No bug - Various crashtest manifest cleanups.
authorRyan VanderMeulen <>
Sat, 31 Oct 2015 19:35:27 -0400
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push dateMon, 02 Nov 2015 05:02:59 +0000
No bug - Various crashtest manifest cleanups.
--- a/docshell/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/docshell/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
 load 40929-1.html
 load 369126-1.html
 load 403574-1.xhtml
 load 430124-1.html
 load 430628-1.html
 load 432114-1.html
 load 432114-2.html
 load 436900-1.html
-asserts(0-3) load 436900-2.html # bug 566159
+asserts(0-1) load 436900-2.html # bug 566159
 load 500328-1.html
 load 514779-1.xhtml
 load 614499-1.html
 load 678872-1.html
-skip-if(Android||B2G||browserIsRemote) pref(dom.disable_open_during_load,false) load 914521.html
+skip-if(Android||B2G) pref(dom.disable_open_during_load,false) load 914521.html
rename from dom/base/crashtests/713417.html
rename to dom/base/crashtests/713417-1.html
--- a/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
+load 43040-1.html
 load 90613-1.html
 load 116848-1.html
 load 149320-1.html
 load 205225-1.html
 load 231475-1.html
 load 244933-1.html
 load 275912-1.html
 load 293388-1.html
@@ -61,17 +62,16 @@ load 407818.html
 load 410860-1.xml
 load 411882-1.xhtml
 load 416734-1.html
 load 417852-1.html
 load 418928-1.html
 load 420620-1.html
 load 424276-1.html
 load 426987-1.html
-load 43040-1.html
 load 439206-1.html
 load 443538-1.svg
 load 448615-1.html
 load 450383-1.html
 load 450385-1.html
 skip load 458637-1.html # sporadically times out (bug 473680)
 load 462947.html
 load 467392.html
@@ -141,18 +141,18 @@ load 697643.html
 load 698974-1.html
 load 700090-1.html
 load 700090-2.html
 load 700512.html
 load 706283-1.html
 load 708405-1.html
 load 709384.html
 load 709954.html
+load 713417-1.html
 load 713417-2.html
-load 713417.html
 load 715056.html
 load 729431-1.xhtml
 load 741163-1.html
 load 745495.html
 load 752226-1.html
 load 752226-2.html
 load 766426.html
 load 771639.html
@@ -179,29 +179,29 @@ load 838489-2.html
 load 841205.html
 load 844404.html
 load 845093-1.html
 load 845093-2.html
 load 847127.html
 load 849601.html
 load 849727.html
 load 849732.html
-skip-if(Android) load 851353-1.html
+load 851353-1.html
 load 852381.html
 load 863950.html
 load 864448.html
 load 886213.html
 load 898906.html
 load 930250.html
 load 942979.html
 load 973401.html
 load 978646.html
-pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1027461-1.html
 pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1024428-1.html
 load 1026714.html
+pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1027461-1.html
 pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1029710.html
+load 1154598.xhtml
+load 1157995.html
+load 1181619.html
+load structured_clone_container_throws.html
 HTTP(..) load xhr_abortinprogress.html
 load xhr_empty_datauri.html
 load xhr_html_nullresponse.html
-load structured_clone_container_throws.html
-load 1154598.xhtml
-load 1157995.html
-load 1181619.html
--- a/dom/bindings/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/bindings/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
-skip-if(1) load 769464.html # bug 823822 - assert often leaks into other tests
+skip load 769464.html # bug 823822 - assert often leaks into other tests
 load 822340-1.html
 load 822340-2.html
 load 832899.html
+load 860551.html
 load 860591.html
-load 860551.html
+load 862092.html
 load 862610.html
-load 862092.html
 load 869038.html
 load 949940.html
 load 1010658-1.html
 load 1010658-2.html
--- a/dom/canvas/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/canvas/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,28 +1,26 @@
+load 0px-size-font-667225.html
+load 0px-size-font-shadow.html
 load 360293-1.html
 load 421715-1.html
 load 553938-1.html
 load 647480.html
 load 727547.html
-load 0px-size-font-667225.html
-load 0px-size-font-shadow.html
-load texImage2D.html
 load 729116.html
 load 745699-1.html
 load 746813-1.html
-# this test crashes in a bunch places still
-#load 745818-large-source.html
 load 743499-negative-size.html
-skip-if(Android) load 767337-1.html
+skip-if(Android||B2G) load 745818-large-source.html # Bug XXX - Crashes Android/B2G mid-run w/o a stack
+load 767337-1.html
 skip-if(Android||B2G) load 780392-1.html # bug 833371 for B2G
 skip-if(Android||B2G) skip-if(gtkWidget&&isDebugBuild) load 789933-1.html # bug 833371 for B2G, bug 1155252 for linux
 load 794463-1.html
 load 802926-1.html
 load 896047-1.html
 load 896047-2.html
 load 916128-1.html
 load 934939-1.html
 load 1099143-1.html
 load 1161277-1.html
 load 1183363.html
 load 1190705.html
+load texImage2D.html
--- a/dom/events/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/events/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -3,15 +3,15 @@ load 116206-1.html
