 - Scroll to element before clicking on it with Marionette r=mdas
da3acb67bb2376a8faf616caa479c45ccd29657aYiming Yang — Bug 848489 - send 'contextmenu' event if we are long pressing, r=mdas
a199d6b86acb68d9ef85cb1cab0a14c565dd4680Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d5d98779e401 (bug 846906) - again - for test failures on a CLOSED TREE.
be04d2e65dbed2b02f514442e45c12f865494ab5Till Schneidereit — Re-add executable flag to mach (removed in bug 846906). r=me
d5d98779e4011050ebb5171f06aa0da9f2709c29Eddy Bruel — Bug 846906 - Implement nsAppShellService::CreateWindowlessBrowser; r=bz; sr=benjamin
6b8868104188d18eaff56400e29e2f4f79ea12deRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 061b9318815b (bug 846906) for accidentally removing mach.
bc837398007ef62e7e7669158651daa4632e6111Josh Matthews — Bug 854926 - Never request confirmation to close the last private browsing window. r=gavin
2bd9decf97bb2044ef70ce4468a847c2ca6c9731Scott Johnson — Bug 520992: Adjust computed width and height before returning to account for box-sizing. [r=bz]
92b2414679cdaa8243c5e326c9fc2738d403a5a7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 855730 - Disable test due to high failure rate.
e3d726d595aec09b41fbfa37c0c4987c0a18da2bNathan Froyd — Bug 857254 - add CGTemplatedType and use it everywhere; r=bz
9731f2f75dbd83ec2e34acff7d54b27b45773830Nathan Froyd — Bug 857254 - use CGIfWrapper more consistently; r=bz
061b9318815bcdaaded4cb49a63e8f2adf313d9aEddy Bruel — Bug 846906 - Implement nsAppShellService::CreateWindowlessBrowser; r=bz; sr=benjamin
e02f86260dad5c2ca625cf029a43524bca30352dChris Peterson — Bug 798172 - Apple's default clang 4.2 does not have __builtin_bswap16(). r=Waldo
1b3b6f79cd7b77edbe55ea7720cf1233c9ddc06cMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
c232bec6974d05c3121012c4c49c6463299ec537Ms2ger — Bug 838088 - Followup: Remove obsoleted entries from android.json.
94c8840a989c8fbcbb7234141557e971ada483d6Ms2ger — Bug 856960 - Remove some quickstubs; r=bz
677e358170320be6f7330b0f731fd55b3070935eMs2ger — Bug 856973 - Outparamdel NS_New{In,Out}putStreamReadyEvent; r=ehsan
069d1883bbd58a2b0b5c225fe38348da3dd3a8d7Ms2ger — Bug 851791 - Kill some script type id stuff; r=bz
0066b2fcecc135e90c0e449b467e343ee58cb855Ms2ger — Bug 856611 - Cleanup HTMLInputElement.webidl; r=bz
8c0508e88874a0db81f9484235a8bfa768219776Ms2ger — Bug 856605 - Remove TimeRanges CI; r=mounir
388ab52ecec25bb8874325833b5fbe366d225dceMs2ger — Bug 853818 - Remove HTMLMediaElement CI/nsIJSNativeInitializer; r=mounir
99d6a2e26c9460b4dbbff62e8b13cb54029782a0Ms2ger — Bug 854329 - Part b: Import more tests; rs=mounir
3447006848f109d9ddaf94657993a0cb25c8832fMs2ger — Bug 854329 - Part a: Import more tests; rs=mounir
32eacf617a2095b8b29b8ff04cdaeb0f8189233cMs2ger — No bug - Correct reference to in comments in generated files.
ae9ad697f8bc7a456a52e20b15aa04452a24e9b5Ms2ger — Bug 841488 - Part b: Merge Get/SetUnsignedIntAttr and Get/SetHTMLUnsignedIntAttr; r=khuey
90213910e906176d2fb76f8c57951f9a60241ee0Ms2ger — Bug 841488 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLSelectElement; r=khuey
1e8c056926cead04972873d10856b9763f1d9578Ms2ger — Bug 854196 - Don't call GetWindowInternal directly, and make assertions harder to ignore; r=bz
bd28b090990bc0c20608814e8a116f0d608457ffMs2ger — Bug 854090 - Move nsHTMLFormElementSH::FindNamedItem to nsHTMLFormElement; r=khuey
04987f63066fcd111a1952511d6a01ccb0819410Ms2ger — Bug 852602 - Pass CallArgs to Proxy call() and construct() hooks; r=Waldo
68daee417fc14348f70971f57be63678dc9a8989Ms2ger — Bug 854475 - Pass CallArgs to GetFirstArgumentAsObject; r=Waldo
84ae4f1df36ad8809da33f48a2b1b0dfbd63bfa0Ms2ger — Bug 575431 - Followup: remove obsoleted comment.
