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Wed May 27 12:51:49 2015 +0000
dde11461142d1d81b82550ae0f31d0bafe45c7d3Patrick Brosset — Bug 1168760 - Clarify the lazy-actor and parent-child-setup docs; r=ochameau
c93b53c3289594e8056c63cbf94f6a7ad87b4c69Alastor Wu — Bug 1157121 - Add speaker status checking. r=baku
974036be05fa780a93198fa8322bbcdea8e0e9b7Karim Benhmida — Bug 1138635 - