Bug 1225433 - (Fennec) Update text and style of "forbidden" page. r=francois draft
authorSebastian Kaspari <s.kaspari@gmail.com>
Tue, 19 Jan 2016 10:21:10 +0100
changeset 323479 84f22d25b4baf5c0af0709b0f0a4e97f05ae3b45
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push dateWed, 20 Jan 2016 11:34:25 +0000
Bug 1225433 - (Fennec) Update text and style of "forbidden" page. r=francois
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/content/blockedSite.xhtml
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/content/blockedSite.xhtml
@@ -131,21 +131,26 @@
         if (error !== "forbidden") {
           el = document.getElementById("errorTitleText_forbidden");
           el = document.getElementById("errorShortDescText_forbidden");
+          el = document.getElementById("whyForbiddenButton");
+          el.parentNode.removeChild(el);
         } else {
           el = document.getElementById("ignoreWarningButton");
           el = document.getElementById("reportButton");
+          // Remove red style: A "forbidden site" does not warrant the same level of anxiety as a security concern.
+          document.getElementById("errorPage").className = "";
         if (!getOverride()) {
           var btn = document.getElementById("ignoreWarningButton");
           if (btn) {
@@ -166,41 +171,42 @@
     <div id="errorPageContainer">
       <!-- Error Title -->
       <div id="errorTitle">
         <h1 id="errorTitleText_phishing" class="errorTitleText">&safeb.blocked.phishingPage.title2;</h1>
         <h1 id="errorTitleText_malware" class="errorTitleText">&safeb.blocked.malwarePage.title;</h1>
         <h1 id="errorTitleText_unwanted" class="errorTitleText">&safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.title;</h1>
-        <h1 id="errorTitleText_forbidden" class="errorTitleText">&safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.title;</h1>
+        <h1 id="errorTitleText_forbidden" class="errorTitleText">&safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.title2;</h1>
       <div id="errorLongContent">
         <!-- Short Description -->
         <div id="errorShortDesc">
           <p id="errorShortDescText_phishing">&safeb.blocked.phishingPage.shortDesc2;</p>
           <p id="errorShortDescText_malware">&safeb.blocked.malwarePage.shortDesc;</p>
           <p id="errorShortDescText_unwanted">&safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.shortDesc;</p>
-          <p id="errorShortDescText_forbidden">&safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.shortDesc;</p>
+          <p id="errorShortDescText_forbidden">&safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.shortDesc2;</p>
         <!-- Long Description -->
         <div id="errorLongDesc">
           <p id="errorLongDescText_phishing">&safeb.blocked.phishingPage.longDesc2;</p>
           <p id="errorLongDescText_malware">&safeb.blocked.malwarePage.longDesc;</p>
           <p id="errorLongDescText_unwanted">&safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.longDesc;</p>
         <!-- Action buttons -->
         <div id="buttons">
           <!-- Commands handled in browser.js -->
           <button id="getMeOutButton">&safeb.palm.accept.label;</button>
           <button id="reportButton">&safeb.palm.reportPage.label;</button>
+          <button id="whyForbiddenButton">&safeb.palm.whyForbidden.label;</button>
       <div id="ignoreWarning">
         <button id="ignoreWarningButton">&safeb.palm.decline.label;</button>
     - Note: It is important to run the script this way, instead of using
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
@@ -5299,16 +5299,19 @@ var ErrorPageEventHandler = {
             // Allow users to override and continue through to the site,
             let webNav = BrowserApp.selectedBrowser.docShell.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIWebNavigation);
             let location = BrowserApp.selectedBrowser.contentWindow.location;
             webNav.loadURI(location, Ci.nsIWebNavigation.LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_CLASSIFIER, null, null, null);
             // ....but add a notify bar as a reminder, so that they don't lose
             // track after, e.g., tab switching.
             NativeWindow.doorhanger.show(Strings.browser.GetStringFromName("safeBrowsingDoorhanger"), "safebrowsing-warning", [], BrowserApp.selectedTab.id);
+          } else if (target == errorDoc.getElementById("whyForbiddenButton")) {
+            // This is the "Why is this site blocked" button for family friendly browsing.
+            BrowserApp.selectedBrowser.loadURI("https://support.mozilla.org/kb/controlledaccess");
--- a/mobile/android/locales/en-US/chrome/phishing.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/locales/en-US/chrome/phishing.dtd
@@ -1,26 +1,27 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!ENTITY safeb.palm.accept.label "Get me out of here!">
 <!ENTITY safeb.palm.decline.label "Ignore this warning">
 <!ENTITY safeb.palm.notforgery.label2 "This isn't a web forgery…">
 <!ENTITY safeb.palm.reportPage.label "Why was this page blocked?">
+<!ENTITY safeb.palm.whyForbidden.label "Why was this page blocked?">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.title "Reported Attack Page!">
 <!-- Localization note (safeb.blocked.malware.shortDesc) - Please don't translate the contents of the <span id="malware_sitename"/> tag.  It will be replaced at runtime with a domain name (e.g. www.badsite.com) -->
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='malware_sitename'/> has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.longDesc "<p>Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.</p><p>Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.</p>">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.title2 "Suspected Web Forgery!">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.shortDesc2 "Entering any personal information on this page may result in identity theft or other fraud.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.longDesc2 "<p>These types of web forgeries are used in scams known as phishing attacks, in which fraudulent web pages and emails are used to imitate sources you may trust.</p>">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.title "Reported Unwanted Software Site!">
 <!-- Localization note (safeb.blocked.unwanted.shortDesc) - Please don't translate the contents of the <span id="unwanted_sitename"/> tag.  It will be replaced at runtime with a domain name (e.g. www.badsite.com) -->
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='unwanted_sitename'/> has been reported to contain unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.longDesc "Unwanted software pages try to install software that can be deceptive and affect your system in unexpected ways.">
-<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.title "Forbidden Site">
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.title2 "Blocked Site">
 <!-- Localization note (safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.shortDesc) - Please don't translate the contents of the <span id="forbidden_sitename"/> tag.  It will be replaced at runtime with a domain name (e.g. www.badsite.com) -->
-<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.shortDesc "This Web page at <span id='forbidden_sitename'/> has been blocked based on your browser configuration.">
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.forbiddenPage.shortDesc2 "The Web page at <span id='forbidden_sitename'/> has been blocked by your admin profile.">