8866eb3c3a30d80c4a62889081c90901e4e342baMs2ger — Bug 853814 - Make nsDocShell::mScriptGlobal an nsGlobalWindow; r=bz
715fce49a07bddbf6b09a1cb9654787ee1de3d4eAryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 2 - createHTMLDocument() should work with no arguments; r=bz
abbc05319449f666196210af5430e56b3cbe6661Aryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 1 - Update dom/imptests/webapps/ and harness; r=Ms2ger
d77817dcc9eff1524d7d03211a5b48f7af65d9d0Jon Coppeard — Bug 855350 - GC: Add CustomAutoRooter and use it internally r=terrence
a53e33b99e4223fd3babd98bda4c06e5dd156e77Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 840244 - Calculate camera and device rotation, rotate video to compensate. r=blassey
b6dfce2d61cd878920e442e3d0d14be8dfa90eacGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 835973 - Update alder code for mozilla-central changes in getMainHandler. r=blassey
2cb3e0f8f8bd1d5471a550408319bf118c3288b8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 835973 - Make build work when WebRTC is disabled by not trying to link the WebRTC jar. r=glandium
d1195963bc7c71cff0d0c16864b1d091ca0166e5Dan Mosedale — Bug 839907 - Fix Android getUserMedia video by giving it a dummy surface. Compile Java classes. r=glandium.
f7a0f01292af81e10d48bf09d3870d95531272d1Dan Mosedale — Bug 835973 - Fix Java capture build bustage by commenting out ref to unused Java rendering code. r=blassey
186883a36aa08fd9c779e6f448f2fc076bd2ba42Dan Mosedale — Bug 835973 - Build and package Android Java video capture classes so they can be found for use by getUserMedia. r=glandium
18670d48447f5b391313a4ade11dafb63d75dca7Dan Mosedale — Bug 839841 - Load Android classes needed by getUserMedia reliably. r=blassey
22cd5ee33178b0741b05b0cb68b7c05ecdbd0b2bDan Mosedale — Bug 830942 - Make VideoEngine attach to JVM on Android to support getUserMedia video capture. r=blassey
b76af038db2af0d906d075dd0b847170b0bfb63dDan Mosedale — Bug 830935 - Add a method for getting Fennec's Activity Context from AndroidBridge. r=blassey
5dd1785e07a02d52f2cc79f4cb45790cada08bc4Dan Mosedale — Bug 839836 - Add an alternative to FindClass that works outside the main thread. r=blassey
6354187a454d3958431f610c3d538473c30c1f98Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 839831 - make jsjni_* functions usable without MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API. r=blassey
c96c8b020a27e0ca6476ab582e8d5a45e8eb5dfeEd Morley — Bug 820170 - A clobber is required on Windows to avoid crashes; CLOSED TREE
2a6c83f2499ecc008b5bd9fd44de6e88691c9905Mounir Lamouri — Bug 857536 - Cleanup the CSS properties applied on <input type='file'> from forms.css. r=bz
7bc2f7391b4f1bedab8b5247b0d2f6a13ac3100dGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - documents should know their globals. r=smaug
372ae5eae8b9041cf58783980ac91ad6fdbdbb91Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - nsDOMEventTarget holds a global. r=smaug
36fcd3edc6b832c818bbf8e504b4c02ecb0266caGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - JunkScope. r=bholley
788e34b8872e21e19909570dfceeeda37bab9445Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - GetNativeForGlobal. r=bholley
11370b00b64d699770ce862ebaab40ed96f1a6f8Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - using nsIGlobalObject in documents. r=smaug
721d5133532c9e274f43a0d8dae78b72497fd645Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - Weak ref support for globals. r=bholley
91e4887f38c93168264ebee1d750ca8f30220cf4Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - assert in XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetGlobal. r=bholley
3cbcfd5416de85f50497cc1b22f4a02edec5abc0Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - Turning BackstagePass into non-singleton. r=bholley
6acc9f720ac7c48049d00c26cf279abca5f24b79Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - SandboxPrivate for jsd global. r=bholley
630dd45829a311f9dee049005cbaf3064605edceGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - SandboxPrivate. r=bholley
6798397d5e128dfa11cc6b555194215c900dca46Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - nsIGlobalObject. r=bholley
