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Bug 542242 - E10s, content process event handlers, r=jst, r=bsmedberg

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;

[scriptable, function, uuid(938fcb95-3d63-46be-aa72-94d08fd3b418)]
interface nsIFrameMessageListener : nsISupports
   * This is for JS only.
   * receiveMessage is called with one parameter, which has the following
   * properties:
   *   {
   *     name:    %message name%,
   *     sync:    %true or false%.
   *     json:    %json object or null%,
   *     objects: %array of cpow or null, always null if sync is false%
   *   }
   * @note objects property isn't implemented yet.
   * if the message is synchronous, possible return value is sent back
   * as JSON.
   * When the listener is called, 'this' value is the target of the message.
  void receiveMessage();

[scriptable, uuid(6b736edb-863d-40bd-bca2-62f44da803c0)]
interface nsIFrameMessageManager : nsISupports
  void addMessageListener(in AString aMessage, in nsIFrameMessageListener aListener);
  void removeMessageListener(in AString aMessage, in nsIFrameMessageListener aListener);
  void sendAsyncMessage(/*in messageName, in JSON*/);

[scriptable, uuid(22de316b-a986-45bb-9e97-9af27e8afac3)]
interface nsIContentFrameMessageManager : nsIFrameMessageManager
   * @note sending JS objects isn't implemented yet.
   * Returns an array of JSON objects.
  void sendSyncMessage(/*in messageName, in JSON, in an array of JS objects,*/);

   * The current top level window in the frame or null.
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow content;

   * Print a string to stdout.
  void dump(in DOMString aStr);

[scriptable, uuid(ed6522fd-ffb6-4920-b50d-cf629309616b)]
interface nsIChromeFrameMessageManager : nsIFrameMessageManager
   * Load a script in the (remote) frame. aURL must be the absolute URL.
   * data: URLs are also supported. For example data:,dump("foo\n");
   * If aAllowDelayedLoad is true, script will be loaded when the
   * remote frame becomes available. Otherwise the script will be loaded
   * only if the frame is already available.
  void loadFrameScript(in AString aURL, in boolean aAllowDelayedLoad);