Bug 1309119 part 0: Add reftest (variant of existing reftest webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html, with "overflow:hidden"). r=mats
authorDaniel Holbert <dholbert@cs.stanford.edu>
Thu, 20 Oct 2016 13:23:51 -0700
changeset 427720 35f88c160489ddf0c8db02a25c4816cffcf7e65d
parent 427719 4ec817d1c6ce278ba954afdcfff2fe4697f00eee
child 427721 b05f66ffb5529b94e7424f479e65e3a1099d5b36
push id33099
push userdholbert@mozilla.com
push dateThu, 20 Oct 2016 20:25:54 +0000
Bug 1309119 part 0: Add reftest (variant of existing reftest webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html, with "overflow:hidden"). r=mats This reftest currently has a "fails" annotation, which will be removed by a later patch in this series (the final part of the fix). MozReview-Commit-ID: 9s11bdd7sFc
--- a/layout/reftests/webkit-box/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/webkit-box/reftest.list
@@ -2,17 +2,18 @@
 # CSS properties. These tests require webkit prefix support to be enabled.
 default-preferences pref(layout.css.prefixes.webkit,true)
 # Tests for anonymous flex item formation inside of a "-webkit-box":
 # Note: some of these tests are marked as failing, because we don't match
 # WebKit/Blink on them.  (The reference case represents the WebKit/Blink
 # rendering.) We could probably make them pass by implementing some quirks, if
 # it turns out that the web depends on WebKit/Blink's behavior in these cases.
-== webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1-ref.html
+== webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1a.html webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1-ref.html
+fails == webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1b.html webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1-ref.html # bug 1309119
 fails == webkit-box-anon-flex-items-2.html webkit-box-anon-flex-items-2-ref.html
 fails == webkit-box-anon-flex-items-3.html webkit-box-anon-flex-items-3-ref.html
 # Tests for "-webkit-box" & "-webkit-inline-box" as display values:
 == webkit-display-values-1.html webkit-display-values-1-ref.html
 # Tests for "-webkit-box-align" (cross-axis alignment):
 == webkit-box-align-horiz-1a.html webkit-box-align-horiz-1-ref.html
rename from layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html
rename to layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1a.html
copy from layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html
copy to layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1b.html
--- a/layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1.html
+++ b/layout/reftests/webkit-box/webkit-box-anon-flex-items-1b.html
@@ -1,18 +1,19 @@
 <!DOCTYPE html>
     Test for contiguous inline content getting wrapped in a single block,
-    inside of -webkit-box.
+    inside of -webkit-box with "overflow:hidden".
   .container {
     display: -webkit-box;
+    overflow: hidden;
     -webkit-box-pack: justify;
     width: 300px;
     border: 1px solid black;
     font: 10px sans-serif;
     margin-bottom: 10px;
   .container > * {
     background: lightgray;