2c3ca8354b1e0a304af50ee3cb7e815e776ec056Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - merge scope members on nsDocument. r=smaug
b50cc6512288ead34bde14a77d5d531e50295d60Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 856155 - End IME composition before sending touch events to content. r=jchen
343da9f79907e562799c3f7302a072f7c4a9e888Geoff Brown — Bug 855146 - Enable SpecialPowers in robocop tests; r=jmaher
e9113b268416457ddfd14fdc93f1dfa2bc9b8726Matt Woodrow — Bug 855233 - Recreate mask layers if the ContainerParameters offset changes. r=nrc
db4edcd5986e66d352315742dde8deade1011080Boris Zbarsky — Bug 855700. Make returning an nsIVariant from a WebIDL interface work. r=smaug
3455bab4adc7c7e3127905be77b6b3a77b7d09f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856819 part 2. Sort js-implemented interfaces in a given file so that the declarations in C++ come in the right order. r=mccr8
7e28ac04452a92e5a6aafc0ea52b86dfcdf5f0d7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856819 part 1. Refactor the dependency-sorting we do for dictionaries so that we can also use it for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
87326badb104b97469acf35d51116737e651f837Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856841. Don't pass in an implicit JSContext based on argument or return value types for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
1d285beb58422181539145f982c670dadbb58c55Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 6. Handle cases when the C++ class we want to actually inherit from is not the one that the WebIDL interface is mapped to. r=mccr8
658ef1af48783467d5fc8c30d8cb239d0df71aa8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 5. Add tests for JS-implemented interfaces inheriting from other interfaces. r=mccr8
bc202c64b731f0677044b9511c1ea8b7a08b2841Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 4. Fix forward-declarations and includes for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
f2795dffde2052b2c3f6581f66808c5e4e428d44Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 3. Handle JS-implemented interfaces having a parent interface. r=mccr8
33d93829b2fa00fcb80dc5746e597c9436f98979Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 2. Add an infallible constructor for CallbackObjects which are already in the right compartment and use this to simplify construction of the autogenerated implementation of a JS-implemented WebIDL binding. r=mccr8
7d2c6a721c1aa8e1dcedf7e6f5f6ea1336339901Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 1. Don't mark JS-implemented interfaces with descendant interfaces as final. r=khuey,mccr8
4f857bd3df51e8f1c1a20331d8d090a470ae34e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 854532. Make _asInstance codegen always produce code in the same order. r=khuey
f5059c01c19738bd8c5ff667cb171e85bd12fb40Seth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Part 2) - Buffer the last fully-decoded frame for multipart images. r=jrmuizel
499692d0ad63fabfa14772419061e76e440eff21Seth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Part 1) - Avoid asserts triggered by rapid off-main-thread decoding. r=jrmuizel
9ecc1799f6f47089243894b9546bc9b0eb3f0bfeAnthony Jones — Bug 852251 - Check for null on CompositorChild::Get()
88d40212e3190afa0c5933a4f086bdcf00176814Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 35ba787bc3db, e95379bbcfd5, and fff4886f812c (bug 847983) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
21bc922aea3385915e8642c76141fe3d887c92c8Rodrigo Silveira — bug 856241 - Remove closing multiple tabs dialog r=mbrubeck
35ba787bc3db9e0ff7abe6f6003178b4f5b1cc86Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Try harder to get a valid frame; r=masayuki
e95379bbcfd52db0cb2d0430be72959463e83ca5Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Don't include empty elements at end of range; r=masayuki
fff4886f812c48ec9fc1a7f4dfbd825cfbf8f22eJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Skip script text nodes for content events; r=masayuki
648d89ed11ee17cc6d05f1bd991e4b75d47dcf76Bill McCloskey — Bug 855536 - Add initExtendedSlot (r=njn)
