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Thu Aug 17 23:05:10 2017 +0000
686561e3335b7bbfbde3f38aa85069ae73bf7810Chris Manchester — Move includes associated with CPP_UNIT_TESTS to the CppUnitTests template.
fb0682de85ec4a032fcd7d9d025fef8fd75b2959Chris Manchester — Move breakpad include munging to
971dcf364cf988563f036b47bf79330a2acb93d9Chris Manchester — Move includes to computed flags.
386477ae2a999f8cccec6040ae5bfb168b427f45Chris Manchester — Maintain a reference to the main mozbuild path within templates.
2e53db8610535414f1a9f30e5231a8de817e351cChris Manchester — Move defines to computed compile flags.
5f43821efb33fa1f384a29df18ba99f1fa20e4ddChris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Replace all uses of NO_VISIBILITY_FLAGS with a template and remove NO_VISIBILITY_FLAGS.