 load 135345-1.html
 load 422009-1.xhtml
 load 457776-1.html
 load 496308-1.html
 load 682637-1.html
 load 1033343.html
 load 1035654-1.html
 load 1035654-2.html
+needs-focus load 1072137-1.html
 load 1143972-1.html
 load 1190036-1.html
-needs-focus load 1072137-1.html
 load eventctor-nulldictionary.html
 load eventctor-nullstorage.html
+load recursive-DOMNodeInserted.html
 load recursive-onload.html
-load recursive-DOMNodeInserted.html
--- a/dom/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
+load 68912-1.html
 load 257818-1.html
 load 285166-1.html
 load 294235-1.html
 load 307616-1.html
 load 324918-1.xhtml
 load 338649-1.xhtml
 load 339501-1.xhtml
 load 339501-2.xhtml
@@ -45,17 +46,16 @@ load 614988-1.html
 load 616401.html
 load 620078-1.html
 load 620078-2.html
 load 631421.html
 load 673853.html
 load 680922-1.xul
 load 682058.xhtml
 load 682460.html
-load 68912-1.html
 load 738744.xhtml
 load 741218.json
 load 741250.xhtml
 load 795221-1.html
 load 795221-2.html
 load 795221-3.html
 load 795221-4.html
 load 795221-5.xml
--- a/dom/media/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/media/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
 skip-if(Android||B2G) load 0-timescale.html # bug 1048628
 skip-if(Android) load 459439-1.html # bug 888557
 load 466607-1.html
 load 466945-1.html
 load 468763-1.html
 load 474744-1.html
 HTTP load 481136-1.html # needs to be HTTP to recognize the ogg as an audio file?
+load 492286-1.xhtml
 load 493915-1.html
-load 492286-1.xhtml
 load 495794-1.html
 load 576612-1.html
 load 752784-1.html
 load 789075-1.html
 HTTP load 795892-1.html
 load 844563.html
 load 846612.html
 load 852838.html
--- a/dom/plugins/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/plugins/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,16 +1,14 @@
 load 41276-1.html
 load 48856-1.html
 load 110650-1.html
-skip-if(browserIsRemote||!haveTestPlugin||cocoaWidget) script 539897-1.html # browserIsRemote is bug XXXXXX
-skip-if(browserIsRemote||!haveTestPlugin) script 540114-1.html # browserIsRemote is bug XXXXXX
+skip-if(!haveTestPlugin) script 539897-1.html
+skip-if(!haveTestPlugin) script 540114-1.html
 load 570884.html
 # This test relies on the reading of screenX/Y forcing a round trip to
 # the X server, which is a bad assumption for <browser remote>.
 # Plugin arch is going to change anyway with OOP content so skipping
 # this test for now is OK.
-skip-if(browserIsRemote||!haveTestPlugin||http.platform!="X11") load 598862.html
-# SkiaGL is causing a compositor hang here, disable temporarily while that gets resolved in bug 908363
-skip-if(Android) load 626602-1.html
+skip-if(!haveTestPlugin||http.platform!="X11") load 598862.html
+skip-if(Android) load 626602-1.html # bug 908363
 load 752340.html
 load 843086.xhtml
--- a/dom/smil/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/smil/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -7,35 +7,35 @@ load 526875-1.svg
 load 526875-2.svg
 load 529387-1.xhtml
 load 531550-1.svg
 load 537157-1.svg
 load 541297-1.svg
 load 547333-1.svg
 load 548899-1.svg
 load 551620-1.svg
+load 554141-1.svg
 load 554202-1.svg
 load 554202-2.svg
-load 554141-1.svg
 load 555026-1.svg
 load 556841-1.svg
 load 572938-1.svg
 load 572938-2.svg
 load 572938-3.svg
 load 572938-4.svg
 load 588287-1.svg
 load 588287-2.svg
 load 590425-1.html
 load 592477-1.xhtml
 load 594653-1.svg
 load 596796-1.svg
 load 605345-1.svg
 load 606101-1.svg
+load 608295-1.html
 load 608549-1.svg
-load 608295-1.html
 load 611927-1.svg
 load 615002-1.svg
 load 615872-1.svg
 load 641388-1.html
 load 641388-2.html
 load 650732-1.svg
 load 665334-1.svg
 load 669225-1.svg
--- a/dom/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -30,17 +30,17 @@ load 398926-both-same.svg
 load 398926-fill.svg
 load 398926-stroke.svg
 load 405639-1.svg
 load 406361-1.html
 load 409811-1.html
 load 410659-1.svg
 load 410659-2.svg
 load 410659-3.svg
-asserts(0-5) load 412104-1.svg
+asserts(3-4) load 412104-1.svg # bug 903785
 load 413174-1.svg
 load 414188-1.svg
 load 427325-1.svg
 load 428228-1.svg
 load 428841-1.svg
 load 435209-1.svg
 load 436418-mpathRoot-1.svg
 load 448244-1.svg
@@ -52,17 +52,16 @@ load 573316-1.svg
 load 579356-1.svg
 load 579356-2.svg
 load 595608-1.svg
 load 601251-1.html
 load 601406-1.svg
 load 603145-1.svg
 load 613899-1.svg
 load 613899-2.svg
-load zero-size-image.svg
 load 719779-1.svg
 load 723441-1.html
 load 751515-1.svg
 load 761507-1.svg
 load 831561.html
 load 837450-1.svg
 load 842463-1.html
 load 847138-1.svg
@@ -70,8 +69,9 @@ load 864509.svg
 load 880544-1.svg
 load 880544-2.svg
 load 880544-3.svg
 load 880544-4.svg
 load 880544-5.svg
 load 898915-1.svg
 load 1035248-1.svg
 load 1035248-2.svg
+load zero-size-image.svg
rename from dom/workers/test/1158031.html
rename to dom/workers/test/crashtests/1158031.html
rename from dom/workers/test/779707.html
rename to dom/workers/test/crashtests/779707.html
rename from dom/workers/test/943516.html
rename to dom/workers/test/crashtests/943516.html
rename from dom/workers/test/crashtests.list
rename to dom/workers/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
--- a/dom/xbl/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/xbl/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -13,28 +13,28 @@ load 368641-1.xhtml
 load 378521-1.xhtml
 load 382376-1.xhtml
 load 382376-2.xhtml
 load 397596-1.xhtml
 load 404125-1.xhtml
 load 406900-1.xul
 load 406904-1.xhtml
 load 406904-2.xhtml
+load 415192-1.xul
 load 415301-1.xul
 load 418133-1.xhtml
-load 415192-1.xul
 load 420233-1.xhtml
 load 421997-1.xhtml
 load 432813-1.xhtml
 load 454820-1.html
 load 460665-1.xhtml
 load 463511-1.xhtml
 load 464863-1.xhtml
 load 472260-1.xhtml
 load 477878-1.html
 load 492978-1.xul
 load 493123-1.xhtml
 load 495354-1.xhtml
 load 507628-1.xhtml
 load 507991-1.xhtml
-load set-field-bad-this.xhtml
 load 830614-1.xul
 load 895805-1.xhtml
+load set-field-bad-this.xhtml
--- a/dom/xslt/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/xslt/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -7,12 +7,12 @@ load 483444.xml
 load 485217.xml
 load 485286.xml
 load 527558_1.xml
 load 528300.xml
 load 528488.xml
 load 528963.xml
 load 545927.html
 load 601543.html
+load 602115.html
 load 603844.html
-load 602115.html
 load 667315.xml
 load 1089049.html
deleted file mode 100644
--- a/editor/crashtests.list
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
-# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
-# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
-# file, You can obtain one at
-include libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
-include composer/crashtests/crashtests.list
-include txmgr/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
--- a/editor/libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -41,27 +41,27 @@ load 650572-1.html
 load 667321-1.html
 load 682650-1.html
 load 713427-1.html
 load 713427-2.xhtml
 load 716456-1.html
 load 759748.html
 load 761861.html
 load 762183.html
-load 769008-1.html
 load 766305.html
 load 766360.html
 load 766387.html
 load 766413.html
+load 766795.html
 load 766845.xhtml
-load 766795.html
 load 767169.html
-load 769967.xhtml
 load 768748.html
 load 768765.html
+load 769008-1.html
+load 769967.xhtml
 needs-focus load 771749.html
 load 772282.html
 load 776323.html
 needs-focus load 793866.html
 load 1057677.html
 needs-focus load 1128787.html
 load 1134545.html
 load 1158452.html
--- a/gfx/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/gfx/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -20,26 +20,26 @@ load 369688-1.html
 load 369947-1.html
 load 372094-1.xhtml
 load 376627-1.html
 load 377231-1.html
 load 377232-1.xhtml
 load 377461-1.xhtml
 load 383473-1.html
 load 383872-1.svg
-load 385289-1.xhtml
 skip-if(Android&&smallScreen) load 385228-1.svg # bug 523255 / bug 385228, nexus-s Android 2.3.6
 skip load 385228-2.svg  # bug 523255 / bug 385228
+load 385289-1.xhtml
 load 385417-1.html
 load 385417-2.html
 load 385423-1.html
 load 385423-2.html
 load 385719-1.html
 load 389326-1.html
-skip load 390476.html # bug 585185
+load 390476.html
 load 393746-1.xhtml
 load 393749-1.html
 load 393822-1.html
 load 394384-1.html
 load 394246-1.html
 load 394246-2.html
 skip-if(Android||B2G) load 394751.xhtml # bug 922976
 load 395335-1.xhtml
@@ -90,29 +90,29 @@ load 580212-1.html
 load 580233-1.html
 load 580719-1.html
 load 593526.html
 load 593526.xul
 load 594654-1.xhtml
 load 595042-1.html
 load 595727-1.html
 load 624198.xhtml
+load 633322-1.html
 load 633453-1.html
-load 633322-1.html
 load 665218.html
 load 686190-1.html
 load 693143-1.html
 load 710149-1.html
 load 768079-1.html
 load 783041-1.html
 load 783041-2.html
 load 783041-3.html
 load 783041-4.html
-asserts-if(gtkWidget,0-1) load 798853.html # bug 868792
-asserts-if(winWidget,0-1) skip-if(B2G||Android) load 815489.html # bug 871763, 1216304
+load 798853.html # bug 868792
+skip-if(Android||B2G) load 815489.html # bug 871763, 1216304
 load 836225-1.html
 load 839745-1.html
 load 856784-1.html
 load 893572-1.html
 load 893572-2.html
 load 893572-3.html
 load 893572-4.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 914457-1.html
--- a/image/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/image/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,62 +1,41 @@
-asserts(0-2) load ownerdiscard.html # bug 804291, bug 807211
+# Bug 668068 - Maximum (256) width and height icons that we currently interpret as 0-width and 0-height.
