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+Mozilla Version Control Tools
+This repository contains tools, extensions, hooks, etc to support version
+control at Mozilla.
+The canonical repository is
+Mercurial Extensions
+This repository contains a number of Mercurial extensions. Each is
+described in the sections below.
+All extensions are located under the ``hgext/`` subdirectory.
+The bzexport extension provides commands for interacting with Bugzilla.
+It's known for its namesake ``hg bzexport`` command, which exports/uploads
+patches to Bugzilla. It also offers an ``hg newbug`` command to create
+new bugs from the command line.
+This extension lives under ``hgext/bzexport``.
+*mozext* is a Swiss Army Knife for Firefox development. It provides a
+number of features:
+* It defines aliases for known Firefox repositories. You can do
+  ``hg pull central``, etc.
+* It provides a mechanism for tracking each repository via bookmarks,
+  allowing you to more easily operate a unified repository.
+* Changes to Python files are automatically checked for style.
+* Pushlog data is synchronized to a local database.
+* Bug data is extracted from commit messages and stored in a database.
+* Many revision set and template functions are added.
+If you are looking to turn Mercurial into a more powerful query tool or
+want to maintain a unified repository, *mozext* is very valuable.
+This extension lives under ``hgext/mozext``.