Bug 1365714 - Part 1 - Adjust prefs to roll Click-to-Play by default on release. r=bsmedberg draft
authorFelipe Gomes <felipc@gmail.com>
Fri, 09 Jun 2017 14:28:07 -0300
changeset 591914 4a65c9b88ae827cfbbc1339d5b68a05b4475b76a
parent 590317 a49112c7a5765802096b3fc298069b9495436107
child 591915 c921c8c872dd11a4e9face0c0163f4ca8f03fb34
push id63210
push userfelipc@gmail.com
push dateFri, 09 Jun 2017 17:28:48 +0000
Bug 1365714 - Part 1 - Adjust prefs to roll Click-to-Play by default on release. r=bsmedberg This patch activates the Flash blocklists for all users, and configures other prefs that only take effect when Flash is set to Ask-to-Activate, such as which fallback heuristics to use and the option to remember infobar dismissals on a per-domain basis MozReview-Commit-ID: Ig4GUtaaBXy
--- a/browser/app/profile/firefox.js
+++ b/browser/app/profile/firefox.js
@@ -669,40 +669,46 @@ pref("accessibility.loadedInLastSession"
 pref("plugins.click_to_play", true);
 pref("plugins.testmode", false);
 // Should plugins that are hidden show the infobar UI?
 pref("plugins.show_infobar", true);
 // Should dismissing the hidden plugin infobar suppress it permanently?
-pref("plugins.remember_infobar_dismissal", false);
+pref("plugins.remember_infobar_dismissal", true);
 pref("plugin.default.state", 1);
 // Plugins bundled in XPIs are enabled by default.
 pref("plugin.defaultXpi.state", 2);
 // Java is Click-to-Activate by default on all channels.
 pref("plugin.state.java", 1);
-// Flash is Click-to-Activate by default on Nightly,
-// Always-Activate on other channels.
+// Flash is Click-to-Activate by default on Nightly.
+// On other channels, it will be controlled by a
+// rollout system addon.
+pref("plugin.state.flash", 1);
+pref("plugin.state.flash", 2);
+// Enables the download and use of the flash blocklists.
 pref("plugins.flashBlock.enabled", true);
-pref("plugin.state.flash", 1);
 // Prefer HTML5 video over Flash content, and don't
 // load plugin instances with no src declared.
 // These prefs are documented in details on all.js.
+// With the "follow-ctp" setting, this will only
+// apply to users that have plugin.state.flash = 1.
 pref("plugins.favorfallback.mode", "follow-ctp");
 pref("plugins.favorfallback.rules", "nosrc,video");
-pref("plugin.state.flash", 2);
 #ifdef XP_WIN
 pref("browser.preferences.instantApply", false);
 pref("browser.preferences.instantApply", true);
 // Toggling Search bar on and off in about:preferences