+load 256-height.ico
+load 256-width.ico
 load 83804-1.gif
 load 89341-1.gif
 load 463696.bmp
 load 570451.png
+skip-if(Android&&smallScreen) skip-if(B2G) skip-if(OSX==1010&&isDebugBuild) load 694165-1.xhtml # nexus-s Android 2.3.6, bug 876275 for B2G on a VM; bug 1123195 for OS X 10.10 debug
+load 681190.html
+load 732319-1.html
+load 844403-1.html
+load 856616.gif
+skip-if(B2G) load 944353.jpg
+load 1205923-1.html
+load 1212954-1.svg
 load colormap-range.gif
-# the following tests were inspired by bug 525326
-# they have image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow
-load invalid-size.gif
-# this image has a valid size for the first frame, but the second frame is 65535x65535
-# AddressSanitizer sometimes fails with a CHECK on an allocation caused by this.
-skip-if(AddressSanitizer) load invalid-size-second-frame.gif
+HTTP load delayedframe.sjs # A 3-frame animated GIF with an inordinate delay between the second and third frame
 # Animated gifs with a very large canvas, but tiny actual content.
 skip-if(B2G) load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif
 skip-if(B2G) load delaytest.html?523528-2.gif
-# this would have exposed the leak discovered in bug 642902
-load invalid-icc-profile.jpg
-# maximum (256) width and height icons that we currently (due to bug 668068)
-# interpret as 0-width and 0-height.
-load 256-width.ico
-load 256-height.ico
-# A 3-frame animated GIF with an inordinate delay between the second and third
-# frame.
-HTTP load delayedframe.sjs
-asserts(0-1) load 681190.html # asserts can't create such a big surface
-skip-if(Android&&smallScreen) skip-if(B2G) skip-if(OSX==1010&&isDebugBuild) load 694165-1.xhtml # nexus-s Android 2.3.6, bug 876275 for B2G on a VM; bug 1123195 for OS X 10.10 debug
-load 732319-1.html
-load 844403-1.html
-load truncated-second-frame.png # bug 863975
-# Bug 863958
-# This icon's size is such that it leads to multiple writes to the PNG decoder
-# after we've gotten our size.
-load multiple-png-hassize.ico
-# Bug 856615
-# Asserts in the debug build
-load 856616.gif
-skip-if(AddressSanitizer) skip-if(B2G) load 944353.jpg
-# Bug 1160801: Ensure that we handle invalid disposal types.
+# Bug 1160801 - Ensure that we handle invalid disposal types.
 load invalid-disposal-method-1.gif
 load invalid-disposal-method-2.gif
 load invalid-disposal-method-3.gif
-load 1205923-1.html
-load 1212954-1.svg
+load invalid-icc-profile.jpg # This would have exposed the leak discovered in bug 642902
-# Ensure we handle ICO directory entries which specify the wrong size for the
-# contained resource.
+# Ensure we handle ICO directory entries which specify the wrong size for the contained resource.
 load invalid_ico_height.ico
 load invalid_ico_width.ico
+# Bug 525326 - Test image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow)
+load invalid-size.gif
+load invalid-size-second-frame.gif
+load multiple-png-hassize.ico # Bug 863958 - This icon's size is such that it leads to multiple writes to the PNG decoder after we've gotten our size.
+asserts(0-2) load ownerdiscard.html # Bug 807211
+load truncated-second-frame.png # Bug 863975
--- a/js/xpconnect/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/js/xpconnect/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@ load 761831.html
 asserts(0-1) load 752038.html # We may hit bug 645229 here.
 asserts(1) load 753162.html # We hit bug 675518 or bug 680086 here.
 load 754311.html
 asserts(0-1) load 786142.html # We may hit bug 645229 here.
