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#if !defined(nsRawReader_h_)
#define nsRawReader_h_

#include "nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h"

struct nsRawVideo_PRUint24 {
  operator PRUint32() const { return value[2] << 16 | value[1] << 8 | value[0]; }
  PRUint8 value[3];

struct nsRawPacketHeader {
  typedef nsRawVideo_PRUint24 PRUint24;
  PRUint8 packetID;
  PRUint24 codecID;

// This is Arc's draft from
struct nsRawVideoHeader {
  typedef nsRawVideo_PRUint24 PRUint24;
  PRUint8 headerPacketID;          // Header Packet ID (always 0)
  PRUint24 codecID;                // Codec identifier (always "YUV")
  PRUint8 majorVersion;            // Version Major (breaks backwards compat)
  PRUint8 minorVersion;            // Version Minor (preserves backwards compat)
  PRUint16 options;                // Bit 1: Color (false = B/W)
                                   // Bits 2-4: Chroma Pixel Shape
                                   // Bit 5: 50% horizontal offset for Cr samples
                                   // Bit 6: 50% vertical ...
                                   // Bits 7-8: Chroma Blending
                                   // Bit 9: Packed (false = Planar)
                                   // Bit 10: Cr Staggered Horizontally
                                   // Bit 11: Cr Staggered Vertically
                                   // Bit 12: Unused (format is always little endian)
                                   // Bit 13: Interlaced (false = Progressive)
                                   // Bits 14-16: Interlace options (undefined)

  PRUint8 alphaChannelBpp;
  PRUint8 lumaChannelBpp;
  PRUint8 chromaChannelBpp;
  PRUint8 colorspace;

  PRUint24 frameWidth;
  PRUint24 frameHeight;
  PRUint24 aspectNumerator;
  PRUint24 aspectDenominator;

  PRUint32 framerateNumerator;
  PRUint32 framerateDenominator;

class nsRawReader : public nsBuiltinDecoderReader
  nsRawReader(nsBuiltinDecoder* aDecoder);

  virtual nsresult Init();
  virtual nsresult ResetDecode();
  virtual PRBool DecodeAudioData();

  virtual PRBool DecodeVideoFrame(PRBool &aKeyframeSkip,
                                  PRInt64 aTimeThreshold);

  virtual PRBool HasAudio()
    return PR_FALSE;

  virtual PRBool HasVideo()
    return PR_TRUE;

  virtual nsresult ReadMetadata();
  virtual nsresult Seek(PRInt64 aTime, PRInt64 aStartTime, PRInt64 aEndTime);
  virtual PRInt64 FindEndTime(PRInt64 aEndOffset);
  virtual nsresult GetBuffered(nsHTMLTimeRanges* aBuffered, PRInt64 aStartTime);

  PRBool ReadFromStream(nsMediaStream *aStream, PRUint8 *aBuf,
                        PRUint32 aLength);

  nsRawVideoHeader mMetadata;
  PRUint32 mCurrentFrame;
  double mFrameRate;
  PRUint32 mFrameSize;