Bug 1119072, Part 15: Replace uses of hash_map with unordered_map (toolkit), r=ted
authorBrian Smith <brian@briansmith.org>
Thu, 08 Jan 2015 15:38:26 -0800
changeset 226775 7377ad4937adcc20c7d80ba95b6ae0e425d75e29
parent 226774 8937836d3c931a6cf49186285e74384078428e1e
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Bug 1119072, Part 15: Replace uses of hash_map with unordered_map (toolkit), r=ted
--- a/toolkit/crashreporter/google-breakpad/src/common/windows/pdb_source_line_writer.h
+++ b/toolkit/crashreporter/google-breakpad/src/common/windows/pdb_source_line_writer.h
@@ -30,27 +30,27 @@
 // PDBSourceLineWriter uses a pdb file produced by Visual C++ to output
 // a line/address map for use with BasicSourceLineResolver.
 #include <atlcomcli.h>
-#include <hash_map>
+#include <unordered_map>
 #include <string>
 struct IDiaEnumLineNumbers;
 struct IDiaSession;
 struct IDiaSymbol;
 namespace google_breakpad {
 using std::wstring;
-using stdext::hash_map;
+using std::unordered_map;
 // A structure that carries information that identifies a pdb file.
 struct PDBModuleInfo {
   // The basename of the pdb file from which information was loaded.
   wstring debug_file;
   // The pdb's identifier.  For recent pdb files, the identifier consists
@@ -171,29 +171,29 @@ class PDBSourceLineWriter {
   // Cache this filename and ID for later reuse.
   void CacheFileID(const wstring &file, DWORD id) {
     unique_files_[file] = id;
   // Store this ID in the cache as a duplicate for this filename.
   void StoreDuplicateFileID(const wstring &file, DWORD id) {
-    hash_map<wstring, DWORD>::iterator iter = unique_files_.find(file);
+    unordered_map<wstring, DWORD>::iterator iter = unique_files_.find(file);
     if (iter != unique_files_.end()) {
       // map this id to the previously seen one
       file_ids_[id] = iter->second;
   // Given a file's unique ID, return the ID that should be used to
   // reference it. There may be multiple files with identical filenames
   // but different unique IDs. The cache attempts to coalesce these into
   // one ID per unique filename.
   DWORD GetRealFileID(DWORD id) {
-    hash_map<DWORD, DWORD>::iterator iter = file_ids_.find(id);
+    unordered_map<DWORD, DWORD>::iterator iter = file_ids_.find(id);
     if (iter == file_ids_.end())
       return id;
     return iter->second;
   // Find the PE file corresponding to the loaded PDB file, and
   // set the code_file_ member. Returns false on failure.
   bool FindPEFile();
@@ -219,19 +219,19 @@ class PDBSourceLineWriter {
   CComPtr<IDiaSession> session_;
   // The current output file for this WriteMap invocation.
   FILE *output_;
   // There may be many duplicate filenames with different IDs.
   // This maps from the DIA "unique ID" to a single ID per unique
   // filename.
-  hash_map<DWORD, DWORD> file_ids_;
+  unordered_map<DWORD, DWORD> file_ids_;
   // This maps unique filenames to file IDs.
-  hash_map<wstring, DWORD> unique_files_;
+  unordered_map<wstring, DWORD> unique_files_;
   // Disallow copy ctor and operator=
   PDBSourceLineWriter(const PDBSourceLineWriter&);
   void operator=(const PDBSourceLineWriter&);
 }  // namespace google_breakpad