 load 797583.html
 load 806751.html
 load 833856.html
 load 851418.html
+load 854139.html
 load 854604.html
-load 854139.html
 pref(dom.use_xbl_scopes_for_remote_xul,true) load 898939.html
 pref(security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy,false) load 938297.html
--- a/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -291,19 +291,19 @@ load 468645-1.xhtml
 load 468645-2.xhtml
 load 468645-3.xhtml
 load 469861-1.xhtml
 load 469861-2.xhtml
 load 470851-1.xhtml
 load 471594-1.xhtml
 asserts-if(Android,2) load 473042.xhtml # bug 1034369 (may also cause a few assertions to be registered on the next test)
 asserts(0-5) load 474075.html # bug 847368
-load 479114-1.html
 load 477333-1.xhtml
 load 477731-1.html
+load 479114-1.html
 load 479360-1.xhtml
 load 480686-1.html
 load 481806-1.html
 load 483604-1.xhtml
 load 485501-1.html
 load 487544-1.html
 load 488390-1.xhtml
 load 489691.html
@@ -378,19 +378,19 @@ load 609821-1.xhtml
 load 613817-1.svg
 load 615146-1.html
 load 615781-1.xhtml
 load 616495-single-side-composite-color-border.html
 load 629035-1.html
 load 629908-1.html
 load 635329.html
 load 636229-1.html
-load 645572-1.html
 == 640272.html 640272-ref.html
 load 645193.html
+load 645572-1.html
 load 650475.xhtml
 load 650489.xhtml
 load 651342-1.html
 load 653133-1.html
 load 663295.html
 load 663662-1.html
 load 663662-2.html
 load 665837.html
@@ -441,34 +441,34 @@ load 822865.html
 load 824862.html
 load 826163.html
 load 833604-1.html
 load 835056.html
 load 836990-1.html
 load 840480.html
 load 847242.html
 pref(,false) pref(layers.low-precision-buffer,false) load 852293.html
-load 860579-1.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 859526-1.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 859630-1.html
+load 860579-1.html
 load 866588.html
 load 876092.html
 load 876221.html
 load 897852.html
 asserts-if(Android,2) asserts-if(!Android,4-6) load 898913.html # bug 847368
 pref(layers.acceleration.disabled,true) pref(layers.force-active,true) load 919434.html
 load 926728.html
 load 930381.html
-load 931464.html
-load 936988-1.html
 load 931450.html
 load 931460-1.html
+load 931464.html
 load 935765-1.html
+load 936988-1.html
 load 942690.html
 load 973390-1.html
 load 1001237.html
 load 1043163-1.html
 load 1061028.html
+load 1107508-1.html
 load 1116104.html
-load 1107508-1.html
 load 1127198-1.html
 load 1140198.html
 pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1156588.html
--- a/layout/forms/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/forms/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -22,42 +22,42 @@ load 370940-1.html
 load 370967.html
 load 373586-1.xhtml
 load 375299.html
 load 378369.html
 asserts(4-10) load 378413-1.xhtml # bug 424225, bug 402850?
 load 380116-1.xhtml
 load 382212-1.xhtml
 load 382610-1.html
-load 383887-1.html # bug 576434
+load 383887-1.html
 load 386554-1.html
 load 388374-1.xhtml
 load 388374-2.html
 load 393656-1.xhtml
 load 393656-2.xhtml
 load 399262.html
 load 402852-1.html
 load 403148-1.html
 load 404118-1.html
 load 404123-1.html
 load 407066.html
 load 451316.html
 load 455451-1.html
 load 457537-1.html
 load 457537-2.html
 load 478219-1.xhtml
+skip-if(B2G) load 498698-1.html # bug 833371
 load 513113-1.html
 load 538062-1.xhtml
 load 570624-1.html
-skip-if(B2G) load 498698-1.html # bug 833371
 asserts(1) load 578604-1.html # bug 584564
 asserts(4-7) load 590302-1.xhtml # bug 584564
 load 626014.xhtml
 load 639733.xhtml
-asserts(0-1) load 669767.html
+load 669767.html
 load 682684.xhtml
 load 865602.html
 load 944198.html
 load 949891.xhtml
 load 959311.html
 load 960277-2.html
 load 997709-1.html
 load 1102791.html
rename from layout/generic/crashtests/812879.html
rename to layout/generic/crashtests/812879-1.html
--- a/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -156,19 +156,19 @@ load 392698-1.html
 load 393758-1.xhtml
 load 393906-1.html
 load 393923-1.html
 load 393956-1.html
 load 393956-2.html
 load 393956-3.html
 load 393956-4.html
 load 394237-1.html
-load 394820-1.html
 load 394818-1.html
 load 394818-2.html
+load 394820-1.html
 load 395316-1.html
 load 395450-1.xhtml
 load 397007-1.html
 load 397187-1.html
 load 397844-1.xhtml
 load 397844-2.xhtml
 load 397852-1.xhtml
 load 398181-1.html
@@ -357,27 +357,27 @@ load 493649.html
 load 494283-1.xhtml
 load 494283-2.html
 load 494300-1.xul
 load 494332-1.html
 load 495875-1.html
 load 495875-2.html
