Bug 1353379 - Remove unused GCLI strings r=gl
authorMichael Ratcliffe <mratcliffe@mozilla.com>
Thu, 04 May 2017 14:07:56 +0100
changeset 573152 a303ca90d6ae884f1acc799fc99902e49de4048d
parent 573151 8f8dc26b27ebdbd5fc30d32b3357b3db2d76716b
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push dateFri, 05 May 2017 10:08:55 +0000
Bug 1353379 - Remove unused GCLI strings r=gl MozReview-Commit-ID: 4NWuWhPTKEl
--- a/devtools/shared/locales/en-US/gcli.properties
+++ b/devtools/shared/locales/en-US/gcli.properties
@@ -196,17 +196,17 @@ contextNotParentError=Can’t use ‘%S’ as a prefix because it is not a parent command.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (contextReply, contextEmptyReply): These messages are
 # displayed during the processing of the 'context' command, to indicate
 # success or that there is no command prefix.
 contextReply=Using %S as a command prefix
 contextEmptyReply=Command prefix is unset
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (connectDesc, connectManual, connectPrefixDesc,
 # connectMethodDesc, connectUrlDesc, connectDupReply): These strings describe
-# the 'connect' command and all its available parameters. A 'prefix' is an 
+# the 'connect' command and all its available parameters. A 'prefix' is an
 # alias for the remote server (think of it as a "connection name"), and it
 # allows to identify a specific server when connected to multiple remote
 # servers.
 connectDesc=Proxy commands to server
 connectManual=Connect to the server, creating local versions of the commands on the server. Remote commands initially have a prefix to distinguish them from local commands (but see the context command to get past this)
 connectPrefixDesc=Parent prefix for imported commands
 connectMethodDesc=The method of connecting
 connectUrlDesc=The URL to connect to
@@ -225,30 +225,19 @@ disconnectDesc2=Disconnect from server
 disconnectManual2=Disconnect from a server currently connected for remote commands execution
 disconnectPrefixDesc=Parent prefix for imported commands
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: This is the output of the 'disconnect' command,
 # explaining the user what has been done. Parameters: %S is the number of
 # commands removed.
 disconnectReply=Removed %S commands.
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (globalDesc, globalWindowDesc, globalOutput): These
-# strings describe the 'global' command and its parameters
-globalDesc=Change the JS global
-globalWindowDesc=The new window/global
-globalOutput=JS global is now %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: These strings describe the 'clear' command
 clearDesc=Clear the output area
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (langDesc, langOutput): These strings describe the 'lang'
-# command and its parameters
-langDesc=Enter commands in different languages
-langOutput=You are now using %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (prefDesc, prefManual, prefListDesc, prefListManual,
 # prefListSearchDesc, prefListSearchManual, prefShowDesc, prefShowManual,
 # prefShowSettingDesc, prefShowSettingManual): These strings describe the
 # 'pref' command and all its available sub-commands and parameters.
 prefDesc=Commands to control settings
 prefManual=Commands to display and alter preferences both for GCLI and the surrounding environment
 prefListDesc=Display available settings
 prefListManual=Display a list of preferences, optionally filtered when using the ‘search’ parameter
@@ -287,22 +276,16 @@ prefResetSettingManual=The name of the s
 # the results.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (prefOutputName, prefOutputValue): These strings are
 # displayed in the output from the 'pref list' command as table headings.
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (introDesc, introManual): These strings describe the
-# 'intro' command. The localization of 'Got it!' should be the same used in
-# introTextGo.
-introDesc=Show the opening message
-introManual=Redisplay the message that is shown to new users until they click the ‘Got it!’ button
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (introTextOpening3, introTextCommands, introTextKeys2,
 # introTextF1Escape, introTextGo): These strings are displayed when the user
 # first opens the developer toolbar to explain the command line, and is shown
 # each time it is opened until the user clicks the 'Got it!' button.
 introTextOpening3=GCLI is an experiment to create a highly usable command line for web developers.
 introTextCommands=For a list of commands type
 introTextKeys2=, or to show/hide command hints press