Bug 1411318 - Don't consider an animation playing if its timeline is inactive; r?hiro draft
authorBrian Birtles <birtles@gmail.com>
Thu, 26 Oct 2017 10:18:42 +0900
changeset 686634 8abcddf86280fb1fb3ee0986f0bc6c6deccd6df2
parent 684511 ce1a86d3b4db161c95d1147676bbed839d7a4732
child 737412 31e09456b5e55cca67786c7aa914615b888b141d
push id86229
push userbmo:bbirtles@mozilla.com
push dateThu, 26 Oct 2017 03:35:15 +0000
Bug 1411318 - Don't consider an animation playing if its timeline is inactive; r?hiro When we receive animations on the compositor, we assert that either they're not playing, or they have a resolved start and origin time. However, on the main thread we determine if an animation is playing by checking if it has a timeline, if it's in the correct state, and if it has a non-zero playback rate. The problem with this check is that if an animation has a timeline but it is inactive, that is, its current time is null, we will not be able to get a resolved origin time -- yet we will still report that is is playing. This patch fixes this mismatch by treating animations with an inactive timeline as "not playing". The IsPlaying() method is used a number of call sites but it appears that they all would expect an animation with an inactive timeline to be considered "not playing". Furthermore, this makes IsPlaying() consistent with the check we do for an active timeline in other functions such as Animation::Tick(), TriggerNow(), SilentlySetCurrentTime(), UpdateFinishedState(), and IsPossibleOrphanedPendingAnimation(). MozReview-Commit-ID: BQOBpHHFMoD
--- a/dom/animation/Animation.h
+++ b/dom/animation/Animation.h
@@ -275,16 +275,17 @@ public:
     return GetEffect() && GetEffect()->IsInEffect();
   bool IsPlaying() const
     return mPlaybackRate != 0.0 &&
            mTimeline &&
+           !mTimeline->GetCurrentTime().IsNull() &&
            (PlayState() == AnimationPlayState::Running ||
             mPendingState == PendingState::PlayPending);
   bool ShouldBeSynchronizedWithMainThread(
     nsCSSPropertyID aProperty,
     const nsIFrame* aFrame,
     AnimationPerformanceWarning::Type& aPerformanceWarning) const;
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/dom/animation/test/crashtests/1411318-1.html
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+  <head>
+    <script>
+      o1 = (new DOMParser).parseFromString('', 'text/html');
+      o2 = document.createElement('canvas');
+      document.documentElement.appendChild(o2);
+      o3 = o2.animate([{'transform':'unset'}], {'delay':32});
+      o4 = o3.effect;
+      o5 = o1.createElement('d');
+      o6 = new Animation(o4, document.timeline);
+      o7 = o5.animate([], {});
+      o7.effect = o6.effect;
+    </script>
+  </head>
--- a/dom/animation/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/animation/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@ pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,tru
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1335998-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1343589-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1359658-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1373712-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1379606-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1393605-1.html
 load 1400022-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1401809.html
+pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1411318-1.html