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/* service providing platform-specific native rendering for widgets */

#ifndef nsITheme_h_
#define nsITheme_h_

#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsColor.h"

struct nsRect;
struct nsIntRect;
struct nsIntSize;
struct nsFont;
struct nsIntMargin;
class nsPresContext;
class nsIRenderingContext;
class nsIDeviceContext;
class nsIFrame;
class nsIContent;
class nsIAtom;
class nsIWidget;

// IID for the nsITheme interface
// {887e8902-db6b-41b4-8481-a80f49c5a93a}
 #define NS_ITHEME_IID     \
{ 0x23db7c13, 0x873d, 0x4fb5, { 0xaf, 0x29, 0xc1, 0xe9, 0xed, 0x91, 0x23, 0xf9 } }
// {D930E29B-6909-44e5-AB4B-AF10D6923705}
{ 0xd930e29b, 0x6909, 0x44e5, { 0xab, 0x4b, 0xaf, 0x10, 0xd6, 0x92, 0x37, 0x5 } }

enum nsTransparencyMode {
  eTransparencyOpaque = 0,  // Fully opaque
  eTransparencyTransparent, // Parts of the window may be transparent
  eTransparencyGlass,       // Transparent parts of the window have Vista AeroGlass effect applied
  eTransparencyBorderlessGlass // As above, but without a border around the opaque areas when there would otherwise be one with eTransparencyGlass

 * nsITheme is a service that provides platform-specific native
 * rendering for widgets.  In other words, it provides the necessary
 * operations to draw a rendering object (an nsIFrame) as a native
 * widget.
 * All the methods on nsITheme take a rendering context or device
 * context, a frame (the rendering object), and a widget type (one of
 * the constants in nsThemeConstants.h).
class nsITheme: public nsISupports {

   * Draw the actual theme background.
   * @param aContext the context to draw into
   * @param aFrame the frame for the widget that we're drawing
   * @param aWidgetType the -moz-appearance value to draw
   * @param aRect the rectangle defining the area occupied by the widget
   * @param aDirtyRect the rectangle that needs to be drawn
  NS_IMETHOD DrawWidgetBackground(nsIRenderingContext* aContext,
                                  nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                  PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                                  const nsRect& aRect,
                                  const nsRect& aDirtyRect) = 0;

   * Notifies the theme engine that a particular themed widget exists
   * at the given rectangle within the window aWindow.
   * For certain appearance values (currently only
   * called during every paint to a window, for every themed widget of
   * the right type within the
   * window, except for themed widgets which are transformed or have
   * effects applied to them (e.g. CSS opacity or filters).
   * Note that a DrawWidgetBackground for the widget might not be called
   * during the paint, since ThebesLayers can cache rendered content.
   * This could sometimes be called during display list construction
   * outside of painting.
   * If called during painting, it will be called before we actually
   * paint anything.
   * @param aWidgetType the -moz-appearance value for the themed widget
   * @param aRect the device-pixel rect within aWindow for the themed
   * widget
  virtual void RegisterWidgetGeometry(nsIWidget* aWindow,
                                      PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                                      const nsIntRect& aRect) {}

   * Get the computed CSS border for the widget, in pixels.
  NS_IMETHOD GetWidgetBorder(nsIDeviceContext* aContext, 
                             nsIFrame* aFrame,
                             PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                             nsIntMargin* aResult)=0;

   * This method can return PR_FALSE to indicate that the CSS padding
   * value should be used.  Otherwise, it will fill in aResult with the
   * computed padding, in pixels, and return PR_TRUE.
   * XXXldb This ought to be required to return true for non-containers
   * so that we don't let specified padding that has no effect change
   * the computed padding and potentially the size.
  virtual PRBool GetWidgetPadding(nsIDeviceContext* aContext,
                                  nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                  PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                                  nsIntMargin* aResult) = 0;

   * On entry, *aResult is positioned at 0,0 and sized to the new size
   * of aFrame (aFrame->GetSize() may be stale and should not be used).
   * This method can return PR_FALSE to indicate that no special
   * overflow area is required by the native widget. Otherwise it will
   * fill in aResult with the desired overflow area, in appunits, relative
   * to the frame origin, and return PR_TRUE.
  virtual PRBool GetWidgetOverflow(nsIDeviceContext* aContext,
                                   nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                   PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                                   /*INOUT*/ nsRect* aOverflowRect)
  { return PR_FALSE; }

   * Get the minimum border-box size of a widget, in *pixels* (in
   * |aResult|).  If |aIsOverridable| is set to true, this size is a
   * minimum size; if false, this size is the only valid size for the
   * widget.
  NS_IMETHOD GetMinimumWidgetSize(nsIRenderingContext* aContext,
                                  nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                  PRUint8 aWidgetType,
                                  nsIntSize* aResult,
                                  PRBool* aIsOverridable)=0;

  enum Transparency {
    eOpaque = 0,

   * Returns what we know about the transparency of the widget.
  virtual Transparency GetWidgetTransparency(nsIFrame* aFrame, PRUint8 aWidgetType)
  { return eUnknownTransparency; }

  NS_IMETHOD WidgetStateChanged(nsIFrame* aFrame, PRUint8 aWidgetType, 
                                nsIAtom* aAttribute, PRBool* aShouldRepaint)=0;

  NS_IMETHOD ThemeChanged()=0;

   * Can the nsITheme implementation handle this widget?
  virtual PRBool ThemeSupportsWidget(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                                     nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                     PRUint8 aWidgetType)=0;

  virtual PRBool WidgetIsContainer(PRUint8 aWidgetType)=0;

   * Does the nsITheme implementation draw its own focus ring for this widget?
  virtual PRBool ThemeDrawsFocusForWidget(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                                          nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                          PRUint8 aWidgetType)=0;
    * Should we insert a dropmarker inside of combobox button?
  virtual PRBool ThemeNeedsComboboxDropmarker()=0;


// Creator function
extern nsresult NS_NewNativeTheme(nsISupports *aOuter, REFNSIID aIID, void **aResult);