 load 496742.html
 load 499138.html
+load 499857-1.html
 load 499862-1.html
-load 499857-1.html
-asserts-if(winWidget&&!(/^Windows\x20NT\x205\.1/.test(http.oscpu)),3) load 499885-1.xhtml # Bug 1220265
+asserts(0-3) load 499885-1.xhtml # Bug 1220265
 load 501535-1.html
 load 503961-1.xhtml
 load 503961-2.html
+load 505912-1.html
+load 508154-1.xhtml
 load 508168-1.html
 load 508816-1.xul
 load 508908-1.html
-load 505912-1.html
-load 508154-1.xhtml
 load 509749-1.html
 load 511482.html
 load 512724-1.html
 load 512725-1.html
 load 512749-1.html
 load 513110-1.html
 load 513110-2.xhtml
 load 513394-1.html
@@ -453,56 +453,46 @@ load 647332-1.html
 load 650499-1.html
 load 654002-1.html
 load 654002-2.html
 load 655462-1.html
 load 656130-1.html
 load 656130-2.html
 load 660416.html
 load 665853.html
-load text-overflow-form-elements.html
-load text-overflow-iframe.html
-load text-overflow-bug666751-1.html
-load text-overflow-bug666751-2.html
-load text-overflow-bug670564.xhtml
-load text-overflow-bug671796.xhtml
 load 667025.html
 load 673770.html
 load 679933-1.html
 load 682649-1.html
 load 683702-1.xhtml
+load 683712.html
 load 688996-1.html
 load 688996-2.html
-load 683712.html
 load 691210.html
-load text-overflow-bug713610.html
 load 700031.xhtml
 load 718516.html
 load 723108.html
 load 724235.html
 load 724978.xhtml
 load 730559.html
-load first-letter-638937.html
-load first-letter-638937-2.html
 load 734777.html
 load 737313-1.html
 load 737313-2.html
 load 737313-3.html
 test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) load 740199-1.xhtml
 load 747688.html
 load 750066.html
-pref(dom.meta-viewport.enabled,true) test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) asserts(1-100) load font-inflation-762332.html # bug 762332
+load 762764-1.html
 load 762902.html
-load 762764-1.html
 load 765409.html
 asserts(0-200) load 765621.html # bug 703550
 asserts(0-200) load 767765.html # bug 407550, bug 871758, and various nscoord_MAX related asserts
+load 769120.html
 asserts(0-2) load 769303-1.html # bug 1123979
 load 769303-2.html
-load 769120.html
 load 777838.html
 load 783228.html
 load 784600.html
 load 785555.html
 load 786740-1.html
 load 790260-1.html
 asserts(1) test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) load 791601.xhtml # Bug 871327
 test-pref(font.size.inflation.minTwips,120) load 794693.html
@@ -511,54 +501,54 @@ load 798235-1.html
 load 799207-1.html
 load 799207-2.html
 load 801268-1.html
 load 804089-1.xhtml
 load 807565-1.html
 load 807565-2.html
 load 810303.html
 load 810726.html
-load 812879.html
+load 812822-1.html
+load 812879-1.html
 load 812879-2.html
+load 812893.html
 load 814995.html
 load 822910.xhtml
+load 824297-1.html
 load 825810-1.html
 load 825810-2.html
-load 827076.html
-load 840818.html
-load 812822-1.html
-load 812893.html
-load 824297-1.html
 load 826483-1.html
 load 826532-1.html
+load 827076.html
 load 827168-1.html
 load 836895.html
 load 837007.xhtml
 load 840787.html
+load 840818.html
 load 842132-1.html
 load 842166.html
 load 844529-1.html
 load 847130.xhtml
 load 847208.html
 asserts-if(Android,2) asserts-if(!Android,4) load 847209.html # bug 847368
 load 847211-1.html
 load 849603.html
 asserts(0-12) load 850931.html # bug 569193
 load 851396-1.html
 load 854263-1.html
 load 862185.html
 load 862947-1.html
 load 863935.html
+load 866547-1.html
 needs-focus pref(accessibility.browsewithcaret,true) load 868906.html
-load 866547-1.html
 asserts(0-5) load 876074-1.html # bug 876749
 load 885009-1.html
 load 893496-1.html
 load 893523.html
-asserts-if(cocoaWidget,0-3) load 898871.html # bug 479160
+asserts(0-3) load 898871.html # bug 479160 - mostly OSX, sometimes Windows
 load 914891.html
 load 915475.xhtml
 load 927558.html
 load 943509-1.html
 asserts(3-8) load 944909-1.html
 load 946167-1.html
 load 947158.html
 load 949932.html
@@ -568,17 +558,16 @@ load 973701-2.xhtml
 load 986899.html
 load 1001233.html
 load 1001258-1.html
 load 1003441.xul
 pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1015562.html
 asserts(1-2) load 1015563-1.html
 asserts(1-2) load 1015563-2.html
 asserts(0-300) load 1015844.html # bug 574889
-load outline-on-frameset.xhtml
 pref(font.size.inflation.minTwips,200) load 1032450.html
 load 1032613-1.svg
 load 1032613-2.html
 load 1037903.html
 load 1039454-1.html
 load 1042489.html
 load 1054010-1.html
 load 1058954-1.html
@@ -590,8 +579,19 @@ load 1146103.html
 load 1146107.html
