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Mon, 19 Nov 2012 09:58:38 -0800
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Bug 804852: Support for the hwc implementation of Composer2D. r=mattwoodrow,mwu,roc sr=roc This is a rollup of the following patches part 0: Add a dynamic cast to ColorLayer* part 1: Add a Composer2D interface to enable implementations to more efficiently compose layer trees part 2: Let widgets expose Composer2Ds, if they have them part 3: Expose a layers ogl "friend" API that Composer2D will consume part 4: Hook Composer2D into the LayerManagerOGL rendering pipeline part 5: Implement all the goop to let widget/gonk use a Composer2D (HwcComposer2D)

# HG changeset patch
# Parent 2cd2556d673d90f79dc29a78a927d2a38b92e14b

diff --git a/gfx/angle/src/compiler/preprocessor/new/Diagnostics.cpp b/gfx/angle/src/compiler/preprocessor/new/PreprocessorDiagnostics.cpp
rename from gfx/angle/src/compiler/preprocessor/new/Diagnostics.cpp
rename to gfx/angle/src/compiler/preprocessor/new/PreprocessorDiagnostics.cpp