Bug 1399787 - Part 12. Put temporay PDF and EMF files into NS_APP_CONTENT_PROCESS_TEMP_DIR. draft
authorcku <cku@mozilla.com>
Tue, 31 Oct 2017 00:04:46 +0800
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push dateMon, 30 Oct 2017 18:19:26 +0000
Bug 1399787 - Part 12. Put temporay PDF and EMF files into NS_APP_CONTENT_PROCESS_TEMP_DIR. So that we make sure those intermidiate file will be removed by ClearOnShutdown when the chrome process been shutdown. MozReview-Commit-ID: 7xQH9KE8AGl
--- a/security/sandbox/win/src/sandboxbroker/sandboxBroker.cpp
+++ b/security/sandbox/win/src/sandboxbroker/sandboxBroker.cpp
@@ -884,16 +884,20 @@ SandboxBroker::SetSecurityLevelForPDFium
   // in the \pipe\ namespace. We restrict it to pipes that start with
   // "chrome." so the sandboxed process cannot connect to system services.
   result = mPolicy->AddRule(sandbox::TargetPolicy::SUBSYS_FILES,
                          "With these static arguments AddRule should never fail, what happened?");
+  // Add rule to allow read / write access to content temp dir. 
+  AddCachedDirRule(mPolicy, sandbox::TargetPolicy::FILES_ALLOW_ANY,
+                   sContentTempDir, NS_LITERAL_STRING("\\*"));
   // Add this rule for loading pdfium.dll.
   AddCachedDirRule(mPolicy, sandbox::TargetPolicy::FILES_ALLOW_READONLY,
                    sBinDir, NS_LITERAL_STRING("\\*"));
   return true;
--- a/widget/windows/nsDeviceContextSpecWin.cpp
+++ b/widget/windows/nsDeviceContextSpecWin.cpp
@@ -39,16 +39,17 @@
 #include "nsIUUIDGenerator.h"
 #include "mozilla/widget/PDFViaEMFPrintHelper.h"
 #include "nsDirectoryServiceDefs.h"
 #include "nsPrintfCString.h"
 #include "nsThreadUtils.h"
 #include "PDFiumProcessParent.h"
 #include "PDFiumParent.h"
 #include "WindowsEMF.h"
+#include "nsAppDirectoryServiceDefs.h"
 static mozilla::LazyLogModule kWidgetPrintingLogMod("printing-widget");
 #define PR_PL(_p1)  MOZ_LOG(kWidgetPrintingLogMod, mozilla::LogLevel::Debug, _p1)
 using namespace mozilla;
 using namespace mozilla::gfx;
@@ -245,17 +246,17 @@ already_AddRefed<PrintTarget> nsDeviceCo
     if (mDevMode) {
       // When printing to a printer via Skia PDF we open a temporary file that
       // we draw the print output into as PDF output, then once we reach
       // EndDcoument we'll convert that PDF file to EMF page by page to print
       // each page. Here we create the temporary file and wrap it in a
       // PrintTargetSkPDF that we return.
       nsresult rv =
-        NS_GetSpecialDirectory(NS_OS_TEMP_DIR, getter_AddRefs(mPDFTempFile));
+        NS_GetSpecialDirectory(NS_APP_CONTENT_PROCESS_TEMP_DIR, getter_AddRefs(mPDFTempFile));
       NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, nullptr);
       nsCOMPtr<nsIUUIDGenerator> uuidGenerator =
         do_GetService("@mozilla.org/uuid-generator;1", &rv);
       if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(rv))) {
         return nullptr;
       nsID uuid;