 load 1146114.html
 load 1156222.html
 pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1156257.html
 load 1157011.html
 load 1169420-1.html
 load 1169420-2.html
 load 1183431.html
+load first-letter-638937-1.html
+load first-letter-638937-2.html
+pref(dom.meta-viewport.enabled,true) test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) asserts(1-100) load font-inflation-762332.html # bug 762332
+load outline-on-frameset.xhtml
+load text-overflow-bug666751-1.html
+load text-overflow-bug666751-2.html
+load text-overflow-bug670564.xhtml
+load text-overflow-bug671796.xhtml
+load text-overflow-bug713610.html
+load text-overflow-form-elements.html
+load text-overflow-iframe.html
rename from layout/generic/crashtests/first-letter-638937.html
rename to layout/generic/crashtests/first-letter-638937-1.html
--- a/layout/mathml/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/mathml/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -53,14 +53,14 @@ load 463763-2.xhtml
 load 476547-1.xhtml
 load 477740-1.xhtml
 load 541620-1.xhtml
 load 557474-1.html
 load 654928-1.html
 load 655451-1.xhtml
 load 713606-1.html
 load 716349-1.html
+load 848725-1.html
+load 848725-2.html
 load 947557-1.html
 test-pref(layout.css.sticky.enabled,true) load 973322-1.xhtml
-load 848725-1.html
-load 848725-2.html
 load 1028521-1.xhtml
 load 1061027.html
--- a/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
 load 105619-1.html
 load 147777-1.html
 load 187671-1.html
 load 192408-1.html
+load 285727-1.html
 load 286707-1.html
-load 285727-1.html
 load 317561-1.html
 load 330998-1.html
 load 363950.html
 load 368175-1.html
 load 368740.html
 load 379788-1.html
 load 383979-1.xhtml
 load 383979-2.html
--- a/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -79,33 +79,32 @@ load 458453.html
 load 459666-1.html
 load 459883.xhtml
 load 461289-1.svg
 load 464374-1.svg
 load 466585-1.svg
 load 467323-1.svg
 load 467498-1.svg
 load 470124-1.svg
+load 472782-1.svg
 load 474700-1.svg
-load 472782-1.svg
 load 475181-1.svg
 load 475193-1.html
 load 475302-1.svg
 load 477935-1.html
 load 478128-1.svg
 load 478511-1.svg
 load 483439-1.svg
 load 492186-1.svg
 load 508247-1.svg
 load 512890-1.svg
 load 515288-1.html
 load 522394-1.svg
 load 522394-2.svg
 load 522394-3.svg
-load extref-test-1.xhtml
 load 566216-1.svg
 skip-if(Android&&!browserIsRemote) load 587336-1.html
 load 590291-1.svg
 load 601999-1.html
 load 605626-1.svg
 load 610594-1.html
 load 610954-1.html
 load 612662-1.svg
@@ -131,31 +130,31 @@ load 709920-2.svg
 load 713413-1.svg
 load 722003-1.svg
 load 725918-1.svg
 load 732836-1.svg
 load 740627-1.svg
 load 740627-2.svg
 load 757704-1.svg
 load 757718-1.svg
+load 757751-1.svg
 load 767056-1.svg
-load 768351.svg
-load 780963-1.html
-load 757751-1.svg
 load 767535-1.xhtml
 load 768087-1.html
+load 768351.svg
 load 778492-1.svg
 load 779971-1.svg
 load 780764-1.svg
+load 780963-1.html
 load 782141-1.svg
 load 784061-1.svg
 load 788831-1.svg
+load 789390-1.html
 load 790072.svg
 load 791826-1.svg
-load 789390-1.html
 load 808318-1.svg
 load 813420-1.svg
 load 841163-1.svg
 load 841812-1.svg
 load 842009-1.svg
 load 842630-1.svg
 load 842909-1.svg
 load 843072-1.svg
@@ -178,19 +177,20 @@ load 895311-1.svg
 load 897342-1.svg
 load 898909-1.svg
 load 898951-1.svg
 load 913990.html
 load 919371-1.xhtml
 load 950324-1.svg
 load 952270-1.svg
 load 963086-1.svg
+load 974746-1.svg
 load 975773-1.svg
-load 974746-1.svg
 load 979407-1.svg
 load 979407-2.svg
 load 993443.svg
 load 1016145.svg
 load 1028512.svg
 load 1140080-1.svg
 load 1149542-1.svg
 load 1182496-1.html
 load 1209525-1.svg
+load extref-test-1.xhtml
--- a/layout/tables/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/tables/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -121,36 +121,36 @@ load 460637-2.xhtml
 load 460637-3.xhtml
 load 462849.xhtml
 load 467141-1.html
 load 488388-1.html
 load 501870-1.html
 load 509562-1.xhtml
 load 512749-1.html
 load 513732-1.html
-asserts(0-1) load 533380-1.xhtml # Bug 614457
+load 533380-1.xhtml
 load 534716-1.html
 load 563009-1.html
 load 563009-2.html
 load 563009-3.html
 load 573354-1.xhtml
 load 576890-1.html
 load 576890-2.html
 load 576890-3.html
 load 580481-1.xhtml
-asserts(0-3) load 595758-1.xhtml # Bug 453871
+asserts(1) load 595758-1.xhtml # Bug 714667
 load 595758-2.xhtml
 load 678447-1.html
 skip-if(Android) load 691824-1.xhtml # Bug 694248
 load 695430-1.html
 load 696640-1.html
