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Fri Aug 18 10:48:05 2017 +0000
737d420bf61dda43f405434086515216e628586bSteve Chung — Bug 1390433 - Uplift Form Autofill system add-on for 56 beta. r=MattN
49ae18b8d224c7cf0b417695f1116439e81bb252Luke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1387988)[Form Autofill] Move "findLabelElements" function to FormAutofillHeuristics.jsm. r=MattN
f9ab71432c920ef8842746a143b3a457083e6f80Steve Chung — Bug 1390433 - (From 1383058)Always adopt the info from autocomplete attribute. r=MattN
309f591ed66c381f893d32c9282f0e6167f6b2absteveck-chung — Bug 1390433 - (From 1337314)Encrypt card number while normallizing field.
ec9d5f3435ceae650932196d79a8284d88d35f0aSteve Chung — Bug 1390433 - (From 1388238)Add encrypt/decrypt methods to MasterPassword.jsm. r=MattN
476a2f71f11a3473a8e455d922d02db7f813291asteveck-chung — Bug 1390433 - (From 1388238)Implement waitForMasterPasswordDialog helper which handles open dialogs. r=MattN
8768cc9695e237b1565be528de6dca90feafee50Ray Lin — Bug 1390433 - (From 1380910)Enhance form autofill note by showing the categories intersection of result fields and form fields instead of their union.
26df6b6c26eb98274d7d469989b4ef7f84a1c23eMark Hammond — Bug 1390433 - (From 1385179)Enable addresses sync engine as formautofill initializes. r?MattN
7eeb033b7df7826942b5af69e402f25fc2674c3bRay Lin — Bug 1390433 - (From 1371149)Part 2. Add a chrome browser test for form autofill insecure field. r=MattN
431d140bb4edc8b3ef18a83295811fa1ef5be2c2Ray Lin — Bug 1390433 - (From 1371149)Part 1. Show insecure field in credit card autofill dropdown instead of result when the connection is not secure. r=MattN
5921995ade10a72ebe2722e6397a4ea0a718fb3dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1390433 - (From 1385196)[Form Autofill] Test: Enable the feature based on locale and geoip.
2385f4af3c4eeda2c12650a1b73bbe4611a0d793Luke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1385196)[Form Autofill] Enable the feature based on locale and geoip. r=MattN
6a24d91ffc94f8f9c20d81356da46175efa0f3cfMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1390433 - (From 1388078)Form Autofill: Delay adding the AOM upgrade listener until the XPI DB is loaded.
6f0432989960b1b0016bedf2d3e7f4ca43252d71Luke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1375382)[Form Autofill] Handle filling in country field select element.
5ad8e02edc8c62500c64d64d0d6fb9dbdf769ad2Luke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1385216)[Form Autofill] Avoid triggering update on fields that aren't changed after autofilling or contain concatenated street address.
4eeee07a2ddc860acf79021bf0814ef26d68d3dbSean Lee — Bug 1390433 - (From 1358960)"united state" string should not be recognized as "address-level1". r=MattN
8847057b92c88f85b25a3adc19faf806c512486cLuke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1384185)[Form Autofill] Fallback to form-history when available values from saved profiles are less than 3.
99699094f3645311a807d7bf4170ce8ed08c5351Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1390433 - (From 1387611)Delay formautofill system add-on updates until the next restart.
3069d6214f58f81d7b443f1b6cede2424ffdad1fLuke Chang — Bug 1390433 - (From 1386120)Flip "dom.forms.autocomplete.formautofill" according to the availability of Form Autofill feature.
a8ef9fb0239c9b1735cf37ae2b58ad584a6ea18eScott Wu — Bug 1390433 - (From 1385813)[Form Autofill] Set the width of edit address dialog on html markup rather than in css