5302617ee727558f19c81d973b3e499640f2827eGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 855704 - Log error messages in webspeech. r=smaug
b5452903fc2ff4c413784225c40cd9136af5e029Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset e03a9a31e9c4 (bug 857617) because of build bustage
f12175267ab7436bb207cdd6726c776fd93b77dfNathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 5 - convert xdr bits to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
fa1191b1d320dfa0cfd400b65d4808ebd91d5ea2Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 4 - convert the jsclone bits to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
f9878fed7d54bd5fd7ab2bf32400610a1c11bc03Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 3 - convert SHA1.cpp to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
ea8ae9085ea16cf6931c7496f7a89b835dc52557Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 2 - add tests for mfbt/Endian.h; r=Waldo
4b3a5c36598ccceb9b211fdeb74305fac9d267beNathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 1 - add mfbt/Endian.h; r=Waldo
ab825d9e6d1658562b18379b750cb20e64ce59d8Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 1 - add mozilla::IsIntegral to TypeTraits.h; r=Waldo
349a8651db2418405df1aac5a80a68039b66d025Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 0a - remove js::StripConst and use mozilla::RemoveConst instead; r=Waldo
4faeb3a2aa2461d5ccc5913279a85263b6c69ea4Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 0 - add mozilla::Remove{Const,Volatile,CV} to TypeTraits.h; r=Waldo
e03a9a31e9c464d1cdd7274fe340c65998f8328aAryeh Gregor — Bug 857617 - Clean up nsEditor::InsertTextImpl; r=ehsan
8a7f1b9af814f33df485be6230e302af713b8278Yura Zenevich — Bug 857749 - fixed an issue with utterance generator function for application. r=eeejay
29f935fba1665fa0f2c813c46914c90664fc4317Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 854803 - Part 2: Don't try to enqueue more decoding from DecodeDoneWorker. r=seth
2dc2f5db57ea123ef2fbb2926909830eee58c197Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 854803 - Part 1: Account for more decoder state in RasterImage::IsDecodeFinished(). r=seth
0c94dce475334e9d13a88dd8f4c45db7b26ef5d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 856243 - Add missing do_QueryFrame support and fix typo that caused most MathML frames to not QueryFrame to nsIMathMLFrame. Add static assertions to prevent those kinds of errors in the future. r=dholbert
5d1887ea9d43347c87f747e479da58dd2a3508cbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853721 - Part 2: Hook up DelayNode to the media streams graph and implement delaying of incoming audio; r=roc
bdf9d4faddd9ccc07e36f772475598609d4e276dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 727697. Add facility to dump audio output as WAV files. r=kinetik
0673f4718ee2d6df39b4efb829882d15f79f7129Ehsan Akhgari — Follow-up to bug 857790 - Undo the unintentional change to PodOperations.h
66ff22df8956d7416a5764831903b6375d11c696Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 857793 - Always return the defaultValue before the first scheduled event on an AudioParam; r=roc
8084f411a027748411643040c44b21a156ed810fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 857790 - Convert AudioParam time values to ticks relative to the source stream, not the destination stream; r=roc
75877a8b12b416646bdef40b126341e1c0bfa7a2Blake Kaplan — Bug 855036 - Don't treat a string as an object. r=gwagner
1879c2786e7d169496818711fdfdf15dc6e975a8Blake Kaplan — Bug 851965 - Remove this crashtest due to hanging. r=gwagner
445d8eecdd80acdb2a4e2e59d4bf33fd74ac220eMatt Brubeck — Bug 855593 - Support ac_add_app_options in mozbuild.mozconfig [r=gps]
fb2366e31aefe3c0c021628fd7095c7066bcf4c8Tanvi Vyas — Bug 855730 - Originally extended the timeout to 10 seconds to see if that would provide us data about the intermittent failure. Extended timeout is causing too many oranges and a longer timeout does not prevent the failures. r=smaug
3a3df2d8b20a44a7338c1f87dfcf58c4c7c2eebbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
475dc5f51bdba58f0042b460e6e65a83c0e9fc2bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound push to m-c.
