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Sun Jun 05 13:47:10 2016 +0000
fdd905b2e545359e5ac4deffd01d1f57f67c6c6bSylvestre Ledru — Update the what's new section in every languages
9efb147f9a690cdd85c86f0d500e3fc78c142cbaSylvestre Ledru — Create a library to manage translation of Google play descriptions
ec792db0bf1aa350976526d645f8b7dfb7473975Sylvestre Ledru — Google update their api client. Needs to update the client
b9213f375a3fa9570893c23eef9ef4be4cc83226Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 490d3460a197 (bug 1230462) for test failures in test_modal_prompts.html
4a08f1841ee0422cd2b4f4a0eb2de16f93576757Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1272772 - Inline and remove unneeded rules (removes unneeded rules); r=gcp
fe9c2571c13008ea72fc902dd1d0eca9d0f7b910Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1272772 - Inline and remove unneeded rules (removes unused macros); r=gcp
b01ae5885b0b81fa638f368739e1a7ce12ad4025Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1272772 - Inline and remove unneeded rules (inline rules); r=gcp
a22e275b759faeda830d2efa9985c3c9609bbde0Stephanie Ouillon — Bug 1247459 - Meta and header CSP are merged without a semicolon. r=ckerschb
0a2fe25f4c67593dd90b2b7940e2587a43a00144Zibi Braniecki Bug 1275183 - "Hang if Intl.getCanonicalLocales gets an Array-like-object with negative length". r=waldo
f930971eaa0d96c2b9e9ef3cc1faf84c68d2dafeAstley Chen — Bug 1258286: Part 2 - update w3c css masking mask-repeat ref test case. r=heycam
0839610737b4ef9bc6160095b054bc61799ef415Astley Chen — Bug 1258286: Part 1 - add layer types to nsStyleImageLayers and layer initialization. r=heycam
ff6684c07cc67aaf0fe5a8f3ba6ade75e2df5d33Chris Peterson — Backed out changeset 7383d49bc7c8 (Flash click-to-play bug 1186948)
b8b0f46e3811071923c137964af94fe021934500Mats Palmgren — Bug 1278010 - Add WritingMode convenience methods for determining whether to use central or alphabetical baselines. r=jfkthame
ac2aaa6bcb4a80476d8c19dd6482ac119779f8b9Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1276643 - External media tests reset widevine GMP. r=maja_zf
f729fa97d3a7e69f7550f01ddbfa8da9256421d7Tom Tromey — Bug 1277628 - handle js::GCPtr in gdb pretty-printers. r=sfink
7e9f778585288a52dbd6333b77ed817df6c97177Dragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1277522 - Increase max connection retries to 10.r=mcmanus
490d3460a197ab1d468250b5ca661741868a4337Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1230462 - Change the authentiation dialog message. r=mayhemer,dolske,margaret,tanvi
c5b4391bfdd4b74afd189e1894912f0cb5023074Zibi Braniecki Bug 1260858 - "Update the DateTimeFormat.prototype.formatToParts to the final spec". r=waldo
4f5df0a09686af630e023c17e965977d9aa1c38aL. David Baron — Remove commented-out subdirectories that were listed purely hypothetically to avoid their confusing people in the future. No bug.
