Bug 1130405 - Remove unused pippki strings. r=jcj
authorCykesiopka <cykesiopka.bmo@gmail.com>
Wed, 11 Feb 2015 05:08:00 -0500
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Bug 1130405 - Remove unused pippki strings. r=jcj
--- a/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/certManager.dtd
+++ b/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/certManager.dtd
@@ -5,19 +5,16 @@
 <!ENTITY certmgr.title                       "Certificate Manager">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tab.mine                     "Your Certificates">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tab.others2                  "People">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tab.websites3                "Servers">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tab.ca                       "Authorities">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tab.orphan2                  "Others">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.ca.builtins                  "Built-in CAs">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.ca.mycas                     "CAs Managed By You">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.mine                         "You have certificates from these organizations that identify you:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.others                       "You have certificates on file that identify these people:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.websites2                    "You have certificates on file that identify these servers:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.cas                          "You have certificates on file that identify these certificate authorities:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.orphans                      "You have certificates on file that do not fit in any of the other categories:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.detail.general_tab.title     "General">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.detail.general_tab.accesskey "G">
@@ -32,33 +29,27 @@
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.title             "Certificate Detail">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.cn                "Common Name (CN)">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.o                 "Organization (O)">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.ou                "Organizational Unit (OU)">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.serialnumber      "Serial Number">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.sha256fingerprint "SHA-256 Fingerprint">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.sha1fingerprint   "SHA1 Fingerprint">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.title               "Edit Security Certificate Settings">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editcacert.title             "Edit CA certificate trust settings">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.edittrust           "Edit trust settings:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustssl            "This certificate can identify websites.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustemail          "This certificate can identify mail users.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustobjsign        "This certificate can identify software makers.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.title          "Edit email certificate trust settings">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.edittrust      "Edit certificate trust settings:">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.dotrust        "Trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.donttrust      "Do not trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.title             "Delete Certificate">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.beforename        "You have requested to delete this certificate:">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.aftername         "Are you sure you want to delete this certificate?">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.title         "Delete Your Certificate">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.beforename    "You have requested to delete the certificate:">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.aftername     "Once you have deleted this certificate, you will not be able to read mail that has been encrypted with it.">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certname                     "Certificate Name">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.certserver                   "Server">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.override_lifetime            "Lifetime">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.tokenname                    "Security Device">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.begins                       "Begins On">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.expires                      "Expires On">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.email                        "E-Mail Address">
@@ -67,18 +58,16 @@
 <!ENTITY certmgr.close.label                  "Close">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.close.accesskey              "C">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.view2.label                  "View…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.view2.accesskey              "V">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.edit3.label                  "Edit Trust…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.edit3.accesskey              "E">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editca.label                 "Edit CA Trust">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.editca.accesskey             "d">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.add.label                    "Add">
-<!ENTITY certmgr.add.accesskey                "A">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.export.label                 "Export…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.export.accesskey             "x">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.delete2.label                "Delete…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.delete2.accesskey            "D">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.delete_builtin.label         "Delete or Distrust…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.delete_builtin.accesskey     "D">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.backup2.label                "Backup…">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.backup2.accesskey            "B">
--- a/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/deviceManager.dtd
+++ b/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/deviceManager.dtd
