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Bug 602759 part 13 - Update layout to use new matrix and transform types; r=jwatt

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#include "nsSVGTextContainerFrame.h"
#include "gfxRect.h"
#include "gfxMatrix.h"

typedef nsSVGTextContainerFrame nsSVGTextFrameBase;

class nsSVGTextFrame : public nsSVGTextFrameBase
  friend nsIFrame*
  NS_NewSVGTextFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext);
  nsSVGTextFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext)
    : nsSVGTextFrameBase(aContext),
      mPositioningDirty(PR_TRUE) {}


  // nsIFrame:
#ifdef DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD Init(nsIContent*      aContent,
                  nsIFrame*        aParent,
                  nsIFrame*        aPrevInFlow);

  NS_IMETHOD  AttributeChanged(PRInt32         aNameSpaceID,
                               nsIAtom*        aAttribute,
                               PRInt32         aModType);

   * Get the "type" of the frame
   * @see nsGkAtoms::svgTextFrame
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const;

#ifdef DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const
    return MakeFrameName(NS_LITERAL_STRING("SVGText"), aResult);

  // nsISVGChildFrame interface:
  virtual void NotifySVGChanged(PRUint32 aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyRedrawSuspended();
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyRedrawUnsuspended();
  // Override these four to ensure that UpdateGlyphPositioning is called
  // to bring glyph positions up to date
  NS_IMETHOD PaintSVG(nsSVGRenderState* aContext,
                      const nsIntRect *aDirtyRect);
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsIFrame*) GetFrameForPoint(const nsPoint & aPoint);
  NS_IMETHOD UpdateCoveredRegion();
  NS_IMETHOD InitialUpdate();
  virtual gfxRect GetBBoxContribution(const gfxMatrix &aToBBoxUserspace);
  // nsSVGContainerFrame methods:
  virtual gfxMatrix GetCanvasTM();
  // nsSVGTextContainerFrame methods:
  virtual PRUint32 GetNumberOfChars();
  virtual float GetComputedTextLength();
  virtual float GetSubStringLength(PRUint32 charnum, PRUint32 nchars);
  virtual PRInt32 GetCharNumAtPosition(nsIDOMSVGPoint *point);

  NS_IMETHOD GetStartPositionOfChar(PRUint32 charnum, nsIDOMSVGPoint **_retval);
  NS_IMETHOD GetEndPositionOfChar(PRUint32 charnum, nsIDOMSVGPoint **_retval);
  NS_IMETHOD GetExtentOfChar(PRUint32 charnum, nsIDOMSVGRect **_retval);
  NS_IMETHOD GetRotationOfChar(PRUint32 charnum, float *_retval);

  // nsSVGTextFrame
  void NotifyGlyphMetricsChange();

   * @param aForceGlobalTransform passed down to nsSVGGlyphFrames to
   * control whether they should use the global transform even when
  void UpdateGlyphPositioning(PRBool aForceGlobalTransform);

  void SetWhitespaceHandling(nsSVGGlyphFrame *aFrame);

  nsAutoPtr<gfxMatrix> mCanvasTM;

  enum UpdateState { unsuspended, suspended };
  UpdateState mMetricsState;

  PRPackedBool mPositioningDirty;