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Thu Apr 05 02:07:04 2018 +0000
fa80a4cb2098c8841321e9ae26cbf870048fca55Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1450162. Add a crash test that invalidates our previous assumptions. r=mstange
6f967d0a02df35f59779aff445383b5f7dec26f4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1450162. Use an Entry type instead of tuples. r=mstange
f7be47711eb6e10c2ce970c6b9eb7a65059d682aAki Sasaki — bug 1451531 - beetmover-cdns should depend on release-generate-checksums-beetmover. r=nthomas
150ed033741d5067c2d4fd242e43a13447869542Xidorn Quan — Bug 1447056 part 2 - Invoke Resize in SetSizeConstraints with the current size to apply the new constraints. r=bz
829f5e20239878b18317e9cf221ccc4b930a6107Xidorn Quan — Bug 1447056 part 1 - Move eWindowType_sheet to be before eWindowType_popup. r=mstange
d52acd95d094834566daa57d751ee06db71f5f66Narcis Beleuzu — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
f4753aa286e50298e6320a5dc6b1e0c233b130a7Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 1450620 - Add words to en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
6c33a2801a17e7e640bdc7d2d0d66b8ce6154d88Bobby Holley — Bug 1437998 - Remove SimpleGestureEvent and OfflineResourceList from kInterfaceShims. r=bz
ac4c6867aede4756dfead387a67f95d6558df3d7Ryan Hunt — Bug 1450307 - Paper over a crash in WebRenderCommandBuilder::GenerateFallbackData. r=kats
60a9050fb70f29eca7de2d2222533c7555557eb4Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 847e9f622eb7 (bug 1432793) for build bustages on VideoConduit.cpp. CLOSED TREE
62839ba7b41cf85d480dd3ca4afaa2623b58cd9bFelipe Gomes — Bug 1450761 - Follow-up, remove check that was added in the previous version of the patch, but is not needed anymore. r=fgomes
847e9f622eb77861539e8c7e6aa8e5ac027835deDan Minor — Bug 1432793 - Force screensharing simulcast to one layer and stop generating layers once an odd width and height are found; r=bwc
147d5a5eb3ac5e5377ec6e40f6f2ed7caa4a0dceTom Prince — Bug 1421062: Use `Thunderbird` as the product in comm-central beetmover tasks; r=aki
cbab4fd64be08824d3b6e90a4a8e213a1ccc5257Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Use nightly beetmover config by default on try; r=aki
bcc822db5775354f1bb8d5f3df7f6941a60241dbTom Prince — Bug 1421062: Configure beetmover workers via global taskgraph config; r=aki
a578a9117c193ecfd6c7abdca5fbb841e46155abGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1449548, r=mconley,aswan
99e592730f87f014a4d541ad301e27226d9e1ccaOlli Pettay — Bug 1449268 - Treat document-level touch event listeners as passive, r=kats
2170aca70880fc961a68afebf0795dc8b199549fKris Maglione — Bug 1451215: Run codespell on code. r=aswan
a04b1417861b787e522ab1c2a606750cfae9f190Florian Quèze — Bug 1449925 - follow-up to fix conflict with bug 1450242, rs=bustage-fix, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
3b3e894a04cd6433887621458455aecd61c26da8Paolo Amadini — Bug 1451406 - Always use type="menu" instead of the type="panel" alias for buttons. r=bgrins
7c26bbdac00f8ef5866b673bfc59fb452f8fb549Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1445710. Reduce codesize a bit by removing DOM DefineInterfaceObject methods. r=peterv
9daca50568c83cba3d3ee0ad987d6d686e116a74Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1450422. Get rid of nsIDOMDataChannel. r=mystor
1c00083d6616fea01fe250e74ccc0ea38eb5ca82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1450182. Remove the EventListenerWasAdded/Removed hooks from DOMEventTargetHelper. r=smaug
5cc5f9c978a3f1a8c6e0083e8024c216a11805bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1447454. Stop allowing implicit downcasts in StrongOrRawPtr. r=peterv
658361dcadf317b2276eb13896de8d576d5d99c1Florian Quèze — Bug 1449925 - make the --private command line parameter work when browser.startup.blankWindow is true, r=Ehsan.
7495760c7501bb9a36ee345e078aa44f49f4066aFelipe Gomes — Bug 1429161. Policy follow-up: hide instead of disabling the Forget button. r=jaws
19d54765481f6fd9a8078bab36042d577e1d4372Jason Laster — Bug 1448431 - Don't pause on console expression exceptions. r=jimb
4a473ea3d1bfdbeda4618b3c3f57596c136d93beFelipe Gomes — Bug 1450761 - Policy to disable the Add Exception button on certificate error pages. r=jaws
ca550bc9020b6ee4acf61fdbf08b453cc507675aFelipe Gomes — Bug 1450761 - Add pref to disable the Add Exception button on certificate error pages. r=jaws
26c8dafa2070eef525402e7ada4706c946efac8aKanika Saini — Bug 1443242 - Disable about:debugging in InstallAddons Policy. r=felipe
7f5c38e048085b7e87efa3e4411753ce051220b1Michael Kaply — Bug 1429179 - Add policy to clear data on shutdown. r=felipe
7271d56c190dc07d422e1184ab33833fbdfdf206Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1085062 followup. Actually address the review comments. r=peterv
ac90c20959de0499253cabb9f272f2faa7a87919Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1445670. Make sure to clear out the pending request when our image gets blocked by the data document policy. r=jdm
6d94022fef7a99bc7d246ee561ed6443836b1244Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1085062. Remove hasXPConnectImpls support from bindings codegen. r=peterv
a9a254ed2869dad2802a6658f73a941438ff9cc2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1085061. Remove the hasXPConnectImpls flag from EventTarget. r=peterv
3ba2dc4bf7ce07e05b7fe00338c11b9df317004dLuke Wagner — Bug 1450800 - Baldr: don't need HeapPtr for GCVector elements (r=lth)
1f1882b68cb9b889938507d98c4c473297596f21Luke Wagner — Bug 1450800 - Add null check to InternalGCPointerPolicy methods (r=sfink)
b5043e3fd65802edd00e4cc855b8e8e3561eec1aBen Kelly — Bug 1450358 P8 Test that SharedWorker does not leak windows through its event listener. r=baku
56a86828050d79776a3a020937aeb412ce919a10Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P7 Test MessageChannel for event listener leaks. r=baku
02c9cfcec7115569a09283c917c9edda1ed6b751Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P6 Add BroadcastChannel event listener leak test. r=baku
a83a1ca1dffa4396b130bb8482c0903dc4ce8ff8Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P5 Test EventSource for event listener leaks. r=baku
d1f938a8592a6a7e8af2f0eb62095a09a68e0e84Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P4 Add a MediaQueryList event listener leak test. r=baku
9e939fc48dda62bb3ec71ba2c30376d3e47a3210Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P3 Verify that Animation does not leak via event listeners. r=baku
9663215cdcc6f60ce8531b88cd724591067efcfcBen Kelly — Bug 1450358 P2 Test AbortSignal for event listener related runtime leaks. r=baku
fff908e8cfafc46e04ef3cddd2b1adb958672f09Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P1 Add an event listener runtime leak check for XHR. r=baku
a0c94ff9fedc8f5bad4111d8f0a27ba5152a3c99Ben Kelly — Bug 1450358 P0 Factor the event listener runtime leak checking test into a reusable test framework. r=baku