Backed out changeset 357f61188615 (bug 889897) under suspicion of turning winxp debug jittests perma-purple
authorWes Kocher <>
Sat, 21 Jun 2014 15:04:06 -0700
changeset 189953 53ce5128329e2f172e9e6f2b560abfa2f4aeed2c
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Backed out changeset 357f61188615 (bug 889897) under suspicion of turning winxp debug jittests perma-purple
--- a/layout/tools/reftest/
+++ b/layout/tools/reftest/
@@ -79,21 +79,20 @@ class ReftestRunner(MozbuildObject):
         self.tests_dir = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests')
         self.reftest_dir = os.path.join(self.tests_dir, 'reftest')
     def _manifest_file(self, suite):
         """Returns the manifest file used for a given test suite."""
         files = {
-            'reftest': 'reftest.list',
-            'reftest-ipc': 'reftest.list',
-            'crashtest': 'crashtests.list',
-            'crashtest-ipc': 'crashtests.list',
-            'jstestbrowser': 'jstests.list'
+          'reftest': 'reftest.list',
+          'reftest-ipc': 'reftest.list',
+          'crashtest': 'crashtests.list',
+          'crashtest-ipc': 'crashtests.list',
         assert suite in files
         return files[suite]
     def _find_manifest(self, suite, test_file):
         assert test_file
         path_arg = self._wrap_path_argument(test_file)
         relpath = path_arg.relpath()
@@ -221,27 +220,27 @@ class ReftestRunner(MozbuildObject):
         test_file is a path to a test file. It can be a relative path from the
         top source directory, an absolute filename, or a directory containing
         test files.
         filter is a regular expression (in JS syntax, as could be passed to the
         RegExp constructor) to select which reftests to run from the manifest.
         suite is the type of reftest to run. It can be one of ('reftest',
-        'crashtest', 'jstestbrowser').
+        'crashtest').
         debugger is the program name (in $PATH) or the full path of the
         debugger to run.
         parallel indicates whether tests should be run in parallel or not.
         shuffle indicates whether to run tests in random order.
-        if suite not in ('reftest', 'reftest-ipc', 'crashtest', 'crashtest-ipc', 'jstestbrowser'):
+        if suite not in ('reftest', 'reftest-ipc', 'crashtest', 'crashtest-ipc'):
             raise Exception('None or unrecognized reftest suite type.')
         env = {}
         extra_args = []
         if test_file:
             path = self._find_manifest(suite, test_file)
             if not os.path.exists(mozpack.path.join(self.topsrcdir, path)):
@@ -376,22 +375,16 @@ def B2GCommand(func):
 class MachCommands(MachCommandBase):
     @Command('reftest', category='testing', description='Run reftests.')
     def run_reftest(self, test_file, **kwargs):
         return self._run_reftest(test_file, suite='reftest', **kwargs)
-    @Command('jstestbrowser', category='testing',
-        description='Run js/src/tests in the browser.')
-    @ReftestCommand
-    def run_jstestbrowser(self, test_file, **kwargs):
-        return self._run_reftest(test_file, suite='jstestbrowser', **kwargs)
     @Command('reftest-ipc', category='testing',
         description='Run IPC reftests.')
     def run_ipc(self, test_file, **kwargs):
         return self._run_reftest(test_file, suite='reftest-ipc', **kwargs)
     @Command('crashtest', category='testing',
         description='Run crashtests.')