Bug 1042951 - Part 4: document new search location. r=bcolloran
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Bug 1042951 - Part 4: document new search location. r=bcolloran
--- a/services/healthreport/docs/dataformat.rst
+++ b/services/healthreport/docs/dataformat.rst
@@ -288,16 +288,21 @@ Keys are:
 Abnormal terminations will be missing a duration and will feature these keys:
     was the session killed by an OOM exception?
     was the session stopped gently?
+Version 3.2
+As of Firefox 35, the search counts measurement is now bumped to v6, including the *activity* location for the search activity.
 Version 3.1
 As of Firefox 27, *appinfo* is now bumped to v3, including *osLocale*,
 *appLocale* (currently always the same as *osLocale*), *distribution* (a string
 containing the distribution ID and version, separated by a colon), and
 *acceptLangIsUserSet*, an integer-boolean that describes whether the user set
 an *intl.accept_languages* preference.
@@ -1380,16 +1385,21 @@ Example
 This measurement contains information about searches performed in the
+Version 6 (mobile)
+This adds two new search locations: *widget* and *activity*, corresponding to the search widget and search activity respectively.
 Version 2
 This behaves like version 1 except we added all search engines that
 Mozilla has a partner agreement with. Like version 1, we concatenate
 a search engine ID with a search origin.
 Another difference with version 2 is we should no longer misattribute