added text (not final), changed background, some code clean-up, todo: more code clean-up, fix large buttons (they are ugly)
authorMaria Emerson <>
Thu, 26 Jun 2008 12:09:28 -0700
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added text (not final), changed background, some code clean-up, todo: more code clean-up, fix large buttons (they are ugly)
--- a/services/sync/locales/en-US/wizard.dtd
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/wizard.dtd
@@ -1,23 +1,21 @@
-<!ENTITY serverError1.description         "Server Error:  ">
-<!ENTITY serverError2.description         ",  ">
 <!ENTITY wizard.title                     "Weave Setup">
 <!ENTITY intro.title                      "Welcome to Weave">
-<!ENTITY intro.description                "[description of Weave]">
-<!ENTITY intro-more.label                 "Learn more">
+<!ENTITY intro-weave.description          "Weave is an experimental prototype from Mozilla Labs that integrates online services with Firefox. ">
+<!ENTITY intro-more.label                 "Learn more about the Weave project">
 <!ENTITY                  "">
+<!ENTITY intro-warning.description        "Warning: Use at your own risk! Backup Firefox data before continuing with installation.">
 <!ENTITY welcome.title			  "Installation Type">
 <!ENTITY curUser-title.label              "Sign In">
 <!ENTITY curUser.description              "Sign into your existing account to set up Weave on this computer.">
 <!ENTITY newUser-title.label              "Get Started">
-<!ENTITY newUser.description              "Create a new account.">
+<!ENTITY newUser.description              "Create a new account and upload your Weave data to the server.">
 <!ENTITY verify.title                     "Account Verification (Step 1 of 3)">
 <!ENTITY username.label                   "User name:">
 <!ENTITY password.label                   "Password:">
 <!ENTITY passphrase.label                 "Passphrase:">
 <!ENTITY reminder.label                   "Forgot your password? ">
 <!ENTITY unverified.label                 "Unverified">
 <!ENTITY                    "">
@@ -37,17 +35,17 @@
 <!ENTITY passphrase-more.label            "Learn More">
 <!ENTITY             "">
 <!ENTITY reenterPassphrase.label          "Re-enter passphrase:">
 <!ENTITY moreInfo.label                   "More information on choosing a phrase.">
 <!ENTITY create3.title                    "Create Account (Step 3 of 5)">
-<!ENTITY instanceName.description         "Name this device... explain why... ">
+<!ENTITY instanceName.description         "Choose a name for this device for Weave">
 <!ENTITY instanceName.label               "Device name:">
 <!ENTITY examples.label                   "Examples: &quot;Home computer&quot;, &quot;Mobile phone&quot;, &quot;Work laptop&quot;"> 
 <!ENTITY data.description                 "Choose the data that you would like Weave to store for you.">
 <!ENTITY bookmarks.label                  "Bookmarks">
 <!ENTITY history.label                    "Browsing History">
 <!ENTITY cookies.label                    "Cookies">
 <!ENTITY passwords.label                  "Saved Passwords">
@@ -57,33 +55,37 @@
 <!ENTITY captcha.label                    "Type the characters you see in the image below:">
 <!ENTITY captchaDirections.label          "">
 <!ENTITY reloadCaptcha.text               "Reload">
 <!ENTITY captchaHint.label                "Letters are not case-sensitive.">
 <!ENTITY terms.label                      "Terms of Service">
 <!ENTITY acceptTerms.label                "I have read and accept the Terms of Service.">
-<!ENTITY final.description                "Your account will be created with the following preferences [this screen in progress]">
+<!ENTITY final.description                "Weave perform an initial synchronization with the following settings. Continue to the next wizard page to accept.">
 <!ENTITY initialLogin.label               "Signing you in.">
 <!ENTITY initialPrefs.label               "Setting your preferences.">
 <!ENTITY initialReset.label               "Clearing your default bookmarks.">
 <!ENTITY initialSync.label                "Synchronizing your data.">
 <!ENTITY finalStep1Finished.label         "Signed in.">
 <!ENTITY finalStep2.label                 "Synchronizing data...">
 <!ENTITY finalStep3Finished.label         "Data synchronized.">
 <!ENTITY thankyou.title                   "Thank you!">
-<!ENTITY thankyou.description             "You successfully installed Weave. etc... ">
+<!ENTITY thankyou.description             "Weave has been installed on this device and your data has been synchronized. To change your Weave preferences, use the Weave tab of your browser preferences. ">
 <!ENTITY final-pref-title.description     "Preferences">
<!ENTITY final-account-title.description  "Account">
<!ENTITY final-sync-title.description     "Initial Synchronization">
 <!ENTITY userCheckFailed1.description     "Our server is having problems and we couldn't check that username. ">
 <!ENTITY userCheckFailed2.description     " to try again, or click &quot;Done&quot; to exit the setup wizard and try again later.">
 <!ENTITY finished.description             "Good job. You installed Weave. You can change preferences in the Weave tab...">
 <!ENTITY initialLoginFailed1.description  "Our server is having problems and we couldn't log you in. ">
 <!ENTITY initialLoginFailed2.description  " to try again, or click &quot;Done&quot; to exit the setup wizard and try again later.">
 <!ENTITY initialSyncFailed1.description   "Our server is having problems and we couldn't synchronize your data. ">
 <!ENTITY initialSyncFailed2.description   " to try again, or click &quot;Done&quot; to exit the setup wizard and try again later."> 
 <!ENTITY clickHere.text                   "Click here">
 <!ENTITY tryAgain.text                    "Try again">
+<!ENTITY serverError1.description         "Server Error:  ">
+<!ENTITY serverError2.description         ",  ">
--- a/services/sync/locales/en-US/
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/
@@ -35,17 +35,17 @@ create-mail-inuse.label         = Emali 
 create-captcha-missing.label    = Captcha response missing
 create-password-missing.label   = Password missing
 create-password-incorrect.label = Password incorrect
 create-success.label            = Account for %S created.
 final-pref-value.label          = %S    
 final-account-value.label       = Username: %S
-final-sync-value.label          = [Explain that a sync will happen]
+final-sync-value.label          = Weave will upload your data to the server.
 final-success.label             = Weave was successfully installed.
 default-name.label              = %S's Firefox
 default-name-nouser.label       = Firefox
 bookmarks.label                 = Bookmarks
 history.label                   = Browsing History
 cookies.label                   = Cookies