 load 696640-2.html
-load 707622-1.html
 load 705996-1.html
 load 705996-2.html
+load 707622-1.html
+load 710098-1.html
 load 711864-1.html
-load 710098-1.html
 asserts-if(gtkWidget&&browserIsRemote,5) load 759249-1.html # Bug 1195474
 load 759249-2.html
 load 814713.html
 load 1027611-1.html
 load 1031934.html
 load 1183896.html
--- a/layout/xul/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/xul/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -9,34 +9,34 @@ load 265161-1.xul
 load 289410-1.xul
 load 290743.html
 load 291702-1.xul
 load 291702-2.xul
 load 291702-3.xul
 load 294371-1.xul
 load 311457-1.html
 load 321056-1.xhtml
-load 326834-1.html
 load 322786-1.xul
 load 325377.xul
+load 326834-1.html
 load 326879-1.xul
 load 327776-1.xul
 load 328135-1.xul
 load 329327-1.xul
 load 329407-1.xml
 load 329477-1.xhtml
 load 336962-1.xul
 load 344228-1.xul
 load 346083-1.xul
 load 346281-1.xul
 load 350460.xul
 load 360642-1.xul
 load 365151.xul
 load 366112-1.xul
-asserts(0-42) load 366203-1.xul # bug 1217984
+asserts(0-50) load 366203-1.xul # bug 1217984
 asserts(24) asserts-if(Android,9) load 367185-1.xhtml # bug 1220345
 load 369942-1.xhtml
 load 374102-1.xul
 load 376137-1.html
 load 376137-2.html
 load 377592-1.svg
 load 378961.html
 load 381862.html
@@ -87,12 +87,12 @@ load 475133.html
 load 488210-1.xhtml
 load 495728-1.xul
 load 508927-1.xul
 load 508927-2.xul
 load 514300-1.xul
 load 536931-1.xhtml
 asserts(1) load 538308-1.xul
 load 557174-1.xml
-load menulist-focused.xhtml
 load 564705-1.xul 
 load 583957-1.html
 load 617089.html
+load menulist-focused.xhtml
--- a/layout/xul/tree/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/xul/tree/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 load 307298-1.xul
 load 309732-1.xul
 load 309732-2.xul
 load 366583-1.xul
-asserts-if(winWidget,0-4) load 380217-1.xul # bug 616710
+load 380217-1.xul
 load 382444-1.html
 load 391178-1.xhtml
 load 391178-2.xul
 load 393665-1.xul
 load 399227-1.xul
 load 399227-2.xul
 load 399692-1.xhtml
 load 399715-1.xhtml
--- a/parser/htmlparser/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/parser/htmlparser/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -25,28 +25,28 @@ load 188474-1.html
 load 194329-1.html
 load 197052-1.html
 load 220542-1.html
 load 253979-1.html
 load 269095-1.html
 load 286733-1.html
 load 286733-2.html
 load 299036-1.html
-skip-if((OSX==1007||OSX==1008)&&browserIsRemote) load 328751-1.html # Bug 849747
+skip-if(cocoaWidget&&browserIsRemote) load 328751-1.html # Bug 849747
 load 408939-1.html
 load 423373-1.html
 load 445171-1.html
 load 468538-1.xhtml
 load 502103.html
 load 502869.html
 load 515278-1.html
 load 515533-1.html
 load 515816-1.html
+load 522326-1.html
 load 525229-1.html
-load 522326-1.html
 load 536097-1.html
 load 555462.html
 load 563514-1.html
 load 574884-1.html
 load 574884-2.html
 load 591330-1.html
 load 650501-1.xhtml
 load 696651-1.html
--- a/testing/crashtest/crashtests.list
+++ b/testing/crashtest/crashtests.list
@@ -17,24 +17,26 @@ include ../../dom/jsurl/crashtests/crash
 include ../../dom/mathml/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/media/mediasource/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/media/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
 skip-if(!webrtc) include ../../dom/media/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/offline/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/plugins/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/smil/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
-include ../../dom/workers/test/crashtests.list
+include ../../dom/workers/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/xbl/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/xml/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/xslt/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/xul/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../dom/xul/templates/crashtests/crashtests.list
-include ../../editor/crashtests.list
+include ../../editor/composer/crashtests/crashtests.list
+include ../../editor/libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
+include ../../editor/txmgr/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../gfx/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../image/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../intl/lwbrk/crashtests/crashtests.list
 include ../../intl/uconv/crashtests/crashtests.list