Bug 1442931: Part 1 - Forbid web-visible interfaces outside of WebIDL root. draft
authorKris Maglione <maglione.k@gmail.com>
Sun, 04 Mar 2018 16:33:09 -0800
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push dateMon, 05 Mar 2018 00:39:47 +0000
Bug 1442931: Part 1 - Forbid web-visible interfaces outside of WebIDL root. Web-visible WebIDL interfaces require DOM peer review with every change, which is enforced by a commit hook. ChromeOnly interfaces are not exposed to the web, and therefore don't require the same strictures. The current commit hook enforces the review requirement for changes to any (non-Servo) WebIDL file, and is not smart enough to determine if the change is web-visible. In order to loosen that restriction, we need the build system to enforce the requirement that only WebIDL files in certain locations may contain web-visible interfaces, so that the commit hook can restrict itself to checking only those directories. This change restricts the location of web-visible WebIDL interfaces to the dom/webidl/ and dom/bindings/ roots (along with the corresponding objdir root for generated interfaces). A follow-up will change the commit hook to only enforce review requirements on these directories. MozReview-Commit-ID: CiDxXxN4oO4
--- a/dom/bindings/Configuration.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/Configuration.py
@@ -13,29 +13,36 @@ class DescriptorProvider:
     A way of getting descriptors for interface names.  Subclasses must
     have a getDescriptor method callable with the interface name only.
     def __init__(self):
+def isChildPath(path, basePath):
+    return os.path.commonprefix((path, basePath)) == basePath
 class Configuration(DescriptorProvider):
     Represents global configuration state based on IDL parse data and
     the configuration file.
-    def __init__(self, filename, parseData, generatedEvents=[]):
+    def __init__(self, filename, webRoots, parseData, generatedEvents=[]):
         # Read the configuration file.
         glbl = {}
         execfile(filename, glbl)
         config = glbl['DOMInterfaces']
+        def isInWebIDLRoot(path):
+            return any(isChildPath(path, root) for root in webRoots)
         # Build descriptors for all the interfaces we have in the parse data.
         # This allows callers to specify a subset of interfaces by filtering
         # |parseData|.
         self.descriptors = []
         self.interfaces = {}
         self.descriptorsByName = {}
         self.optimizedOutDescriptorNames = set()
         self.generatedEvents = generatedEvents
@@ -89,16 +96,23 @@ class Configuration(DescriptorProvider):
                         raise TypeError(
                             "The binding build system doesn't really support "
                             "partial interfaces which don't appear in the "
                             "file in which the interface they are extending is "
                             "defined.  Don't do this.\n"
                             "%s" %
                             (partialIface.location, iface.location))
+                if not (iface.getExtendedAttribute("ChromeOnly") or
+                        isInWebIDLRoot(iface.filename())):
+                    raise TypeError(
+                        "Interfaces which are exposed to the web may only be "
+                        "defined in a DOM WebIDL root %r\n"
+                        "%s" %
+                        (webRoots, iface.location))
             self.interfaces[iface.identifier.name] = iface
             if iface.identifier.name not in config:
                 # Completely skip consequential interfaces with no descriptor
                 # if they have no interface object because chances are we
                 # don't need to do anything interesting with them.
                 if iface.isConsequential() and not iface.hasInterfaceObject():
--- a/dom/bindings/mozwebidlcodegen/__init__.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/mozwebidlcodegen/__init__.py
@@ -145,17 +145,17 @@ class WebIDLCodegenManager(LoggingMixin)
-    def __init__(self, config_path, inputs, exported_header_dir,
+    def __init__(self, config_path, webidl_root, inputs, exported_header_dir,
                  codegen_dir, state_path, cache_dir=None, make_deps_path=None,
         """Create an instance that manages WebIDLs in the build system.
         config_path refers to a WebIDL config file (e.g. Bindings.conf).
         inputs is a 4-tuple describing the input .webidl files and how to
         process them. Members are:
             (set(.webidl files), set(basenames of exported files),
@@ -171,16 +171,17 @@ class WebIDLCodegenManager(LoggingMixin)
         make_deps_target is the target that receives the make dependencies. It
         must be defined if using make_deps_path.
         input_paths, exported_stems, generated_events_stems, example_interfaces = inputs
         self._config_path = config_path
+        self._webidl_root = webidl_root
         self._input_paths = set(input_paths)
         self._exported_stems = set(exported_stems)
         self._generated_events_stems = set(generated_events_stems)
         self._generated_events_stems_as_array = generated_events_stems
         self._example_interfaces = set(example_interfaces)
         self._exported_header_dir = exported_header_dir
         self._codegen_dir = codegen_dir
         self._state_path = state_path
@@ -327,18 +328,36 @@ class WebIDLCodegenManager(LoggingMixin)
         parser = WebIDL.Parser(self._cache_dir)
         for path in sorted(self._input_paths):
             with open(path, 'rb') as fh:
                 data = fh.read()
                 hashes[path] = hashlib.sha1(data).hexdigest()
                 parser.parse(data, path)
+        # Only these directories may contain WebIDL files with interfaces
+        # which are exposed to the web. WebIDL files in these roots may not
+        # be changed without DOM peer review.
+        #
+        # Other directories may contain WebIDL files as long as they only
+        # contain ChromeOnly interfaces. These are not subject to mandatory
+        # DOM peer review.
+        web_roots = (
+            # The main WebIDL root.
+            self._webidl_root,
+            # The binding config root, which contains some test-only
+            # interfaces.
+            os.path.dirname(self._config_path),
+            # The objdir sub-directory which contains generated WebIDL files.
+            self._codegen_dir,
+        )
         self._parser_results = parser.finish()
-        self._config = Configuration(self._config_path, self._parser_results,
+        self._config = Configuration(self._config_path, web_roots,
+                                     self._parser_results,
         self._input_hashes = hashes
     def _write_global_derived(self):
         from Codegen import GlobalGenRoots
         things = [('declare', f) for f in self.GLOBAL_DECLARE_FILES]
         things.extend(('define', f) for f in self.GLOBAL_DEFINE_FILES)
@@ -541,32 +560,34 @@ class WebIDLCodegenManager(LoggingMixin)
 def create_build_system_manager(topsrcdir, topobjdir, dist_dir):
     """Create a WebIDLCodegenManager for use by the build system."""
     src_dir = os.path.join(topsrcdir, 'dom', 'bindings')
     obj_dir = os.path.join(topobjdir, 'dom', 'bindings')
+    web_dir = os.path.join(topsrcdir, 'dom', 'webidl')
     with open(os.path.join(obj_dir, 'file-lists.json'), 'rb') as fh:
         files = json.load(fh)
     inputs = (files['webidls'], files['exported_stems'],
               files['generated_events_stems'], files['example_interfaces'])
     cache_dir = os.path.join(obj_dir, '_cache')
     except OSError as e:
         if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:
     return WebIDLCodegenManager(
         os.path.join(src_dir, 'Bindings.conf'),
+        web_dir,
         os.path.join(dist_dir, 'include', 'mozilla', 'dom'),
         os.path.join(obj_dir, 'codegen.json'),
         # The make rules include a codegen.pp file containing dependencies.
         make_deps_path=os.path.join(obj_dir, 'codegen.pp'),