servo: Merge #18107 - Remove unused StackingContextType (from mrobinson:remove-pseudo-scrolling-area); r=emilio
authorMartin Robinson <>
Wed, 16 Aug 2017 07:06:32 -0500
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push dateWed, 16 Aug 2017 22:39:32 +0000
servo: Merge #18107 - Remove unused StackingContextType (from mrobinson:remove-pseudo-scrolling-area); r=emilio This hasn't been in use for quite some time. <!-- Please describe your changes on the following line: --> --- <!-- Thank you for contributing to Servo! Please replace each `[ ]` by `[X]` when the step is complete, and replace `__` with appropriate data: --> - [x] `./mach build -d` does not report any errors - [x] `./mach test-tidy` does not report any errors - [ ] These changes fix #__ (github issue number if applicable). <!-- Either: --> - [ ] There are tests for these changes OR - [x] These changes do not require tests because they do not change behavior. <!-- Also, please make sure that "Allow edits from maintainers" checkbox is checked, so that we can help you if you get stuck somewhere along the way.--> <!-- Pull requests that do not address these steps are welcome, but they will require additional verification as part of the review process. --> Source-Repo: Source-Revision: ee94e2b7c0bd327abe8f9545b2a1f792f67a2bdd
--- a/servo/components/gfx/display_list/
+++ b/servo/components/gfx/display_list/
@@ -394,17 +394,16 @@ pub enum DisplayListSection {
 #[derive(Clone, Copy, Debug, Deserialize, Eq, HeapSizeOf, Ord, PartialEq, PartialOrd, Serialize)]
 pub enum StackingContextType {
-    PseudoScrollingArea,
 #[derive(Clone, HeapSizeOf, Deserialize, Serialize)]
 /// Represents one CSS stacking context, which may or may not have a hardware layer.
 pub struct StackingContext {
     /// The ID of this StackingContext for uniquely identifying it.
     pub id: StackingContextId,