Bug 1344748 - Skip recommended Marionette prefs for Firefox tests; r?maja_zf,whimboo draft
authorAndreas Tolfsen <ato@mozilla.com>
Mon, 06 Mar 2017 18:38:06 +0000
changeset 504646 c35d691d78592201739677fc542522d69265f231
parent 504645 403755173fa7751b36639c387ec82d6828cc182e
child 504647 2e0848d29849f88b594fb08df7a8dc062a19bf50
push id50832
push userbmo:ato@mozilla.com
push dateFri, 24 Mar 2017 14:10:32 +0000
reviewersmaja_zf, whimboo
Bug 1344748 - Skip recommended Marionette prefs for Firefox tests; r?maja_zf,whimboo The recommended Marionette preferences for use in automation are not so useful when testing the browser itself. Many of the tests for Firefox have highly specific requirements, and setting the recommended Marionette preferences could for these mean a deterioration of test coverage. The majority of test harnesses utilising Marionette use it to install unsigned add-ons at runtime, and these preferences are not relevant in this context. The preferences they use are defined in prefs_general.js. To avoid an unfortunate and unintended regression in test coverage, we skip using the recommended Marionette preferences when we test the browser itself. MozReview-Commit-ID: 5h3cGPfbicV
--- a/testing/profiles/prefs_general.js
+++ b/testing/profiles/prefs_general.js
@@ -360,8 +360,13 @@ user_pref("media.libavcodec.allow-obsole
 user_pref("media.openUnsupportedTypeWithExternalApp", false);
 // Disable password capture, so that mochitests that include forms aren't
 // influenced by the presence of the persistent doorhanger notification.
 user_pref("signon.rememberSignons", false);
 // Enable form autofill feature testing.
 user_pref("browser.formautofill.experimental", true);
+// Disable all recommended Marionette preferences for Gecko tests.
+// The prefs recommended by Marionette are typically geared towards
+// consumer automation; not vendor testing.
+user_pref("marionette.prefs.recommended", false);