@@ -6,21 +6,17 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (devmgr.style): This is CSS style for Device Manager
      window size. Don't translate "width" nor "height". Adjust the numbers
      to make window contents fit. -->
 <!ENTITY devmgr.style                           "width: 52em; height: 32em;">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.devlist.label                   "Security Modules and Devices">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.details.title                   "Details">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.details.title2                  "Value">
-<!ENTITY devmgr.status.label                    "Status">
-<!ENTITY devmgr.version.label                   "Version">
-<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changeslotname.label     "Change Slot Name">
-<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changeslotname.accesskey "C">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.login.label              "Log In">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.login.accesskey          "n">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.logout.label             "Log Out">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.logout.accesskey         "O">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.changepw.label           "Change Password">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.changepw.accesskey       "P">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.load.label               "Load">
 <!ENTITY devmgr.button.load.accesskey           "L">
--- a/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/pippki.dtd
+++ b/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/pippki.dtd
@@ -4,52 +4,36 @@
 <!-- Values for changepassword.xul -->
 <!ENTITY setPassword.title  "Change Master Password">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.tokenName.label "Security Device">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.oldPassword.label "Current password:">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.newPassword.label "New password:">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.reenterPassword.label "New password (again):">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.meter.label "Password quality meter">
-<!ENTITY setPassword.meter.loading "Loading">
 <!-- Values for resetpassword.xul -->
 <!ENTITY resetPasswordButtonLabel "Reset">
 <!ENTITY resetPassword.title  "Reset Master Password">
 <!ENTITY resetPassword.text  "If you reset your master password, all your stored web and e-mail passwords, form data, personal certificates, and private keys will be forgotten. Are you sure you want to reset your master password?">
 <!-- Values for getpassword.xul -->
 <!ENTITY getPassword.title  "Enter Master Password">
 <!ENTITY getPassword.tokenName2.label "Security Device:">
 <!ENTITY getPassword.password.label "Password:">
-<!-- These should be common -->
-<!ENTITY piperror.title "Error">
-<!ENTITY pipalert.title "Error - cannot recover">
-<!-- Prefs panel strings -->
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.lHeader "Security">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.rHeader "Settings for general security">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.header "Settings for general security">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.level.title "Security Level">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.paranoid.label "Use paranoid security settings">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.certificates.title "Certificates">
-<!ENTITY pref.security.general.manageCert.label "Manage Certificates">
 <!-- Downloading a cert -->
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.title "Downloading Certificate">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.message1 "You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority (CA).">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.trustSSL "Trust this CA to identify websites.">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.trustEmail "Trust this CA to identify email users.">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.trustObjSign "Trust this CA to identify software developers.">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.message3 "Before trusting this CA for any purpose, you should examine its certificate and its policy and procedures (if available).">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.viewCert.label "View">
-<!ENTITY downloadCert.viewPolicy.label "Policy">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.viewCert.text "Examine CA certificate">
-<!ENTITY downloadCert.viewPolicy.text "Examine CA policies and procedures">
 <!-- Strings for the SSL client auth ask dialog -->
 <!ENTITY clientAuthAsk.title "User Identification Request">
 <!ENTITY clientAuthAsk.message1 "This site has requested that you identify yourself with a certificate:">
 <!ENTITY clientAuthAsk.message2 "Choose a certificate to present as identification:">
 <!ENTITY clientAuthAsk.message3 "Details of selected certificate:">
 <!-- Strings for the cert picker dialog -->
--- a/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/pippki.properties
+++ b/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pippki/pippki.properties
@@ -6,17 +6,16 @@
 CertPassPrompt=Please enter the Personal Security Password for the PSM Private Keys security device.
 #These are for dialogs
 #Download Cert dialog
 newCAMessage1=Do you want to trust "%S" for the following purposes?
 unnamedCA=Certificate Authority (unnamed)
 #For editing cert trust
-editTrustWindowTitle=Edit certificate trust
 editTrustCA=The certificate "%S" represents a Certificate Authority.
 editTrustEmail=The certificate "%S" was issued by:
 issuerNotTrusted=Because you do not trust the certificate authority that issued this certificate, you do not trust the authenticity of this certificate unless otherwise indicated here.
 issuerTrusted=Because you trust the certificate authority that issued this certificate, you trust the authenticity of this certificate unless otherwise indicated here.
 issuerNotKnown=Because you do not know the certificate authority that issued this certificate, you do not trust the authenticity of this certificate unless otherwise indicated here.
 issuerCertNotFound=Certificate for this certificate authority was not found
 #For Deleting Certificates
@@ -41,39 +40,32 @@ deleteOrphanCertTitle=Delete Certificate
 #PKCS#12 file dialogs
 chooseP12RestoreFileDialog2=Certificate File to Import
 chooseP12BackupFileDialog=File Name to Backup
 file_browse_PKCS12_spec=PKCS12 Files
 getPKCS12FilePasswordMessage=Please enter the password that was used to encrypt this certificate backup:
-resetPreferences=Use this button to reset %S's security preferences to their factory settings.