2a547aac01cd91ee2b4c306f15ad3ea1ae8fdfb0Kartikaya Gupta — Merge
6348af4fe6aad522b35859d48fdbfb7562f1f751Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 857217 - Put focus in about:home if it is visible instead of always sending it to the layerview. r=Cwiiis
eb6993e036ffa2b4a8179bf4795c124df8a51792Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 857217 - Don't move focus to the layerview if joystick input events are in the dead zones. r=Cwiiis
bac9c49f0415d6ebb86405c77c456ab7368d652dEitan Isaacson — Bug 857673 - Exclude webspeech synth ipc test on Android. r=jmaher
ddaf0ebcd9277f87a2e91525e93700de1ecb0386Eitan Isaacson — Bug 525444 - (Part 3/3) Support OOP speech synth. r=smaug
408e6df83e2cd851e6194b565d3efee644a5f512Eitan Isaacson — Bug 525444 - (Part 2/3) Added speech service API. r=smaug
9d72648fb76932f8d72a2a794190ec19cb3e4d2dEitan Isaacson — Bug 525444 - (Part 1/3) Basic SpeechSynthesis setup and voice registration. r=smaug
55ec568f51a2a70503948036a17d53ab8d74cbb4Eitan Isaacson — Bug 856370 - Add a in webspeech/recognition and remove webspeech top-level VPATH. r=smaug
3ccf83ffd75a2d83d658386bec8fbfd725be6aeeGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 758872 - Fix missing null-check for plugin instance. r=bsmedberg
5b710d7fe07360f3f866db10697e5d4c552e13fbPatrick McManus — bug 850968 cache effectiveness telemetry - throttle up r=taras
41887667935bb22ca11bab8a4a10a46acfa5f294Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 857766 - change size of topsites thumbnails.r=jimm
e4b06af6ce990af8dae48163d707f8a8652ec0cdSam Foster — Bug 812291 - Hook up hide/restore of Top Sites
bae2ff5d3ca9af3fce800d93ec0633891e686ea9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 847789 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in mobile/andriod. r=mfinkle
0e1f09704a6999d85c6b202f05d5fc5a56889af3Sean Stangl — Bug 857378 - Update YARR from WebKit upstream. r=dvander
616f9e03bfb2a368e2513273ca26d173bdb61b1dTerrence Cole — Bug 850849 - Various fixes to WeakMap to support generational GC; r=billm
0a3ce751dd8ff06b8e4cbe12cf4a2d1b7a31b4a1Justin Lebar — Bug 857653 - Fix leak in AudioChannelAgent by making it hold a weak ref to nsHTMLMediaElement. r=bz
07d7c9d93b2a786b7ab824b1f1af8ab064001deaNikhil Marathe — Bug 856273 - Filter SimplePush registrations() by app manifest URL. r=khuey
2233d794801321819303798a8ca0c3f0e6102b63Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 851046) for B2G bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
1c3872e0e29223389389d970b7d7d0e7a0ffb484Ed Morley — Bug 855681 - Try to get stacks from child processes that were alive after shutdown; r=ted
17e5b3d4837c005cbf7a19daa78ef99bb5200deaGavin Sharp — Bug 856144: add nsIBlocklistService to Services.jsm, r=dtownsend
5cea17cdb469909b29a1a8f8725f100f89871cc7Mark Finkle — Bug 852828 - Add basic support for subscribing to feeds (RSS/Atom) r=margaret
8e1dd628499a05a10e6509f181e0eee725c9e0e7Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - Small misc fixes. r=mrbkap
ab2bf6653814e4adfc44a76ec5732ab9d306425fEric Chou — Bug 851046 - Add BluetoothSocket* as an argument of callback functions in BluetoothSocketObserver. r=mrbkap
1bc4ec4ef36b5f5e5fe5596ecca4928ad62ca1baEric Chou — Bug 851046 - Remove function ListenSocketViaService(). r=mrbkap
674752e143087daa900b5e74b4c651b198b54c16Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothScoManager. r=mrbkap
75c16100fa30316ba06561f5b31c1bb9412eaa32Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothHfpManager. r=mrbkap
21cca5f779e82c09d7a2a65dfdfe8c6514330b41Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - Apply BluetoothSocket to BluetoothOppManager. r=mrbkap
