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Wed Nov 30 22:11:55 2016 +0000
e5c0a15e348d455a43211031dc697976fa406ca1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 5: Add #includes & forward declarations to some headers in layout/generic, to provide types used in those files. r?TYLin
319868d4046c4dba16aadf5272ac6636ee7f0579Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 4: Add #includes to some .cpp files in layout/generic, to provide types/definitions used in those files. r?TYLin
ef26869f3fc279f5070fd75232c2db18040422c6Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 3: Add "mozilla::" namespace prefix to some types in header files. r?TYLin
5078d38ee182675b7b40b5d938d1886f8d8f0079Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 2: Add missing "using namespace" declarations to a few .cpp files in layout/generic.
68d9461d217d126bccc66532f6b21b3547e9f5c4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 1: Wrap ReflowOutput impl in "namespace mozilla {}". r?TYLin
549da59b304f7f5a7aca4a27c4de7fcb53c93176Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 7 - Move BRFrame to mozilla namespace, and rename nsBRFrame.cpp to BRFrame.cpp. r=dholbert
345db402d87c8e26df696a5ae6ef75d715493b67Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 6 - Rename nsViewportFrame.h/cpp to ViewportFrame.h/cpp, and move exported header to mozilla/ subdir. r=dholbert
e0f9c3f63df0aa3844239e86cab41ac0d10c307dTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 5 - Move ViewportFrame to mozilla namespace. r=dholbert
c1d2cf17018bd168dbfff6f273d0853ed9cd239eTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 4 - Sort #include statements in TouchManager.cpp and PresShell.h. r=dholbert
2753f88a9d7b752a0e7c97cd5fa6e636e6ec287bTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 3 - Rename nsPresShell.h/cpp to PresShell.h/cpp, and move exported header to mozilla/ subdir. r=dholbert
92d9d60f0a82f5cec6ad9525de3ab601d3f3e914Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 2 - Strip "dom::" prefix by using namespace in TouchManager.cpp r=dholbert
185137e0830fc380a839825770dad2175bfac051Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1304598 Part 1 - Move PresShell to mozilla namespace. r=dholbert
8f1e420699832d42753c6503aa31861be6f5b186Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland on a CLOSED TREE. a=merge
f6cc35920bf232c5aa2a91606247271214eb6ec8Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 10bb1ad646cd (bug 1321065) for ASan gtest failures
f9278a331057d291c6163d80d352fa2f3bdd0976Mike Shal — Bug 1320762 - fix compare-mozconfig checks; r=rail
2176b72e7e2f418645d0db458381fccfe3b98f2eShane Caraveo — Bug 1318800 fix systemPrincipal checks so top level tab loads work with webrequests, r=kmag
e6f4b042c540714cabae05788b348c74cd36956dPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to autoland
a6aabcb07a6e49cd52077674cb7e7c802d7a1ed4Karl Tomlinson — bug 1320860 adjust textarea style contexts for GTK 3.20 theming ABI changes r=stransky+263117
673b0b18d59905255e71556655a6878e105b0d17Kirk Steuber — Bug 1319571 - Change the output format of nsUrlClassifierDBService::ClassifyLocalWithTables from comma separated string to an array of strings r=francois
10bb1ad646cda3d9af40d29faf39b3f88124fd96Mike Hommey — Bug 1321065 - Default to --enable-profiling for nightly milestones. r=gps
c91e2710718e0f29c036d87d223ba102efd650e8Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1319378 - Don't set NS_FRAME_MAY_BE_TRANSFORMED against nsIFrame that does not support transforms. r=dbaron
739ac5ad4db5a20d7fdff847cbd675e4c7608a38Mike Hommey — Bug 1321093 - Avoid logalloc-replay make check failure when libstdc++ allocates memory in some static initializer. r=njn
8f217ad4bcd380c91e2c580fe56bba1e7dff6c60Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7ad3151a0a79 (bug 1321065) for bustage. r=backout
a2e634f475d3a78c0c59ed12298b66384b0f0bddMatthew Wein — Bug 1320782 - Disable eslint no-cpows-in-tests check for browser_ext_omnibox.js r=aswan
3a44959def71d9e859bbaa40668f79995a6a6184Bob Silverberg — Bug 1320306 - Implement sessions.onChanged WebExtensions API, r=aswan
3118e664715ba656a1f9fde28cb61d22efd5c4f7Jan Henning — Bug 1320449 - Enable keyboard text prediction on the awesome bar during normal browsing. r=sebastian
02c0dad1974eb9a35c324543cbfbf1e94ba486dfJan Beich — Bug 1320621 - Make sure --enable-system-hunspell picks up system headers. r=glandium
7ad3151a0a797b2230a45483c1adabf4d896405bMike Hommey — Bug 1321065 - Default to --enable-profiling for nightly milestones. r=gps
c021b68fc7dfbc9890e225db9d98e4763d7f08b6Jed Davis — Bug 1320085 - Allow the getrlimit-equivalent subset of prlimit64. r=tedd
7eab0a7c766e258f2849edf6b8666727354a2968Henrik Skupin — Bug 1319705 - Move Puppeteer to testing/marionette and make it available for Marionette tests in test packages. r=gps
12db8198fa96e1620648583ca1d06a7ef97fb18dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1320765 - Test mRemoteBrowser to avoid crash during swapping frame loaders. r=mystor
093f781b5d6f11ce039bc0655b566646e4d4e92aArmen Zambrano — Bug 1320938 - Backout debugging code from 42722bb6b23c. r=dustin
c46aadcf745c1ae266a1633c900dba9df449a41bNeerja Pancholi — Bug 1295466 - Revert w3c-css/submitted/ui3/box-sizing-replaced-001.xht to remove previously added MozReftestInvalidate and add fuzzy anotation for this test r=dholbert
faa9981549a6d24268e5259a2a20fc30ae5f0482Neerja Pancholi — Bug 1295466 - Copy test box-sizing-replaced-001.xht and use non-standard MozReftestInvalidate event to avoid test failure when paint delay is reduced. r=dholbert,mstange
d63d083ab7672423620d6d83366d3e1cbae86badMike Hommey — Bug 1316957 - Include windows.configure conditionally instead of using @depends_win. r=chmanchester
8c1409a443ee41860f8caaf59a149ab83c467736Mike Hommey — Bug 1317504 - Don't try to set LD from old-configure. r=chmanchester
6353e704bf2c4d47610f0e3555d2fd47c002ebdaMike Hommey — Bug 1317504 - Make MSVC builds use the LINK variable instead of LD. r=chmanchester
fd007caf51dfebb5224316c5d0978d15a2cfcc4bMike Hommey — Bug 1317504 - Remove the GNU_LD variable, nothing uses it. r=chmanchester
677f47fec9e7f21f1188c1a1d437d33f749cafc6Mike Hommey — Bug 1317504 - Remove unused non-GCC/clang flags settings. r=chmanchester
cffe1cd111f65c9045cc8e1fe34d845a9a6b5c28Mike Hommey — Bug 1317504 - Warn that LD is not used by the build system. r=chmanchester
5c3271cb35c218a5976aa87873099b45719178eaAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1320793 - Fix lazy load of module globals in devtools. r=jryans
b5bb7341ad8a75892822ddf527f45fbeddfdf1e4Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1320793 - Fix lazy loading of pseudo modules in devtools. r=jryans
46a0a73fde9ae76906ac32fe13155457bb457f94Tomislav Jurin — Bug 1295948 - fixing method so it works with encoded URLs r=aki