Bug 1303860 - Don't change directory when installing Mercurial; r?dustin draft
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Mon, 19 Sep 2016 14:15:06 -0700
changeset 415195 196718c4c0befe27a21c2a50476cc55f48fd13bf
parent 415108 fd0564234eca242b7fb753a110312679020f8059
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push id29820
push userbmo:gps@mozilla.com
push dateMon, 19 Sep 2016 21:17:53 +0000
Bug 1303860 - Don't change directory when installing Mercurial; r?dustin install-mercurial.sh was switching directories to /usr/local/mercurial resulting in following actions adding files to that path. We don't want that. So avoid the `cd` in install-mercurial.sh. The main side effect of this change is that the desktop-test image is now ~1.2 GB smaller because files aren't being saved to /usr/local/mercurial. MozReview-Commit-ID: Kyv8oXtvsda
--- a/testing/docker/recipes/install-mercurial.sh
+++ b/testing/docker/recipes/install-mercurial.sh
@@ -52,27 +52,27 @@ EOF
     echo "Do not know how to install Mercurial on this OS"
     exit 1
 mkdir -p /usr/local/mercurial
-cd /usr/local/mercurial
 tooltool_fetch <<'EOF'
     "size": 11849,
     "digest": "c88d9b8afd6649bd28bbacfa654ebefec8087a01d1662004aae088d485edeb03a92df1193d1310c0369d7721f475b974fcd4a911428ec65936f7e40cf1609c49",
     "algorithm": "sha512",
     "filename": "robustcheckout.py"
+mv robustcheckout.py /usr/local/mercurial/robustcheckout.py
 chmod 644 /usr/local/mercurial/robustcheckout.py
 mkdir -p /etc/mercurial
 cat >/etc/mercurial/hgrc <<EOF
 # By default the progress bar starts after 3s and updates every 0.1s. We
 # change this so it shows and updates every 1.0s.
 # We also tell progress to assume a TTY is present so updates are printed
 # even if there is no known TTY.