 #Cert verification
 certVerified=This certificate has been verified for the following uses:
 certNotVerified_CertRevoked=Could not verify this certificate because it has been revoked.
 certNotVerified_CertExpired=Could not verify this certificate because it has expired.
 certNotVerified_CertNotTrusted=Could not verify this certificate because it is not trusted.
 certNotVerified_IssuerNotTrusted=Could not verify this certificate because the issuer is not trusted.
 certNotVerified_IssuerUnknown=Could not verify this certificate because the issuer is unknown.
 certNotVerified_CAInvalid=Could not verify this certificate because the CA certificate is invalid.
 certNotVerified_AlgorithmDisabled=Could not verify this certificate because it was signed using a signature algorithm that was disabled because that algorithm is not secure.
 certNotVerified_Unknown=Could not verify this certificate for unknown reasons.
 #Client auth
 clientAuthMessage1=Organization: "%S"
 clientAuthMessage2=Issued Under: "%S"
 #Page Info
-pageInfo_SiteNotVerified=Website Identity Not Verified
-pageInfo_WebSiteVerified=Website Identity Verified
-pageInfo_Identity_Verified=The website %S supports authentication for the page you are viewing. The identity of this website has been verified by %S, a certificate authority you trust for this purpose.
-pageInfo_ViewCertificate=View the security certificate that verifies this website's identity.
 pageInfo_NoEncryption=Connection Not Encrypted
 pageInfo_Privacy_None1=The website %S does not support encryption for the page you are viewing.
 pageInfo_Privacy_None2=Information sent over the Internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit. 
 pageInfo_Privacy_None3=The page you are viewing is not encrypted.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (pageInfo_EncryptionWithBitsAndProtocol and pageInfo_BrokenEncryption):
 # %1$S is the name of the encryption standard,
 # %2$S is the key size of the cipher.
 # %3$S is protocol version like "SSL 3" or "TLS 1.2"
@@ -82,17 +74,16 @@ pageInfo_BrokenEncryption=Broken Encrypt
 pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted1=The page you are viewing was encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.
 pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted2=Encryption makes it difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers. It is therefore unlikely that anyone read this page as it traveled across the network.
 pageInfo_MixedContent=Connection Partially Encrypted
 pageInfo_Privacy_Broken1=Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted or the encryption is not strong enough before being transmitted over the Internet.
 #Cert Viewer
 certDetails=Certificate Viewer:
 notPresent=<Not Part Of Certificate>
-unknownIssuer=<Unknown Issuer>
 escrowFinalMessage=You should click OK only if you trust "%S" to protect your encryption private key.
 #Token Manager
 password_not_set=(not set)
 failed_pw_change=Unable to change Master Password.
 incorrect_pw=You did not enter the correct current Master Password. Please try again.
 pw_change_ok=Master Password successfully changed.
@@ -155,13 +146,12 @@ addExceptionExpiredLong2=The certificate
 addExceptionUnverifiedOrBadSignatureShort=Unknown Identity
 addExceptionUnverifiedOrBadSignatureLong2=The certificate is not trusted because it hasn't been verified as issued by a trusted authority using a secure signature.
 addExceptionValidShort=Valid Certificate
 addExceptionValidLong=This site provides valid, verified identification.  There is no need to add an exception.
 addExceptionCheckingShort=Checking Information
 addExceptionCheckingLong2=Attempting to identify this site…
 addExceptionNoCertShort=No Information Available
 addExceptionNoCertLong2=Unable to obtain identification status for this site.
-addExceptionConnectionFailed=Connection Failed
 #Certificate Exists in database
 caCertExistsTitle=Certificate Exists
 caCertExistsMessage=The Certificate already exists.