2a293cde18545658c336fe4cf67f694f448803a1Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - Use (Bluetooth*Managers)->Disconnect() instead of (Bluetooth*Managers)->CloseSocket() since managers are not UnixSocketConsumer anymore. r=mrbkap
59c72b632fcceb06dad7e7eaa3856c7e3456353cEric Chou — Bug 851046 - New class: BluetoothSocket. r=mrbkap
4511485feea4ba9a656a2b2631604aa0066ce1a4Eric Chou — Bug 851046 - New interface: BluetoothSocketObserver. r=mrbkap
1c37f9187fa83fd53e81dc5fcd917ec6c81586d0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 701353 - Tests that <label> actually activates <input type='file'>. r=smaug
75dfc9560fd7c6aefcd2fa8cb3158cf9ebc8090eMihai Sucan — Bug 831400 - Intermittent devtools/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_764572_output_open_url.js | Timed out while waiting for: complete to initialize the opening tab; r=vporof
3bcc3a681fcb4881a8af85969fe76d9879c8b023Mihai Sucan — Bug 853568 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_599725_response_headers.js | we do not have the Content-Type header | Content-Length != 60 - Didn't expect 60, but got it; r=vporof
1c11f604c3690826348d828b46ae7fa7c456c567Mihai Sucan — Bug 841129 - Intermittent browser_repeated_messages_accuracy.js | two repeats for the second css warning - Got 1, expected 2; r=vporof
818e9a44b2bad8d966a1487018cb0843e4b7ced3Mihai Sucan — Bug 846606 - Intermittent browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | Test timed out | correct number of editor breakpoint changes - Got 3, expected 4; r=vporof
ecd66e8c854fd96bfac3d473c7315e0e50e45181Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 848155 - Add Colored Bar with Text to Bottom of Topsites Thumbnails. Also fixes 826556. r=mbrubeck
1be7fafac34f76cc750241d0f595c01b42c4ffe6Benoit Jacob — Bug 843273 - Fix spoofing the driver version on Intel GPUs/Windows - r=joe
7c0a42b907d64a44e4090fd209e6e5a1a111f830Bobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Convert XUL mochitest to a chrome test. r=me
984df1da7b15442e61a064b7e10798720ec5c352Bobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Wrap unwaived content JS objects in opaque wrappers for XBL scopes. r=mrbkap
5b1b1d6792e0dc55a53be9c7a0d027cb25878edfBobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Explicitly add a waiver in FieldGetter and FieldSetter. r=mrbkap
dbcbbf02fcbdda02929fe15e41e58b9580e92a5cBobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Stop using IsTransparent for XBL field access, and explicitly waive instead. r=mrbkap
e4c0126aa3163afc9fc230a1ad3e8eb7c7af23f2Bobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Apply transitive waivers for nativeCall. r=mrbkap
0f69c8e92e3a3320f952c9fdec679d60dc9cf343Bobby Holley — Bug 843829 - Fix incorrect test. r=mrbkap
9c6d2adc18ca132e1e84b8ad9df761ec3216e069Bobby Holley — Bug 845862 - Transitively apply waivers for accessor descriptors. r=mrbkap
a215de599e7fbdc783096f9c35787573a65e78d3Drew Willcoxon — Bug 723163 - Improve about:crashes copy & paste by improving XHTML text/plain encoding. r=hsivonen,njn
7b662fc4a237f34c4b9d1396fa8812d15b5544fcDão Gottwald — Bug 850163 - use mozRequestAnimationFrame to start the tab opening animation asynchronously but without missing the next possible frame. r=ttaubert
6409016cc3d52da18c35585624f5c8bd5870d7bfGeoff Brown — Bug 857139 - Re-enable testSystemPages code disabled in bug 852489; r=jmaher
997b1d4d31226547396cc6d6913c6afd8537913aJonathan Kew — bug 818940 pt 2 - also use high-res search engine logo on about:home. r=fyan