3e6967898d93bc686b291a310b715f3371c19e08Ethan Lin — Bug 889964 - Part 3. Turn on background reftest. r=dbaron
0631776a11b102b0041c53b9f265d856f0b68108Ethan Lin — Bug 889964 - Part 2. Add reftest for boarder image: round. r=dbaron
2ce152b78b405f545225ba5804366faa61d601bfEthan Lin — Bug 889964 - Part 1. Fix the calculation of border-image: round. r=dbaron
52a777c32fd644245a07e3ee457fdcfe9ee5f8f5Astley Chen — Bug 1278020 - enable selectors4 reftest. r=dbaron
4c3d7660fd3730f2bf51fd32f21f98063ea860c9L. David Baron — Bug 1273048 - Add __attribute__((noinline)) to work around compiler bug on Android/x86. r=xidorn
efd20b79bbc525828b9a687bd14feb43c93c14d1L. David Baron — Bug 1273048 - Add MOZ_GCC_VERSION_AT_MOST macro. r=froydnj
f3e63f44521d972be0e614d17bd50939a4c3c8c4Seth Fowler — (No bug) - Remove unnecessary include in nsGIFDecoder2.cpp. r=me DONTBUILD
5bc75c0144b55d799e80ea23a2e3244870d2f834Natanael Copa — Bug 1274732 - Avoid allocate 128k buffer on stack r=mcmanus
1f056b981b1f7e6e449cf1e67ee55481e569cdc7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 0b65f7e689b5 (bug 1272107) for frequent startup hangs in 10.10 e10s tests
b77e05bf69d596a0048b449fa90e35bb9f80342eJan de Mooij — Bug 1276879 followup - Use JS::RootedValue instead of RootedValue to fix non-unified build. r=bustage
82bf2f128bfbc05c495e6fb77ecf287bf41a8458Jan de Mooij — Bug 1276879 - Convert jsapi-tests to autoJSAPIOwnsErrorReporting. r=jorendorff
c918e224f9d1a826e2d2ebe002ad3b6bf0d81564Boris Chiou — Bug 1277740 - Add const to RangedPtr<T>::operator+ and operator-. r=Waldo
f457175b1c4fe381a05c1fbde3776199b37b0250Patrick McManus — Bug 1277943 - atomic fix to sockettransport::debugautomutex r=hurley
77345805ea822d045e3559cefae78826a987518aJet Villegas — merge from inbound
d5a74fc98333a8ebae36ae7b47e37742490cb566Jet Villegas — Bug 1268736: An editable table cell means that both the cell and its contents are children of an editable node. r=mats
515b840d20aa810a56f626a803fcd0682e592653Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 3538bc8b05aa (bug 1278005) will land directly on m-c
2395a1485c76d8fa1185faeffc20eee2789d109cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 6e489044de50 (bug 1269711) for spidermonkey test failures
7fac4674fdfa5cd1d2acbd5018f36213be63b010Andrea Marchesini — Bug 989619 - patch 3 - console API should use [ProtoObjectHack], r=bz
f4c1500759bf9f4a970967cf7f0b8ca47254f349Andrea Marchesini — Bug 989619 - patch 2 - console API should use webIDL namespaces, r=bz
c54d1374d42a0c7892fcd96e1e51045e68922b29Andrea Marchesini — Bug 989619 - patch 1 - Codegen should allow static methods with a reserved C++ keywords as the name, r=peterv
1a641275e97e48f383f1ed65363109e94c475b9bSeth Fowler — Bug 1277979 - Add more fuzz to the downscale-during-decode GTests to fix failures on OS 10.10. r=me
dac26bb716f9997cdf4928e1496d11e7607be99bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1274362 - a Symbol passed to postMessage should throw DataCloneException, r=sfink
3538bc8b05aa5b9ee7fc2e27d2c7130cd881bb67Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1278005: Fix rounding problems. r=cpearce
6e489044de501237d7a38d93e8fe34c07c3947ddShu-yu Guo — Bug 1269711 - Disallow JS shell interrupt callback function to affect exception state of interrupted JS. (r=jimb)
e1db300f075e3f4bfc9e7ff1a61a77cc101abe1fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.7 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_SELECTEDCONVERTEDTEXT to TextRangeType::eSelectedClause r=smaug
0801a85a04bed766943c2b3483a83eb2714e9b6fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.6 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_CONVERTEDTEXT to TextRangeType::eConvertedClause r=smaug
e0a3c242becfb27047f0a8a06c0feb6631b9b595Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.5 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_SELECTEDRAWTEXT to TextRangeType::eSelectedRawClause r=smaug
04cc8a274c7f36536aaacea7fc4657250d5b527aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.4 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_RAWINPUT to TextRangeType::eRawClause r=smaug
