Bug 1393803 Add p7zip to te docker image draft
authorTom Ritter <tom@mozilla.com>
Fri, 25 Aug 2017 10:00:25 -0500
changeset 653342 c8a08c9f0764b6f41acb4d62f0a1756303e30d25
parent 653341 31876ffaaaa60cc7af23f7a144327d61f44a0a7c
child 653343 aeb4c252c56c0ce2d2b047113d29a31b2683f4be
push id76299
push userbmo:tom@mozilla.com
push dateFri, 25 Aug 2017 20:39:10 +0000
Bug 1393803 Add p7zip to te docker image MozReview-Commit-ID: NLJ3xxFlkH
--- a/taskcluster/docker/desktop-build/Dockerfile
+++ b/taskcluster/docker/desktop-build/Dockerfile
@@ -65,16 +65,16 @@ ADD           oauth.txt /home/worker/
 # the directory where mozharness is run (not its --work-dir)
 ADD           buildprops.json /home/worker/
 # Move installation to base centos6-build image once Bug 1272629 is fixed
 # Install the screen package here to use with xvfb.
 # Install bison to build binutils.
 RUN yum install -y bison screen
-# For the mingw toolchain (nsis and wine)
-RUN yum install -y scons flex
+# For the mingw toolchain & job (scons: nsis, flex: wine, p7zip: ff installer)
+RUN yum install -y scons flex p7zip
 # Install libtool.
 RUN yum install -y libtool
 # Set a default command useful for debugging
 CMD ["/bin/bash", "--login"]