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Fri, 12 Aug 2011 12:21:36 -0400
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Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- chrome. r=jmaher, a=test-only

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"
<?xml-stylesheet href="general.css"

<window xmlns=""
        title="Accessibility Name Calculating Test.">

  <script type="application/javascript"
          src="chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js" />

  <script type="application/javascript"
  <script type="application/javascript"
  <script type="application/javascript"

  <script type="application/javascript">
    function doTest()
      // aria-label

      // Simple label provided via ARIA
      testName("btn_simple_aria_label", "I am a button");

      // aria-label and aria-labelledby, expect aria-labelledby
      testName("btn_both_aria_labels", "text I am a button, two");

      // aria-labelledby
      // Single relation. The value of 'aria-labelledby' contains the ID of
      // an element. Gets the name from text node of that element.
      testName("btn_labelledby_text", "text");

      // Multiple relations. The value of 'aria-labelledby' contains the IDs
      // of elements. Gets the name from text nodes of those elements.
      testName("btn_labelledby_texts", "text1 text2");

      // Trick cases. Self and recursive referencing.
      testName("rememberHistoryDays", "Remember 3 days");
      testName("historyDays", "Remember 3 days");
      testName("rememberAfter", null); // XUL labels doesn't allow name from subtree

      // Anonymous content (see name.xbl#third)
      var anonBtn = getAccessible("labelledby_box_anon").lastChild;
      testName(anonBtn, "It's a cool button");

      // Name from subtree (single relation labelled_by).
      // Gets the name from text nodes contained by nested elements.
      testName("btn_labelledby_mixed", "nomore text");

      // Gets the name from text nodes and selected item of menulist
      // (other items are ignored).
               "nomore text selected item more text");
      // Gets the name from text nodes contained by nested elements, ignores
      // hidden elements (bug 443081).
      testName("btn_labelledby_mixed_hidden_child", "nomore text2");

      // Gets the name from hidden text nodes contained by nested elements, 
      // (label element is hidden entirely), (bug 443081)
      testName("btn_labelledby_mixed_hidden", "lala more hidden text");

      // Name for nsIDOMXULLabeledControlElement.

      // Gets the name from @label attribute.
      testName("btn_nsIDOMXULLabeledControlElement", "labeled element");

      // Name for nsIDOMXULSelectControlItemElement.

      // Gets the name from @label attribute.
      testName("li_nsIDOMXULSelectControlItemElement", "select control item");

      // Name if the XUL element doesn't implement nsIDOMXULSelectControlElement
      // and has @label attribute.

      testName("box_not_nsIDOMXULSelectControlElement", "box");

      // Name from the label element.

      // The label and button are placed on 2nd level relative common parent.
      testName("btn_label_1", "label1");

      // The label is on 1st, the button is on 5th level relative common parent.
      testName("btn_label_2", "label2");

      // The label and button are siblings.
      testName("btn_label_3", "label3");

      // Multiple labels for single button: XUL button takes the last one.
      testName("btn_label_4", "label5");

      // Name from the label element in anonymous content (see bug 362365).

      // Get the name from anonymous label element for anonymous textbox
      // (@anonid is used).
      var ID = "box_label_anon1";
      var box1Acc = testName(ID, null);
      if (box1Acc) {
        var textboxAcc = box1Acc.firstChild;
        is(, "Label",
           "Wrong label for anonymous textbox of " + ID);

      // Get the name from anonymous label element for anonymous textbox
      // (@anonid is used). Nested bindings.
      ID = "box_label_anon2";
      var box2Acc = testName(ID, null);
      if (box2Acc) {
        var textboxAcc = box2Acc.firstChild;
        is(, "Label",
           "Wrong label for anonymous textbox of " + ID);

        var topTextboxAcc = box2Acc.lastChild;
        is(, "Top textbox",
           "Wrong label for anonymous textbox of " + ID);

      // tooltiptext (if nothing above isn't presented then tooltiptext is used)
      testName("box_tooltiptext", "tooltiptext label");

      // Name from the @title attribute of <toolbaritem/> (original bug 237249).

      // Direct child of toolbaritem.
      var textboxAcc = testName("toolbaritem_textbox", "ooospspss");

      // Element from anonymous content of direct child of toolbaritem.
      var entryAcc = textboxAcc.firstChild;
      testRole(entryAcc, ROLE_ENTRY);
      is(, "ooospspss",
         "Wrong name for text entry of autocomplete textbox 'toolbaritem_textbox'.");

      // Child from subtree of toolbaritem.
      testName("toolbaritem_hboxbutton", "ooospspss");

      // Name from children

      // ARIA role button is presented allowing the name calculation from
      // children.
      testName("box_children", "14");

      // ARIA role option is presented allowing the name calculation from
      // the visible children (bug 443081)
      testName("lb_opt1_children_hidden", "i am visible");

