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Wed Sep 13 13:53:28 2017 +0000
36b1116350af500c49de824bd38b1aa1ff773b5dChris AtLee — Bug 1378153: Add 'a2' to aurora/devedition branding's firstrun page
c061b69ddef55e4c48c6fdce90d710882a98a6fcSimon Fraser — Revert changes to session management DONTBUILD
9930abe0204510a67a952d10fd994d0e22e020b4Simon Fraser — Update partials beetmover handling to reduce number of tasks generated DONTBUILD
32cc12848f3bb65cde3551d3c2fb92922219f377Simon Fraser — Experiment with a session per thread DONTBUILD
79b3112017f70754f8db94412589f9e814138a64Simon Fraser — adjust runtime for decision task DONTBUILD
21132200a45c2975a4863a7494cabc5490a5a981Simon Fraser — Restore concurrenct setting DONTBUILD
919619296a08f78ae78fe2412d8f40b9951acc8bSimon Fraser — Fix silly typo DONTBUILD
20250c9450d54b1daf7e872a9efacdce8e69f5f2Simon Fraser — Test lower concurrency, add extra debug logs DONTBUILD
686a909e4df3987291031a3736aacf504ce94bbcSimon Fraser — Experiment with concurrency to see the affect on task submission time DONTBUILD
bc62f3e9199a2d67189a5fd973d25421544210a6Simon Fraser — Restore locales for task submission time testing DONTBUILD
7f836ef5a0a6785399635245cb9622a8909a26a7Simon Fraser — Revert artifacts dir changes DONTBUILD
cdb505cb5f4c924874224259050d14529f99afccSimon Fraser — Update based on feedback DONTBUILD
0cb73421f0501797172943f4177c4013b9bae573Simon Fraser — Turn the release_history file into part of the parameters, and filter on nightly as best we can DONTBUILD
a644680025fbd12008ced08241332d2b50eba98aSimon Fraser — Restore decision task flow until a better way of determining nightly graphs is worked out
4eb3cd9e334c26b1bb7bdc8ea6d1cbdd0f847747Simon Fraser — First round of changes suggested from review DONTBUILD
ec20e8bd212c914062385cf2000ea55c57d2320fSimon Fraser — Remove unnecessary files DONTBUILD
48ccc67400dac5d6b34e586df5b25126f0dfa9aaSimon Fraser — merge central -> date
d2fb43b0127ba42c494a9ee87e921dc58658abaaSimon Fraser — fix mishandling of en-US for beetmover DONTBUILD
49c701ecf520ac1f374c672144e5ee2b72922a38Simon Fraser — Fix locale for CoT artifacts list DONTBUILD
64cc53763acd883c07141ff9e608031131ec007dSimon Fraser — Code cleanup DONTBUILD
fdf54d666430a4e08e85540649aac46bd3fb27cbSimon Fraser — Adjust default locale for partials-signing, and remove debugging print DONTBUILD
9cea4a230228261bafe4e3657a5052610cd4db89Simon Fraser — merge changes
e3ac5bf17c1a12bfaa39ef5f387f75d52230a855Simon Fraser — Add balrog support & use name_sanity for partials. DONTBUILD
dc1a72787c3125169cc3d557d76158ca9eb02663Simon Fraser — Use default of en-US for querying partial data DONTBUILD
ac61bcd49f3cbce34e3d6d02a042837c79d2ee27Aki Sasaki — back out 07bb5eb56ec8 ; DONTBUILD
e51200491d6f41acc66ca4ec1baaea50fb866c8cAki Sasaki — bug 1396177 - test axel's patch. DONTBUILD
18b4e4e2adf71a2212b794e31ffaf229a2c3d615Simon Fraser — scopes for partials-signing DONTBUILD
2a7a2ff872c69d475c9ca3c93504cb99dc6d8586Simon Fraser — Schema validation issues DONTBUILD
bb0987b2f943e050239a0bfc1431f9c2f07c576cSimon Fraser — locale for partials-signing upstream artifacts, and update worker-type DONTBUILD
e3458a62c8848b68fbd722753734bad5b406ba6fSimon Fraser — docker image cot info now in the right place DONTBUILD
03931e0e791a49ccf8305fb00ef5ac9e411e7888Simon Fraser — cot for docker-image in partials-signing DONTBUILD
07bb5eb56ec8636653a7b8275559a8ba7ac8337aZibi Braniecki — Bug 1396177 - Do not clobber the langpack in l10n-check. r=aki
ad5f860e1c9918b3acf3bd571eef08fdd3500982Aki Sasaki — merge central -> date
a4521daf2def4857aeb03c891a9d9a0b16d027b4Simon Fraser — Prep for beetmover support DONTBUILD
ac8437d2d3a44ced6701fab7a0ab4365b1682ea0Simon Fraser — Fix silly artifacts bug DONTBUILD
2c5446329a3b3a53da777f93e3f4943fbf2032bcSimon Fraser — Update expected artifacts path, and include manifest DONTBUILD
d36860d081eaa484bc3206624ed8bab9f99de240Simon Fraser — Be more specific about where the upstream artifacts are DONTBUILD
3a5c6e1a6a07a7c73a1d6da0f6bfbe4c2b7b4140Simon Fraser — Add chain-of-trust to partials worker DONTBUILD
17c42e483f5e88034ee5eb3bc04a9c2215566ee6Aki Sasaki — bug 1394130 - we don't need signing in mac l10n deps DONTBUILD
14a888da9c200b1319dd98430bd8d9c7ee5f9ef2Aki Sasaki — base mac nightly l10n off repackage DONTBUILD
801cc5f628d60a814f90ca68fdcecf5b92fbc727Aki Sasaki — bug 1394130 - mac l10n should be based off build-signing, part 2
2398f2ecf4737ec36be689bf6383b7fdcded4a73Aki Sasaki — bug 1394130 - mac l10n should be based off build-signing. DONTBUILD
3234b744da406ed26bcd78558df5428b4de2968aAki Sasaki — bug 1393277 - enable chain of trust in action tasks.