Bug 1377007 - AutoSpider now exposes the directory of js/src;r?jonco draft
authorDavid Teller <dteller@mozilla.com>
Tue, 24 Oct 2017 12:38:31 +0200
changeset 706124 746ff03610cfc2c97c5b3660a467101ab8680d25
parent 706123 57e9d78701ca224074123ab8c54e85563adb1f71
child 742592 dc85f9c5d01ad21be2d6ad285ee22cf4178e6453
push id91725
push userdteller@mozilla.com
push dateFri, 01 Dec 2017 11:07:07 +0000
Bug 1377007 - AutoSpider now exposes the directory of js/src;r?jonco MozReview-Commit-ID: 6hROX8YpnCn
--- a/js/src/devtools/automation/autospider.py
+++ b/js/src/devtools/automation/autospider.py
@@ -27,16 +27,17 @@ def directories(pathmodule, cwd, fixup=l
     return Dirs(scripts, js_src, source, tooltool)
 # Some scripts will be called with sh, which cannot use backslashed
 # paths. So for direct subprocess.* invocation, use normal paths from
 # DIR, but when running under the shell, use POSIX style paths.
 DIR = directories(os.path, os.getcwd())
 PDIR = directories(posixpath, os.environ["PWD"],
                    fixup=lambda s: re.sub(r'^(\w):', r'/\1', s))
+env['AUTOSPIDER_DIR'] = DIR.js_src
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
     description='Run a spidermonkey shell build job')
 parser.add_argument('--dep', action='store_true',
                     help='do not clobber the objdir before building')
 parser.add_argument('--keep', action='store_true',
                     help='do not delete the sanitizer output directory (for testing)')
 parser.add_argument('--platform', '-p', type=str, metavar='PLATFORM',
@@ -383,17 +384,16 @@ if subprocess.call("type setarch >/dev/n
 def run_test_command(command, **kwargs):
     _, _, status = run_command(COMMAND_PREFIX + command, check=False, **kwargs)
     return status
 test_suites = set(['jstests', 'jittest', 'jsapitests', 'checks'])
 def normalize_tests(tests):
     if 'all' in tests:
         return test_suites
     return tests
 # Need a platform name to use as a key in variant files.
 if args.platform:
     variant_platform = args.platform.split("-")[0]