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Thu Mar 10 01:58:26 2016 +0000
8867739057e6113c84357469243a1a0752ec14ceRail Aliiev — Bug 1253871 - L10N repacks should use martools from en-US build, not from latest dir r=jlund a=release
3120bbed5ff0725cb227d9874afc5f74b2d69691Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 45a841d2c188 (bug 1236621) for android bustage CLOSED TREE
927f615cf2c1b16fb962553a82ec8a31e6bfbd7bWes Kocher — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1234629) for android bustage
b12bd64ca4ee7ce911740b5457f970319cf7f7bbRail Aliiev — Bug 1254887 - Adjust requires_mirror in r=bhearsum a=release CLOSED TREE
46772bf935c3241f7acbb180ddb062a84c29ef7cNick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Post: Add simple bouncer APK docs. r=me a=sylvestre
808d8b35a3575019ce042d580b6a7bd80e8d0368Nick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Post: Add Gradle support for bouncer. r=me a=sylvestre
4badb36f71b9059f1483011e4dbd1973eed471d5Nick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Part 3: Make bouncer's <intent-filter> set a larger subset of Fennec's <intent-filter> set. r=margaret a=sylvestre
59f660dca3525e884e4a627c76857f80629bc8cbNick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Part 2: Fail packaging if bouncer APK and main APK have different permissions. r=gps a=sylvestre
07f3e1db69aa48fba143ea8f1790ecbcd04abe00Nick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Part 1: Create bouncer APK for OTA distribution installs. r=margaret,gps a=sylvestre
b49a3c403769bb617ec23d82fcfeb1dc1c1533ffNick Alexander — Bug 1234629 - Part 0: Make Distribution look in /data/data/$PACKAGE/distribution last. r=rnewman a=sylvestre
45a841d2c188cb3dd958b0e0611d910ec1abffa8Nick Alexander — Bug 1236621 - Extract main APK permissions into included preamble. r=margaret a=sylvestre
4361e9c2485e6a5e79e162e0194a78f1e263cfadHenrik Skupin — Bug 1251196 - [mozcrash] If no symbols path is specified let stackwalk download the symbols. r=ted, a=test-only
fb3494d06dfb73e26df72ca7a4bc4ef5ebf8795cRail Aliiev — Bug 1254422 - Do not try to set S3 ACLs r=jlund a=release FIREFOX_46_0b1_RELEASE
1cc5ec520c00a6b8168162fb2db7299cc1b6f343Jordan Lund — Bug 1254395 - push to cdn for non release promotion case doesn't use credentials, a=testing r=nthomas