configwizard: remove code for bzpost extension (bug 1277406); r=glob draft
authorGregory Szorc <>
Wed, 01 Jun 2016 14:28:54 -0700
changeset 8500 3ee713089ec32e0ca8f37b71ecfdce3864833909
parent 8499 8b806607312d968c33108bd4de84949f2275a330
child 8501 643710237bfe3b4f65bc0bf5064d214ac8877fa3
push id918
push dateThu, 09 Jun 2016 19:23:31 +0000
configwizard: remove code for bzpost extension (bug 1277406); r=glob pulsebot is doing everything bzpost did. I don't think bzpost really adds much value. Let's not prompt to enable it. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4U2KxSDHnzi
--- a/hgext/configwizard/hgsetup/
+++ b/hgext/configwizard/hgsetup/
 Your existing Mercurial config uses a legacy method for defining Bugzilla
 credentials. Bugzilla API Keys are the most secure and preferred method
 for defining Bugzilla credentials. Bugzilla API Keys are also required
 if you have enabled 2 Factor Authentication in Bugzilla.
 All consumers formerly looking at these options should support API Keys.
-BZPOST_MINIMUM_VERSION = LooseVersion('3.5')
-The bzpost extension automatically records the URLs of pushed commits to
-referenced Bugzilla bugs after push.
-(Relevant config option: extensions.bzpost)
-Would you like to activate bzpost
 The firefoxtree extension makes interacting with the multiple Firefox
 repositories easier:
 * Aliases for common trees are pre-defined. e.g. `hg pull central`
 * Pulling from known Firefox trees will create "remote refs" appearing as
@@ -216,30 +205,27 @@ class MercurialSetupWizard(object):
                 self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'reviewboard',
                     'Would you like to enable the reviewboard extension so '
                     'you can easily initiate code reviews against Mozilla '
         self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'bzexport', BZEXPORT_INFO)
-        if hg_version >= BZPOST_MINIMUM_VERSION:
-            self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'bzpost', BZPOST_INFO)
         if hg_version >= FIREFOXTREE_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'firefoxtree', FIREFOXTREE_INFO)
         if hg_version >= PUSHTOTRY_MINIMUM_VERSION:
             self.prompt_external_extension(c, 'push-to-try', PUSHTOTRY_INFO)
         if not c.have_wip():
             if self._prompt_yn(WIP_INFO):
-        if 'reviewboard' in c.extensions or 'bzpost' in c.extensions:
+        if 'reviewboard' in c.extensions:
             bzuser, bzpass, bzuserid, bzcookie, bzapikey = c.get_bugzilla_credentials()
             if not bzuser or not bzapikey:
             if not bzuser:
                 bzuser = self._prompt('What is your Bugzilla email address? (optional)',