Bug 1208566 - require Rust 1.5 for --enable-rust builds; r=mshal
authorNathan Froyd <froydnj@gmail.com>
Mon, 05 Oct 2015 13:31:44 -0700
changeset 316198 c7dc3452011020f709905a8abc387804825f0608
parent 316197 cddebcfc8b1bb901fb5b4bb698b7ce71a102b323
child 316199 2a5e87026ac805eea41c0991d229eec9a2936baf
push id8516
push userjlund@mozilla.com
push dateFri, 18 Dec 2015 00:52:34 +0000
Bug 1208566 - require Rust 1.5 for --enable-rust builds; r=mshal Rust 1.5 features fine-grained dependency tracking that we need for proper incremental builds. As a side effect, it also features choosing between the builtin-to-Rust jemalloc and the system allocator, which Gecko needs for interoperation. (Gecko needs to make Rust use the system allocator, which then gets redirected into Gecko's copy of jemalloc if necessary.) It's not great to require an unstable Rust target here, but we need to upgrade at some point anyway, so we might as well make people aware of the upgrade requirement sooner rather than later.
--- a/build/autoconf/rust.m4
+++ b/build/autoconf/rust.m4
@@ -20,17 +20,17 @@ AC_DEFUN([MOZ_RUST_SUPPORT], [
                       [MOZ_RUST= ])
   if test -z "$RUSTC" -a -n "$MOZ_RUST"; then
     AC_MSG_ERROR([Rust compiler not found.
       To compile rust language sources, you must have 'rustc' in your path.
       See http://www.rust-lang.org/ for more information.])
   if test -n "$MOZ_RUST" && test -z "$_RUSTC_MAJOR_VERSION" -o \
     "$_RUSTC_MAJOR_VERSION" -lt 1 -o \
-    \( "$_RUSTC_MAJOR_VERSION" -eq 1 -a "$_RUSTC_MINOR_VERSION" -lt 4 \); then
+    \( "$_RUSTC_MAJOR_VERSION" -eq 1 -a "$_RUSTC_MINOR_VERSION" -lt 5 \); then
     AC_MSG_ERROR([Rust compiler ${RUSTC_VERSION} is too old.
       To compile Rust language sources please install at least
-      version 1.4 of the 'rustc' toolchain and make sure it is
+      version 1.5 of the 'rustc' toolchain and make sure it is
       first in your path.
       You can verify this by typing 'rustc --version'.])