41c18a6bdd84280957714167a4f7dc2b7408167eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.3 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_CARETPOSITION to TextRangeType::eCaret r=smaug
93278105babfbc4ad72a55fd421df8fbc47f4dc5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.2 Rename TextRangeType::NS_TEXTRANGE_UNDEFINED to TextRangeType::eUninitialized r=smaug
ccdb440b7b7e8e680f6c2b561fbd9db0a1214f14Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1277756 part.1 Make anonymous enum for NS_TEXTRANGE_* to an enum class named "TextRangeType" r=smaug
9d34386dec390f98671e29fe4de7b768a097b27aRobert Helmer — Bug 1277898 - start documenting add-on manager code, starting with system add-on spec r=gps
b86c7fc1f4bdc5af62b68756d46fa48b7d2a68e6Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Moved installing of Python into an install_python method in the windows bootstrapper; r=gps
3952e910a66a8e98b5f3d87a4f0ba614f49ad249Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Fixed some offending version checks that were inhereted from the BaseBootstrapper r=gps
cf30f2236629339e4845df17771b18f652a0ca00Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added installing of Mercurial to Windows boostrapper. r=gps
3c18f97878791c4eb73cddbefd1102c7c1a270bdNathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Windows bootstrapper installs necessary system and browser packages that come from pacman. r=gps
b12e09309b96a2ea15b560317cd63a388788a27aNathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added methods for interacting with pacman. r=gps
f4e2ff34312b8104fe96e07af43b23cbce3c3f73Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added placeholder for Windows bootstrapper. r=gps
403728f309ce77168d47d67e69e41aad284aabbdNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1276368: use b=TIAS for maxBitrate encoding constraints. r=jesup
a9575284041e2bd8b8822c469012ce4df5739ef8Jonathan Watt — Bug 1276810 follow-up - Backout the nsPresShell.cpp change to reduce infallibility coupling. r=milan
85d31bd76c19fe2e7d32eb9176d15f96fd2048e1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 975832 - Enable AES-256 variants of the AES-128 GCM cipher suites we have already enabled. r=keeler
53de33ce847f9e5e9b77b6ed08027813a325f95fJeff Gilbert — Bug 1275866 - Clear WebGLTimerQuerys on WebGL GLContext teardown. - r=jerry,jrmuizel
2c6965cd08de95b84e5f836ebb9f203fc902cfa6Trevor Saunders — bug 1277959 - cleanup Interfaces enum r=davidb
3c5f1c93108cff3b22bb7817fabbe7434f9ec12fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 14c8ec387dd2 (bug 1277154) because it seems like a good candidate for what broke reftests
eb3f64c79e83a413c724d785cf7c1739bf0ad04cDavid Keeler — bug 1277240 - don't import trust anchors in SaveIntermediateCerts r=Cykesiopka
f382e0ae3c2bd83bd5f89eaa4b71238bf500e393Benoit Girard — Bug 1274046 - Add FailureId to gfxConfig (FeatureState). r=dvander
0fe8a8bde7f03cf80825a434f4a3fc2c58d69a84Mason Chang — Bug 1274726. Part 2: Reftest for prescale and repeat drawable. r=jrmuizel
2b4b4972c8a575ba3d06d7d4c214b6f941ab2c80Mason Chang — Bug 1274726. Clamp scaled image before repeating during prescale and repeat on OS X. r=jrmuizel
4e03f2bc5a99f4d19785cf04e4f3ed4a22f65aa4Jed Davis — Bug 1114647 - Use firefox for child processes instead of plugin-container. r=ted
0b65f7e689b5364c24e88d8f70434537e9cbb193Justin D'Arcangelo — Bug 1272107 - FlyWeb desktop UI code. Only enabled on nightly and aurora builds. r=mconley
6e84b5b95e3ab8144648194ef53f2d6b1da555ccKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1277719 - Remove unnecessary duplicated zoom bounds from APZC and make nsViewportInfo have the source of truth for those values. r=rbarker
b9e7c2e445f48b44fc72d4dc6a885d16b3cd9e90Florian Scholz — Bug 1179876 - Add more doc links to console errors; r=mrrrgn
e2b1014ab07515c248fe3667c009a55bc2289cc0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1108052 - Remove empty event regions display items because they only slow things down and can add extraneous layers. r=mstange
d35a3e8043bda4cfcfeb38690261c789bbbc8b43Yura Zenevich — Bug 1277858 - adding more polish to console input focus style. r=bgrins