NO BUG - Clarify commit instructions for releasing geckodriver r=me
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NO BUG - Clarify commit instructions for releasing geckodriver r=me DONTBUILD MozReview-Commit-ID: 6tsAfJ8WRDE
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@@ -117,18 +117,16 @@ state of the project when it was exporte
 _release_, from where releases are made.  We will export the contents
 of [testing/geckodriver] to the latter branch:
 	% cd $SRC/geckodriver
 	% git checkout release
 	% git rm -rf .
 	% git clean -fxd
 	% cp -r $SRC/gecko/testing/geckodriver/* .
-	% git add .
-	% git commit -am "import of vX.Y.Z"
 [README]: ../
 [testing/geckodriver]: ../
 Manually change `webdriver` dependency
@@ -140,16 +138,29 @@ source code.
 This relative path does not exist in the GitHub repository and the
 build will fail unless we change it to the latest [webdriver] crate
 version from  That version will either be the crate you
 published earlier, or the latest version available if no changes have
 been made to it since the last geckodriver release.
+Commit local changes
+Now commit all the changes you have made locally to the _release_ branch:
+	% git add .
+	% git commit -am "import of vX.Y.Z"
+As indicated above, the changes you make to this branch will not
+be upstreamed back into mozilla-central.  It is merely used as a
+staging ground for pushing builds to Travis.
 Tag the release
 Run the following command:
 	% git tag -a 'vX.Y.Z'
 Write the following in the annotation: