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Tue Jan 05 13:08:54 2016 +0000
4119b1efe14cf062deb0d0f7a3ceae54380c35d2Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1229399: Make writing the IR fallible, provide a fallible reading API; r?luke
806f078594c9136254910b823ea216823992ab83Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1229399: Store line/column info in the FuncIR rather than the bytecode stream; r=luke
1a6db1f1274b6472790e3ae76a7f93dc71b9d62dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1229399: Make initialization of asm.js local variables closer to wasm; r=luke
fcc73febb20cb72bb6716b48757b18c3f9044297Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1234280: Handle oom in CodeGeneratorShared::allocateData; r=jandem
224c502eb6c6a3fcb874deccabdce73500e86f3bJoel Maher — Bug 1236081 - 3 layout/reftest/bugs/ tests are failing while running in our linux64 docker container. r=jfkthame
8c4f8b5802f81edf1f776feae6382b84562a96aeJoel Maher — Bug 1236076 - 3 tests in text-overflow reftests are failing when run in linux64 docker images. r=mats
f0012452dcf3a5903cb09249a3ed2ba51a1acf8cMike Hommey — Bug 1235109 - Remove support for -I in preprocessor and jar maker. r=gps
688715e69fe668b61ccf4908d42fe7070891aff8Mike Hommey — Bug 1235108 - Install bookmarks.html from instead of a custom Makefile rule. r=gps
7d42061c8eb13383097a26757531b35c02e501b3Mike Hommey — Bug 1235108 - For ja-JP-mac locale, reassign AB_CD in instead of in the Makefile. r=gps
b7b78b643dde677f6d87241764abc5cdf553fc5cMike Hommey — Bug 1235108 - Stop using the -I option to force-include in r=gps
92511da19d8fc7d38f9c78773f86ea7de590fa65Mike Hommey — Bug 1235108 - Stop using vpaths for r=gps
21e3cdc1859562b60d5baa393dc581903ff06c72Mike Hommey — Bug 1235107 - Move bookmarks.html to a chrome localized location. r=dolske
eab59c67f96ab5fc2e66a8200db9151607962781Mike Hommey — Bug 1235935 - Backout changeset 5a6ef68947e7 from bug 1235738 to enable debug flags in HOST_C{,XX}FLAGS. r=me
ffe6d37dcd6a84e2029614e3d6a6127a5e2f35a2Mike Hommey — Bug 1235945 - Fix assertion error in some cases when running szip when debug flags are enabled for host tools. r=froydnj
c1578d9501eba26549ec633037a63e9c3fac07b5Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
33e805e80b96cc9cc72ff78eb15fc49439d64df7Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 25: Flip the big switch and wait for the lightning. r=mconley
cafdab8323782a8bdee711e3755d0996580ac230Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 24: Add new Recorded event to record font data. r=bas
f2ce8e30096013f0957ce0ad42b1640be877f22eBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 23: Assert in PrintTranslator when a lookup fails. r=bas
f67ed3a6ee9a94c5a294528e006b4b07eb559abeBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 22: Change ScaledFontDWrite to support creation from TrueType Collection data. r=bas
6e490856b991d39f70c08231462a043b555c1d00Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 21: Use GetDirect3D11Device instead of DrawTargetD2D::GetDWriteFactory to determine if DWrite fonts should be used. r=Bas
fa6b129da39a29b1ea3dd5e5eac5b73cb83f308fBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 20: Move Moz2D PreferenceAccess into its own header. r=bas
c14e6cfb20dd844b82b1e5e7bb70a9cfec193f77Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 19: Implement GetFontFileData for ScaledFontWin. r=bas
f8c51f0d7cd47fe6e7e65dd88d54f3f6fce79d91Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 18: Fix the way we hold custom font data so that they can be recorded with Moz2D. r=bas
318888301328d03b717b26036c248bf69420aef2Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 17: Add virtual destructor to RecorededEvent and fix subsequent crash with DWrite playback fonts. r=bas
0b7f1898586916bc550413e4678025abef155057Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 16: Add recording and forwarding of Matrix attribute set for Moz2D recording. r=bas
dda221fc2e37196dc96413b2c6d04b5ae86441fdBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 15: Add pref for turning on printing via the parent process. r=mconley
f17ecf3189bd4a25e806a71ed4ae2be40e82440fBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 14: Complete RemotePrintJob using PrintTranslator. r=mconley
6c13b972933639299aceef19b6541e9412ef9242Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 13: Create a Moz2D PrintTranslator. r=bas
57d758c8ac22c640e955fba23b6802582169f78fBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 12: Record CreateSimilarDrawTarget separately for Moz2D. r=bas
5167c1c18e405265666d670082789156b50d9cb4Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 11: Allow RemotePrintJobChild to abort the print. r=roc
e42b8b6de581f8ca772c30a588e54e31a1e88347Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 10: Allow RemotePrintJob to influence nsPagePrintTimer. r=roc
f9f91b619a87c5c7142a396b62a5f90145fb3811Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 9: Add a new nsIDeviceContextSpec for proxied printing. r=roc
ced236c18d9d457fbc50bcd15e2c6364536e0223Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 8: Change gfxWindowsSurface, so that a non-printing surface can be used when recording a print. r=roc
d765b7934fae4c1389ec4d860988a21437aed075Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 7: Refactor nsDeviceContext.cpp to use printing surface for size and nsIDeviceContextSpec for DPI and scale. r=roc
cf0cb2ca72fe9e14c7e7cc294e612a42e0038d0bBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 6: Add RemotePrintJob to PrintSession and PrintData. r=roc, r=mconley
d265787bad2983eb224c132896f394a4f169e44dBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 5: Add a skeleton RemotePrintJob. r=mconley
00b3ae3147bc1eb7f68dc1c412b41069fe41f9aeBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 4: Add an in memory DrawEventRecorder. r=bas
ef3078a358d8072dc4c04a9fb6880928884b5baeBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 3: Add support for FontType::CAIRO to CreateScaledFontForTrueTypeData on Windows. r=bas
e9837ebf5d48f1f7a6f881d4120a47262d5b84c8Bob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 2: Make gfx thebes/gl/2d work with UNICODE defined. r=bas, r=glandium
e3834d920c4abd86efc63d883d0bfa15d6ffc91bBob Owen — Bug 1156742 Part 1: Change Moz2D recording, so that it can be used in isolation. r=bas
700d49664df69b3808597dfe0e13e6d40db1e1fdBob Owen — Bug 1234566: Use LoadLibraryA instead of LoadLibrary in some skia Windows code to allow UNICODE to be defined. r=lsalzman
8af6d41e7d3b38ed41a9e87d02949ce60ea00fefAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1235576 - Fix the indentation in dom/ipc, r=smaug
3fbbaedcf49587e25e5e4a3c19fbb3093abb9bf3Morris Tseng — Bug 1024149 - Use element size for upload texture when using SVG image. r=jgilbert r=roc
b94d7e7648e1d7406809b968eb1310951d461205David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1200169 - Making the slow add-on watcher more tolerant;r=Felipe
9115adb58910737dcbdca45607b2205aefde2056Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1235858 - Record the time stamp, use it for crash reports. r=botond
165ea60605989dbf4441fb4131ab10146f525560Tim Chien — Bug 1234459 - Expose full text in the input box to InputMethod API, r=masayuki, sr=smaug
e4c738873db5e3dec1b74f2f7ad555c7274ec32bBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1221361: Mark SetARMHwCapFlags as unsafe for fuzzing; r=jolesen