460e5359bf20493ac7bb707b065a991489957131Jonathan Kew — bug 818940 - use higher-res graphics for about:home at 150% or higher scale factor. r=fyan
483d3d9f852f90790a68b9c9497db52bf011f492Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 852253 - SUT tests failing for b2g pandas. Take Negatus change. r=aki
f41de6d5394f04fe13220690a5c2ec74f993a0e8Terrence Cole — Bug 850842 - Make the watchpoint map safe for moving GC; r=billm
56c37ce3f35859882ec099d47a91e3c521d5a385Steve Workman — Bug 808402 - Make call to nsIPrompt::Alert from nsFtpState::StopProcessing async r=jduell
0d688b7c4411c14c576b958e9722394ca4cbf0cfRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f20b0ce9e5280e9add20742262aa90440404f9ccTimur Timirkhanov — Bug 843492 - Bootstrapping fails using Python 3x due to urllib2; r=gps
c4cec4613cac13074cd43c35df7165c06dcb96dfKyle Huey — Followup to bug 855804: Remove ridiculous WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS junk. r=me
d428a8ddbdcebd4480160b364b713840384b649bDaniel Glazman — Bug 857487 - Fix deleting a table row using the inline table editing UI; r=ehsan
ad1a3999aa2eaa24ef0eca2ed070f9e809cfc402matekm — Bug 784739 - Switch from NULL to nullptr in content/; r=ehsan
9dc4053ff15535003edb3278526d55fb2109fc47Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 857120: Revert awesomebar overdraw to save action-bar. [r=mfinkle]
11bd7d1bbe0d6a87d66a5b04729d59e630cf9de8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 857342: Don't animate the tab counter if the BrowserToolbar isn't visible. [r=mfinkle]
acd66f626f5e5bb61446d08977eac40a57de4cf4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 853820: Doorhanger buttons are of different size. [r=mfinkle]
3bb88ea0881ecacced9548bbb88807e6c0b798a0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 856767: Finalize cursors on about:home. [r=mfinkle]
c0e889e95154b5ab5c8a5cf93e3e8e845d5fa224Nathan Froyd — Bug 839103 - part 4 - add test for StyleSheet{Added,Removed} events; r=bz
90c602d8475a013f2c331876bf5913fbd2710881Nathan Froyd — Bug 839103 - part 3 - send StyleSheet{Added,Removed} chrome notifications when stylesheets are added/removed; r=bz
7dbef35abf2a97744fdb5a556c53d96fec484709Nathan Froyd — Bug 839103 - part 2 - enable chrome dispatching of nsIDOMEvents in nsAsyncDOMEvent; r=bz
0d8f05e03872dbc14136e284617a84a5996eb571Nathan Froyd — Bug 839103 - part 1 - factor out StyleSheet{Added,Removed} notifications into separate nsDocument methods; r=bz
80cdf471a472a4850da798a4c9d446656e0f1802Matt Brubeck — Bug 841058 (followup) - Remove unused code missed in previous patch [r=jimm]
4a6fd35a9a530103cc304a845938f04d23065bb7Matt Brubeck — Bug 857332 - Normalize topobjdir to an absolute path in mozbuild.base [r=gps]
6bcb665562b051ff2eea6060dbe649d3b2900c7aKyle Huey — Bug 857186: Make virtualenv paths relative. r=gps
b436cad50c332be9f3728ab9e09210118c1afedaKyle Huey — Bug 849654: Kill nsRefPtrHashtableMT. r=bsmedberg
0caf5937f8bc6d26e2bb995ec8872650c2c0372cKyle Huey — Bug 854799: Make image.src='' discard the image immediately even if the image is not in the document. r=jlebar
ef873e1fb7e909f876a5724983bb31be89dce4c5Kyle Huey — Bug 855804: Add hashtable helpers for cycle collection. r=bz
798d734dc32a9cd8381eaed5421906dca2fa67a6Jan de Mooij — No bug - Fix merge conflict on a CLOSED TREE. r=red
d30f993f121ffdd883c45d64bd454331ccc0a0baAndrea Marchesini — Bug 857549 - Remove nsIDOMDOMLocator.idl. r=Ms2ger
498538b6a1cdfdd43c67ccb048fdc28969ac3e24Jason Smith — Bug 850587 - Test for autoplay not working with MediaStreams. r=roc
c054eef6ba7750ad38f160a2be2590ef45fb2d5eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
b5cb88ccd907aaa3bf5efd192bd14f1f43b5b058Jan de Mooij — Merge.
