Bug 1337153 - Require rust 1.15.1. r?ehsan draft
authorRalph Giles <giles@mozilla.com>
Thu, 09 Feb 2017 09:38:48 -0800
changeset 481412 a67056d3528fd059a5613d4bec98f3ce14c38eed
parent 481411 fcc950951fdb1ac68afbb4de7e752df4a0d619b5
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child 481486 9ad5410f6f9c4b6f95ec941426914262625f2dae
push id44787
push userbmo:giles@thaumas.net
push dateThu, 09 Feb 2017 19:36:18 +0000
Bug 1337153 - Require rust 1.15.1. r?ehsan Bump the minimum version of the rust toolchain we require to build. The 1.15 release includes support for custom #[derive] directives, letting us use the serde serialization crate without checking in a lot of generated code. This is primarily motivated by webrender and the audio remoting work, and lets us drop the heavy syntex dependency. MozReview-Commit-ID: 6IObHhouPAn
--- a/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
@@ -45,17 +45,17 @@ def rust_compiler(rustc, rustc_info):
         Rust compiler not found.
         To compile rust language sources, you must have 'rustc' in your path.
         See https//www.rust-lang.org/ for more information.
         You can install rust by running './mach bootstrap'
         or by directly running the installer from https://rustup.rs/
     version = rustc_info.version
-    min_version = Version('1.13')
+    min_version = Version('1.15.1')
     if version < min_version:
         Rust compiler {} is too old.
         To compile Rust language sources please install at least
         version {} of the 'rustc' toolchain and make sure it is
         first in your path.
--- a/python/mozboot/mozboot/base.py
+++ b/python/mozboot/mozboot/base.py
@@ -145,17 +145,17 @@ ac_add_options --enable-artifact-builds
 # This should match OLDEST_NON_LEGACY_VERSION from
 # the hg setup wizard in version-control-tools.
 MODERN_MERCURIAL_VERSION = LooseVersion('3.7.3')
 # Upgrade Python older than this.
 MODERN_PYTHON_VERSION = LooseVersion('2.7.3')
 # Upgrade rust older than this.
-MODERN_RUST_VERSION = LooseVersion('1.13.0')
+MODERN_RUST_VERSION = LooseVersion('1.15.1')
 class BaseBootstrapper(object):
     """Base class for system bootstrappers."""
     def __init__(self, no_interactive=False):
         self.package_manager_updated = False
         self.no_interactive = no_interactive