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Backed out changeset e2395b3b1e16 (bug 1313326)
--- a/toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/collection/events.rst
+++ b/toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/collection/events.rst
@@ -91,24 +91,16 @@ The probes in the definition file are re
 Category and probe names are subject to the limits and regex patterns :ref:`specified above <eventlimits>`.
 The following event properties are valid:
 - ``methods`` *(optional, list of strings)*: The valid event methods. If not set this defaults to ``[eventName]``.
 - ``objects`` *(required, list of strings)*: The valid event objects.
 - ``description`` *(required, string)*: Description of the event and its semantics.
 - ``release_channel_collection`` *(optional, string)*: This can be set to ``opt-in`` (default) or ``opt-out``.
-- ``record_in_processes`` *(required, list of strings)*: A list of processes the event can be recorded in. Currently supported values are:
-  - ``main``
-  - ``content``
-  - ``gpu``
-  - ``all_child`` (record in all the child processes)
-  - ``all`` (record in all the processes).
 - ``bug_numbers`` *(required, list of numbers)*: A list of bugzilla bug numbers that are relevant to this event.
 - ``notification_emails`` *(required, list of strings)*: A list of emails of owners for this event. This is used for contact for data reviews and potentially to email alerts.
 - expiry: There are two properties that can specify expiry, at least one needs to be set:
   - ``expiry_version`` *(string)*: The version number in which the event expires, e.g. ``"50"``, or ``"never"``. A version number of type "N" and "N.0" is automatically converted to "N.0a1" in order to expire the event also in the development channels. For events that never expire the value ``never`` can be used.
   - ``expiry_date`` *(date)*: A date of the format ``2014-01-28``. If the local client clock reaches this date, the event will expire and not be recorded.
 - ``extra_keys`` *(optional, object)*: An object that specifies valid keys for the ``extra`` argument and a description - see the example above.
@@ -129,16 +121,18 @@ Public JS API
 Record a registered event.
 * ``value``: Optional, may be ``null``. A string value, limitted to 80 bytes.
 * ``extra``: Optional. An object with string keys & values. Key strings are limitted to what was registered. Value strings are limitted to 80 bytes.
 Throws if the combination of ``category``, ``method`` and ``object`` is unknown.
 Recording an expired event will not throw, but print a warning into the browser console.
+Note: Currently events are only recorded in the main process. Recording in other processes is silently ignored (until `bug 1313326 <>`_ is landed).
 .. code-block:: js
   Services.telemetry.recordEvent("ui", "click", "reload-btn");
   // event: [543345, "ui", "click", "reload-btn"]
   Services.telemetry.recordEvent("ui", "search", "search-bar", "google");
   // event: [89438, "ui", "search", "search-bar", "google"]
@@ -166,15 +160,8 @@ Internal API
 .. code-block:: js
   Services.telemetry.snapshotBuiltinEvents(dataset, clear);
 These functions are only supposed to be used by Telemetry internally or in tests.
-Version History
-- Firefox 52: Initial event support (`bug 1302663 <>`_).
-- Firefox 53: Event recording disabled by default (`bug 1329139 <>`_).
-- Firefox 54: Added child process events (`bug 1313326 <>`_).
--- a/toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/data/main-ping.rst
+++ b/toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/data/main-ping.rst
@@ -118,17 +118,16 @@ Structure:
         keyedScalars: {...},
         events: {...},
       "content": {
         scalars: {...},
         keyedScalars: {...},
         histograms: {...},
         keyedHistograms: {...},
-        events: {...},
       "gpu": {
         // ...
 histograms and keyedHistograms