Bug 691148 - Remove unused strings from pipnss.properties. r=keeler
authorCykesiopka <cykesiopka.bmo@gmail.com>
Mon, 26 Jan 2015 21:30:00 +0100
changeset 239304 ed56982ca86df994d2d1a76581899e08241fc118
parent 239303 982c4dbb69276d59f7533901725565d39d3a48b2
child 239305 c95152b42fdec5a7c94be2a7b3c7c9c0d1855040
push id497
push usermleibovic@mozilla.com
push dateWed, 28 Jan 2015 16:43:37 +0000
Bug 691148 - Remove unused strings from pipnss.properties. r=keeler
--- a/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pipnss/pipnss.properties
+++ b/security/manager/locales/en-US/chrome/pipnss/pipnss.properties
@@ -35,50 +35,42 @@ PrivateSlotDescription=PSM Private Keys
 Fips140TokenDescription=Software Security Device (FIPS)
 # 64
 Fips140SlotDescription=FIPS 140 Cryptographic, Key and Certificate Services
 # 32
 InternalToken=Software Security Device
 # End of size restriction.
 VerifySSLClient=SSL Client Certificate
 VerifySSLServer=SSL Server Certificate
-VerifySSLStepUp=SSL Server with Step-up
 VerifySSLCA=SSL Certificate Authority
 VerifyEmailSigner=Email Signer Certificate
 VerifyEmailRecip=Email Recipient Certificate
-VerifyProtectObjSign=Protected Object Signer
 VerifyObjSign=Object Signer
-VerifyUserImport=User Import Cert
 VerifyCAVerifier=CA Verifier
 VerifyStatusResponder=Status Responder Certificate
-VerifyAnyCA=Any Certificate Authority
 HighGrade=High Grade
 MediumGrade=Medium Grade
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (nick_template): $1s is the common name from a cert (e.g. "Mozilla"), $2s is the CA name (e.g. VeriSign)
 nick_template=%1$s's %2$s ID
 #These are the strings set for the ASN1 objects in a certificate.
 CertDumpVersion1=Version 1
 CertDumpVersion2=Version 2
 CertDumpVersion3=Version 3
 CertDumpSerialNo=Serial Number
-CertDumpOID=Object Identifier
 CertDumpMD2WithRSA=PKCS #1 MD2 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpMD5WithRSA=PKCS #1 MD5 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpSHA1WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-1 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpSHA256WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-256 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpSHA384WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-384 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpSHA512WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-512 With RSA Encryption
 CertDumpDefOID=Object Identifier (%S)
-CertDumpRDN=Relative Distinguished Name
-CertDumpATV=Attribute Type and Value
@@ -240,54 +232,35 @@ CertDumpECsect283k1=SECG elliptic curve 
 CertDumpECsect283r1=SECG elliptic curve sect283r1 (aka NIST B-283)
 CertDumpECsect409k1=SECG elliptic curve sect409k1 (aka NIST K-409)
 CertDumpECsect409r1=SECG elliptic curve sect409r1 (aka NIST B-409)
 CertDumpECsect571k1=SECG elliptic curve sect571k1 (aka NIST K-571)
 CertDumpECsect571r1=SECG elliptic curve sect571r1 (aka NIST B-571)
 CertDumpRawBytesHeader=Size: %S Bytes / %S Bits
-VerifyProtectObjSign_p=Protected Object Signer
 VerifyObjSign_p=Object Signer
-VerifyUserImport_p=User Import
 VerifyCAVerifier_p=CA Verifier
 VerifyStatusResponder_p=Status Responder
 PK11BadPassword=The password entered was incorrect.
 SuccessfulP12Backup=Successfully backed up your security certificate(s) and private key(s).
 SuccessfulP12Restore=Successfully restored your security certificate(s) and private key(s).
-PKCS12PasswordInvalid=Could not decode PKCS #12 file.  Perhaps the password you entered was incorrect?
 PKCS12DecodeErr=Failed to decode the file.  Either it is not in PKCS #12 format, has been corrupted, or the password you entered was incorrect.
 PKCS12UnknownErrRestore=Failed to restore the PKCS #12 file for unknown reasons.
 PKCS12UnknownErrBackup=Failed to create the PKCS #12 backup file for unknown reasons.
 PKCS12UnknownErr=The PKCS #12 operation failed for unknown reasons.
 PKCS12InfoNoSmartcardBackup=It is not possible to back up certificates from a hardware security device such as a smart card.
 PKCS12DupData=The certificate and private key already exist on the security device.
-AddModulePrompt=Are you sure you want to install this security module?
-AddModuleName=Module Name: %S
-AddModulePath=Path: %S
-AddModuleSuccess=A new security module has been installed
 AddModuleFailure=Unable to add module
 AddModuleDup=Security Module already exists
-DelModuleBadName=Invalid module name.
 DelModuleWarning=Are you sure you want to delete this security module?
 DelModuleError=Unable to delete module
-DelModuleIntSuccess=Internal security module successfully deleted
-DelModuleExtSuccess=External security module successfully deleted
-ForcedBackup1=You should make a password-protected backup copy of your new security certificate and its associated private key.
-ForcedBackup2=If you ever lose access to your private key by forgetting your personal security password, or by experiencing file corruption, you can restore this private key and certificate from this backup copy.
-ForcedBackup3=To make a copy, click OK. If possible, you should save your backup copy on a floppy disk that you keep in a safe location.
-UnknownCertIssuer=(Unknown Issuer)
-UnknownCertOrg=(Unknown Organization)
 AVATemplate=%S = %S
 PSMERR_SSL_Disabled=Can't connect securely because the SSL protocol has been disabled.
 PSMERR_SSL2_Disabled=Can't connect securely because the site uses an older, insecure version of the SSL protocol.
 PSMERR_HostReusedIssuerSerial=You have received an invalid certificate.  Please contact the server administrator or email correspondent and give them the following information:\n\nYour certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate issued by the certificate authority.  Please get a new certificate containing a unique serial number.
 SSLConnectionErrorPrefix=An error occurred during a connection to %S.