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Bug 675553 - Switch from PRBool to bool on a CLOSED TREE , r=bsmedberg,khuey,bz,cjones

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#include "nsContainerFrame.h"
#include "nsISVGChildFrame.h"
#include "nsRegion.h"
#include "nsIPresShell.h"
#include "gfxRect.h"
#include "gfxMatrix.h"

class nsSVGOuterSVGFrame;

typedef nsContainerFrame nsSVGForeignObjectFrameBase;

class nsSVGForeignObjectFrame : public nsSVGForeignObjectFrameBase,
                                public nsISVGChildFrame
  friend nsIFrame*
  NS_NewSVGForeignObjectFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext);
  nsSVGForeignObjectFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext);


  // nsIFrame:
  NS_IMETHOD  Init(nsIContent* aContent,
                   nsIFrame*   aParent,
                   nsIFrame*   aPrevInFlow);
  virtual void DestroyFrom(nsIFrame* aDestructRoot);
  NS_IMETHOD  AttributeChanged(PRInt32         aNameSpaceID,
                               nsIAtom*        aAttribute,
                               PRInt32         aModType);

  virtual nsIFrame* GetContentInsertionFrame() {
    return GetFirstPrincipalChild()->GetContentInsertionFrame();

  NS_IMETHOD Reflow(nsPresContext*           aPresContext,
                    nsHTMLReflowMetrics&     aDesiredSize,
                    const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState,
                    nsReflowStatus&          aStatus);

   * Foreign objects are always transformed.
  virtual bool IsTransformed() const
    return PR_TRUE;

   * Foreign objects can return a transform matrix.
  virtual gfx3DMatrix GetTransformMatrix(nsIFrame **aOutAncestor);

   * Get the "type" of the frame
   * @see nsGkAtoms::svgForeignObjectFrame
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const;

  virtual bool IsFrameOfType(PRUint32 aFlags) const
    return nsSVGForeignObjectFrameBase::IsFrameOfType(aFlags &
      ~(nsIFrame::eSVG | nsIFrame::eSVGForeignObject));

  virtual void InvalidateInternal(const nsRect& aDamageRect,
                                  nscoord aX, nscoord aY, nsIFrame* aForChild,
                                  PRUint32 aFlags);

#ifdef DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const
    return MakeFrameName(NS_LITERAL_STRING("SVGForeignObject"), aResult);

  // nsISVGChildFrame interface:
  NS_IMETHOD PaintSVG(nsSVGRenderState *aContext,
                      const nsIntRect *aDirtyRect);
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsIFrame*) GetFrameForPoint(const nsPoint &aPoint);
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsRect) GetCoveredRegion();
  NS_IMETHOD UpdateCoveredRegion();
  NS_IMETHOD InitialUpdate();
  virtual void NotifySVGChanged(PRUint32 aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyRedrawSuspended();
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyRedrawUnsuspended();
  virtual gfxRect GetBBoxContribution(const gfxMatrix &aToBBoxUserspace);
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsDisplayContainer() { return true; }
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) HasValidCoveredRect() { return true; }

  gfxMatrix GetCanvasTM();

  // This method allows our nsSVGOuterSVGFrame to reflow us as necessary.
  void MaybeReflowFromOuterSVGFrame();

  // implementation helpers:
  void DoReflow();
  void RequestReflow(nsIPresShell::IntrinsicDirty aType);
  void UpdateGraphic();

  // Returns GetCanvasTM followed by a scale from CSS px to Dev px. Used for
  // painting, because children expect to paint to device space, not userspace.
  gfxMatrix GetCanvasTMForChildren();
  void InvalidateDirtyRect(nsSVGOuterSVGFrame* aOuter,
                           const nsRect& aRect, PRUint32 aFlags);
  void FlushDirtyRegion(PRUint32 aFlags);

  // If width or height is less than or equal to zero we must disable rendering
  bool IsDisabled() const { return mRect.width <= 0 || mRect.height <= 0; }

  nsAutoPtr<gfxMatrix> mCanvasTM;

  // Areas dirtied by changes to decendents that are in our document
  nsRegion mSameDocDirtyRegion;

  // Areas dirtied by changes to sub-documents embedded by our decendents
  nsRegion mSubDocDirtyRegion;

  bool mInReflow;