      // Name from aria-labelledby: menuitem label+ listitem label
      testName("li_labelledby", "Show an Alert The moment the event starts");



  <hbox flex="1" style="overflow: auto;">

  <body xmlns="">
    <a target="_blank"
       title="mochitest for accessible name calculating">
      Mozilla Bug 444279
    <a target="_blank"
      title="nsXULListitemAccessible::GetName prefers label \
      		   attribute over aria-labelledby and doesn't allow recursion">
      Mozilla Bug 441991
  <p id="display"></p>
    <div id="content" style="display: none">
    <pre id="test">

  <vbox flex="1">

  <!-- aria-label, simple label -->
  <button id="btn_simple_aria_label" aria-label="I am a button"/>

  <!-- aria-label plus aria-labelledby -->
  <button id="btn_both_aria_labels" aria-label="I am a button, two"
          aria-labelledby="labelledby_text btn_both_aria_labels"/>

  <!-- aria-labelledby, single relation -->
  <description id="labelledby_text">text</description>
  <button id="btn_labelledby_text"

  <!-- aria-labelledby, multiple relations -->
  <description id="labelledby_text1">text1</description>
  <description id="labelledby_text2">text2</description>
  <button id="btn_labelledby_texts"
          aria-labelledby="labelledby_text1 labelledby_text2"/>

  <!-- aria-labelledby, multiple relations -->
  <box class="third" id="labelledby_box_anon" role="group" />

  <!-- trick aria-labelledby -->
  <checkbox id="rememberHistoryDays"
            label="Remember "
            aria-labelledby="rememberHistoryDays historyDays rememberAfter"/>
  <textbox id="historyDays" type="number" size="3" value="3"
           aria-labelledby="rememberHistoryDays historyDays rememberAfter"/>
  <label id="rememberAfter">days</label>

  <!-- the name from subtree, mixed content -->
  <description id="labelledby_mixed">
    no<description>more text</description>
  <button id="btn_labelledby_mixed"

  <!-- the name from subtree, mixed/hidden content -->
  <description id="labelledby_mixed_hidden_child">no<description>more <description hidden="true">hidden</description>text2</description></description>
  <button id="btn_labelledby_mixed_hidden_child"

  <!-- the name from subtree, mixed/completely hidden content -->
  <description id="labelledby_mixed_hidden"
               hidden="true">lala <description>more hidden </description>text</description>
  <button id="btn_labelledby_mixed_hidden"

  <!-- the name from subtree, mixed content, ignore items of menulist -->
  <description id="labelledby_mixed_menulist">
    no<description>more text</description>
        <menuitem label="selected item"/>
        <menuitem label="item"/>
    more text
  <button id="btn_labelledby_mixed_menulist"

  <!-- nsIDOMXULLabeledControlElement -->
  <button id="btn_nsIDOMXULLabeledControlElement"
          label="labeled element"/>

  <!-- nsIDOMXULSelectControlItemElement -->
    <listitem id="li_nsIDOMXULSelectControlItemElement"
              label="select control item"/>

  <!-- not nsIDOMXULSelectControlElement -->
  <box id="box_not_nsIDOMXULSelectControlElement" role="group" label="box"/>

  <!-- label element  -->
      <label control="btn_label_1">label1</label>
    <label control="btn_label_2">label2</label>
      <button id="btn_label_1"/>
            <button id="btn_label_2"/>
    <label control="btn_label_3">label3</label>
    <button id="btn_label_3"/>

    <label control="btn_label_4">label4</label>
    <label control="btn_label_4">label5</label>
    <button id="btn_label_4"/>

  <!-- label element, anonymous content -->
  <box id="box_label_anon1"

  <box id="box_label_anon2" 

  <!-- tooltiptext -->
  <box id="box_tooltiptext"
       tooltiptext="tooltiptext label"/>

  <!-- the name from @title of toolbaritem -->
    <toolbaritem title="ooospspss">
      <textbox id="toolbaritem_textbox"
        <hbox role="button" id="toolbaritem_hboxbutton">
           <description value="button"/>

  <!-- name from children -->
  <box id="box_children" role="button">14</box>

  <!-- name from children, hidden children -->
  <vbox role="listbox" tabindex="0">
    <hbox id="lb_opt1_children_hidden" role="option" tabindex="0">
      <description>i am visible</description>
      <description style="display:none">i am hidden</description>

  <!-- bug 441991; create name from other menuitem label listitem's own label -->
    <listitem id="li_labelledby"
              label="The moment the event starts"
              aria-labelledby="menuitem-DISPLAY li_labelledby"/>
        <menuitem id="menuitem-DISPLAY"
                  label="Show an Alert"/>
        <menuitem id="menuitem-EMAIL"
                  label="Send an E-mail"/>

  </vbox> <!-- close tests area -->
  </hbox> <!-- close main area -->