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#if !defined(nsOggCodecState_h_)
#define nsOggCodecState_h_

#include <ogg/ogg.h>
#include <theora/theoradec.h>
#include <vorbis/codec.h>
#include <nsDeque.h>

class OggPageDeallocator : public nsDequeFunctor {
  virtual void* operator() (void* aPage) {
    ogg_page* p = static_cast<ogg_page*>(aPage);
    delete p->header;
    delete p;
    return nsnull;

// A queue of ogg_pages. When we read a page, and it's not from the bitstream
// which we're looking for a page for, we buffer the page in the nsOggCodecState,
// rather than pushing it immediately into the ogg_stream_state object. This
// is because if we're skipping up to the next keyframe in very large frame
// sized videos, there may be several megabytes of data between keyframes,
// and the ogg_stream_state would end up resizing its buffer every time we
// added a new 4K page to the bitstream, which kills performance on Windows.
class nsPageQueue : private nsDeque {
  nsPageQueue() : nsDeque(new OggPageDeallocator()) {}
  ~nsPageQueue() { Erase(); }
  PRBool IsEmpty() { return nsDeque::GetSize() == 0; }
  void Append(ogg_page* aPage);
  ogg_page* PopFront() { return static_cast<ogg_page*>(nsDeque::PopFront()); }
  ogg_page* PeekFront() { return static_cast<ogg_page*>(nsDeque::PeekFront()); }
  void Erase() { nsDeque::Erase(); }

// Encapsulates the data required for decoding an ogg bitstream and for
// converting granulepos to timestamps.
class nsOggCodecState {
  // Ogg types we know about
  enum CodecType {

  nsOggCodecState(ogg_page* aBosPage);
  virtual ~nsOggCodecState();
  // Factory for creating nsCodecStates.
  static nsOggCodecState* Create(ogg_page* aPage);
  virtual CodecType GetType() { return TYPE_UNKNOWN; }
  // Reads a header packet. Returns PR_TRUE when last header has been read.
  virtual PRBool DecodeHeader(ogg_packet* aPacket) {
    return (mDoneReadingHeaders = PR_TRUE);

  // Returns the end time that a granulepos represents.
  virtual PRInt64 Time(PRInt64 granulepos) { return -1; }

  // Returns the start time that a granulepos represents.
  virtual PRInt64 StartTime(PRInt64 granulepos) { return -1; }

  // Initializes the codec state.
  virtual PRBool Init();

  // Returns PR_TRUE when this bitstream has finished reading all its
  // header packets.
  PRBool DoneReadingHeaders() { return mDoneReadingHeaders; }

  // Deactivates the bitstream. Only the primary video and audio bitstreams
  // should be active.
  void Deactivate() { mActive = PR_FALSE; }

  // Resets decoding state.
  virtual nsresult Reset();

  // Clones a page and adds it to our buffer of pages which we'll insert to
  // the bitstream at a later time (using PageInFromBuffer()). Memory stored in
  // cloned pages is freed when Reset() or PageInFromBuffer() are called.
  inline void AddToBuffer(ogg_page* aPage) { mBuffer.Append(aPage); }

  // Returns PR_TRUE if we had a buffered page and we successfully inserted it
  // into the bitstream.
  PRBool PageInFromBuffer();


  // Number of packets read.  
  PRUint64 mPacketCount;

  // Serial number of the bitstream.
  PRUint32 mSerial;

  // Ogg specific state.
  ogg_stream_state mState;

  // Buffer of pages which we've not yet inserted into the ogg_stream_state.
  nsPageQueue mBuffer;

  // Is the bitstream active; whether we're decoding and playing this bitstream.
  PRPackedBool mActive;
  // PR_TRUE when all headers packets have been read.
  PRPackedBool mDoneReadingHeaders;

class nsVorbisState : public nsOggCodecState {
  nsVorbisState(ogg_page* aBosPage);
  virtual ~nsVorbisState();

  virtual CodecType GetType() { return TYPE_VORBIS; }
  virtual PRBool DecodeHeader(ogg_packet* aPacket);
  virtual PRInt64 Time(PRInt64 granulepos);
  virtual PRBool Init();
  virtual nsresult Reset();

  vorbis_info mInfo;
  vorbis_comment mComment;
  vorbis_dsp_state mDsp;
  vorbis_block mBlock;

class nsTheoraState : public nsOggCodecState {
  nsTheoraState(ogg_page* aBosPage);
  virtual ~nsTheoraState();

  virtual CodecType GetType() { return TYPE_THEORA; }
  virtual PRBool DecodeHeader(ogg_packet* aPacket);
  virtual PRInt64 Time(PRInt64 granulepos);
  virtual PRInt64 StartTime(PRInt64 granulepos);
  virtual PRBool Init();

  // Returns the maximum number of milliseconds which a keyframe can be offset
  // from any given interframe.
  PRInt64 MaxKeyframeOffset();

  th_info mInfo;
  th_comment mComment;
  th_setup_info *mSetup;
  th_dec_ctx* mCtx;

  // Frame duration in ms.
  PRUint32 mFrameDuration;

  // Number of frames per second.
  float mFrameRate;

  float mPixelAspectRatio;

class nsSkeletonState : public nsOggCodecState {
  nsSkeletonState(ogg_page* aBosPage);
  virtual ~nsSkeletonState();
  virtual CodecType GetType() { return TYPE_SKELETON; }
  virtual PRBool DecodeHeader(ogg_packet* aPacket);
  virtual PRInt64 Time(PRInt64 granulepos) { return -1; }
  virtual PRBool Init() { return PR_TRUE; }