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Mon Sep 04 05:58:59 2017 +0000
fa2f2f5ca6041ec614f93ff58424567c2496347aJW Wang — Bug 1348634 - wait for the 'suspend' event to ensure resource cloning work as expected.
bdcfea5fc786f3c5c3c865856a024f6c220602a4JW Wang — Bug xxx. P2 - merge runnables to reduce the tasks dispatched to the main thread.
988f1183a501478374e2da7b642ecc4eeb0472b6JW Wang — Bug xxx. P1 - use a lock to protect access to mResource.
251541f66b70a522901f915c1e80168f56e08188JW Wang — Bug 1395855 - make mOffset an Atomic<> so it can be safely accessed on multiple threads.
acd6401380d82101d8e4b650730b49bf126bb80bJW Wang — Bug 1395842 - tighten up assertions in ChannelSuspendAgent which runs on the main thread only.
b5b2a5d89b2aa25ee644e8ea3c06804d2c63cdbaJW Wang — Bug 1395802. P3 - we don't need lock since mChannelStatistics is always accessed on the main thread.
de6706f3fcd29ca81254e9b20f391cc28bc3a57aJW Wang — Bug 1395802. P2 - call mChannelStatistics.AddBytes() on the main thread.
6044445039445631bbb6cd66607b6f7f72547f18JW Wang — Bug 1395802. P1 - assert ChannelMediaResource::GetDownloadRate() runs on the main thread.