Bug 1260905 - Set a minimum bound on the velocity required for a fling to actually happen. r?rbarker draft
authorKartikaya Gupta <kgupta@mozilla.com>
Tue, 14 Jun 2016 16:42:26 -0400
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push dateTue, 14 Jun 2016 20:43:35 +0000
Bug 1260905 - Set a minimum bound on the velocity required for a fling to actually happen. r?rbarker MozReview-Commit-ID: 11PFN06ZOz4
--- a/gfx/layers/apz/src/AsyncPanZoomController.cpp
+++ b/gfx/layers/apz/src/AsyncPanZoomController.cpp
@@ -235,16 +235,22 @@ typedef GenericFlingAnimation FlingAnima
  * \li\b apz.fling_friction
  * Amount of friction applied during flings. This is used in the following
  * formula: v(t1) = v(t0) * (1 - f)^(t1 - t0), where v(t1) is the velocity
  * for a new sample, v(t0) is the velocity at the previous sample, f is the
  * value of this pref, and (t1 - t0) is the amount of time, in milliseconds,
  * that has elapsed between the two samples.\n
  * NOTE: Not currently used in Android fling calculations.
+ * \li\b apz.fling_min_velocity_threshold
+ * Minimum velocity for a fling to actually kick off. If the user pans and lifts
+ * their finger such that the velocity is smaller than this amount, no fling
+ * is initiated.\n
+ * Units: screen pixels per millisecond
+ *
  * \li\b apz.fling_stop_on_tap_threshold
  * When flinging, if the velocity is above this number, then a tap on the
  * screen will stop the fling without dispatching a tap to content. If the
  * velocity is below this threshold a tap will also be dispatched.
  * Note: when modifying this pref be sure to run the APZC gtests as some of
  * them depend on the value of this pref.\n
  * Units: screen pixels per millisecond
@@ -1235,17 +1241,24 @@ nsEventStatus AsyncPanZoomController::On
     // Clear our state so that we don't stay in the PANNING state
     // if DispatchFling() gives the fling to somone else. However,
     // don't send the state change notification until we've determined
     // what our final state is to avoid notification churn.
     StateChangeNotificationBlocker blocker(this);
-    APZC_LOG("%p starting a fling animation\n", this);
+    APZC_LOG("%p starting a fling animation if %f > %f\n", this,
+        flingVelocity.Length(), gfxPrefs::APZFlingMinVelocityThreshold());
+    if (flingVelocity.Length() <= gfxPrefs::APZFlingMinVelocityThreshold()) {
+      return nsEventStatus_eConsumeNoDefault;
+    }
     // Make a local copy of the tree manager pointer and check that it's not
     // null before calling DispatchFling(). This is necessary because Destroy(),
     // which nulls out mTreeManager, could be called concurrently.
     if (APZCTreeManager* treeManagerLocal = GetApzcTreeManager()) {
       FlingHandoffState handoffState{flingVelocity,
                                      false /* not handoff */,
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxPrefs.h
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxPrefs.h
@@ -151,16 +151,17 @@ private:
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_accel_interval_ms",           APZFlingAccelInterval, int32_t, 500);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_accel_supplemental_mult",     APZFlingAccelSupplementalMultiplier, float, 1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "apz.fling_curve_function_x1",           APZCurveFunctionX1, float, 0.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "apz.fling_curve_function_x2",           APZCurveFunctionX2, float, 1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "apz.fling_curve_function_y1",           APZCurveFunctionY1, float, 0.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "apz.fling_curve_function_y2",           APZCurveFunctionY2, float, 1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_curve_threshold_inches_per_ms", APZCurveThreshold, float, -1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_friction",                    APZFlingFriction, float, 0.002f);
+  DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_min_velocity_threshold",      APZFlingMinVelocityThreshold, float, 0.5f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_stop_on_tap_threshold",       APZFlingStopOnTapThreshold, float, 0.05f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.fling_stopped_threshold",           APZFlingStoppedThreshold, float, 0.01f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.highlight_checkerboarded_areas",    APZHighlightCheckerboardedAreas, bool, false);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.max_velocity_inches_per_ms",        APZMaxVelocity, float, -1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "apz.max_velocity_queue_size",           APZMaxVelocityQueueSize, uint32_t, 5);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.min_skate_speed",                   APZMinSkateSpeed, float, 1.0f);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.minimap.enabled",                   APZMinimap, bool, false);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "apz.minimap.visibility.enabled",        APZMinimapVisibilityEnabled, bool, false);
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -607,16 +607,17 @@ pref("apz.fling_accel_base_mult", "1.0")
 pref("apz.fling_accel_interval_ms", 500);
 pref("apz.fling_accel_supplemental_mult", "1.0");
 pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x1", "0.0");
 pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y1", "0.0");
 pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x2", "1.0");
 pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y2", "1.0");
 pref("apz.fling_curve_threshold_inches_per_ms", "-1.0");
 pref("apz.fling_friction", "0.002");
+pref("apz.fling_min_velocity_threshold", "0.5");
 pref("apz.fling_stop_on_tap_threshold", "0.05");
 pref("apz.fling_stopped_threshold", "0.01");
 pref("apz.highlight_checkerboarded_areas", false);
 pref("apz.max_velocity_inches_per_ms", "-1.0");
 pref("apz.max_velocity_queue_size", 5);
 pref("apz.min_skate_speed", "1.0");
 pref("apz.minimap.enabled", false);
 pref("apz.minimap.visibility.enabled", false);