79542849f3f33ea9b7b27c046c9017db7946626bJan de Mooij — Merge baseline compiler branch and mozilla-central. IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
b31bfbb2bdc4d0082211dda3095456f22fec01c6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 856571 Move accesskey for Error Console's filter box back r=dao
32125e0a9954407d6d46af829d1ab07474da748cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c03193ee070d (bug 855350) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
c03193ee070d8c2f80a6f9150cb8250fc582d504Jon Coppeard — Bug 855350 - GC: Add CustomAutoRooter and use it internally r=terrence
bdd3ef5f4f24ff39342eff2ac79813f61a85b7b5David Burns — Bug 857000 - change location code to use getClientBoundingRect instead of calculating via offset r=mdas
341563ce0193f92f9ed4fb2c49e6b71baed5224bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
3a5929ebc886486841787537a3d205a726353b97Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
686d76b44d9f034b2a76ea063ffba7f288666b7cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
f03cd121303c296353c3586cc3da42f4b2fb83cdAlexandre Poirot — Bug 854937: Fix reason code for bootstrap addon dropped in profile extensions folder. r=Mossop,Unfocused
0b1907140f8cbcac4343406ac52e53803c09a34cGavin Sharp — Bug 843559 - Followup patch to rename string. r=anton
48be75a0907bbb1802636144aa54b60d134ba24bDevdatta Akhawe — Bug 850435 - Android Patch: separately measure UI telemetry for iframes and top level. r=felipe
0ed69c61f7a30ea19930b584eb2f4659904759bbCykesiopka — Bug 831741 - Remove remaining __cplusplus bits from js/src/js[...].h files. r=luke
a2c4394226cd7a91ccbef3f67c869b9d79cae1abCykesiopka — Bug 394144 - Add keyboard accelerator for "Do not ask next time" in quit dialog. r=paulo
1d16a8d870072e72d4b17b0693dc7c913a358bddLucas Rocha — Bug 855650 - Remove dangling reference to toolbar_spacer in gecko_app.xml (r=sriram)
ee16c6da2c753906ab28075d89f2f48b50ac2b4aNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837941 - Workaround: Use alternate prototype initialization for self-hosted List class.
52e4c977856ca3a3934b924795019907d2a5a759Till Schneidereit — Bug 851763 - part 1: add support for wrapping self-hosted functions instead of cloning them. r=jwalden
ea4b1c3829d34eee971c420f61ff07aa6e4a944eJonathan Watt — Bug 857034 - Add support for native theming of <input type=range> on Windows. r=roc
4d1787e7e3cf12cb011cf806643f10db484ee324Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 854583 - Use 'pointer' instead of 'cursor' for mouse lock, r=dolske
63cfb554e9e9fdce76c71e87f49726ca6531c9afBen Turner — Bug 857283 - 'Smarter caching of index update queries'. r=khuey.
12ec336988e527cb91a44ec55d2789f7b4c99fd0Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 855037 - JäegerMonkey: Check if there is an helper thread for Ion compilation. r=dvander
cec16f7093d6afd6f3997e383c1bb228ec294c18John Daggett — Bug 856402 - null-check the result of GetParentStyleSheet. r=dbaron
271863ee5919c819ac3d760110e75c272398b2bdAaron Klotz — Bug 810454: Replaces A/B test for cookie db readahead with always-enabled readahead. r=ehsan
248bfb2dcc994c2bf3b6df4f340f491acb89c1c4Gavin Sharp — Bug 851586, r=bz
4a5b662231b8e0ade07a81f5ccce89894d73973dGavin Sharp — Bug 854740: PopupNotifications doesn't handle showing a dismissed notification after showing a normal one, r=MattN
538ec52a91565157e869131f8850e612543bc1e9Marty Rosenberg — Bug 814552 align localSlotCount for ARM (r=dvander)
e418e51231681da7eee4ffd2fbef59905f288684Andrew Sutherland — Bug 857393 - XHR in Web Workers fails to throw XMLHttpRequest::Send failures to callers (ex: NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND), exception may be reported erroneously elsewhere. r=bent
8dca50755ee34b774fecba09b4b94daa61bdefabTrevor Saunders — bug 856696 - make nsTArray::SwapElements() return void r=jlebar
01338114b268f38fbf957624297b1707631bb29aTrevor Saunders — bug 856700 - don't check the result of infalible nsTArray::SwapElements() in dom/ r=khuey