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docs: link to SSH host key fingerprints Reduce the duplication of these values. Define them in a single point.
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@@ -49,27 +49,24 @@ beyond-casual contributors.**
    and have never pushed via SSH before, you will need someone else to
    trigger *Try* jobs for you.
 Updating SSH Config
 If you are using SSH to push to MozReview, you will want to configure your
 SSH username for ````. See :ref:`auth_ssh` for
-instructions on updating your SSH client configuration..
+instructions on updating your SSH client configuration, including the SSH host
+key fingerprints.
 .. tip::
    If you have already configured ```` in your SSH config,
-   just copy the settings to ````.
-As of January 2016, the SSH fingerprints for the RSA keys are:
-* ``SHA256:O6C9zLi4leD/mb4lPNmR50R1ampZgeEi7StDEbZDmyA``
-* ``MD5:a6:13:ae:35:2c:20:2b:8d:f4:8d:8e:d7:a8:55:67:97``
+   it is typically sufficient to copy the settings to
+   ````.
 Simple Client Configuration
 If you already have a Firefox repository like
 `mozilla-central <>`_ cloned, you
 can run ``mach mercurial-setup`` from it and a guided wizard will walk
 you through configuring Mercurial for optimal use at Mozilla.