NO BUG - Skip annotated tags when releasing geckodriver r=me
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NO BUG - Skip annotated tags when releasing geckodriver r=me DONTBUILD MozReview-Commit-ID: CIX5O9P11Xz
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@@ -154,23 +154,19 @@ Now commit all the changes you have made
 As indicated above, the changes you make to this branch will not
 be upstreamed back into mozilla-central.  It is merely used as a
 staging ground for pushing builds to Travis.
 Tag the release
-Run the following command:
-	% git tag -a 'vX.Y.Z'
+Run the following command to tag the release:
-Write the following in the annotation:
-	Tagging release vX.Y.Z
+	% git tag 'vX.Y.Z'
 Make the release
 geckodriver is released and automatically uploaded from Travis by
 pushing a new version tag to the _release_ branch: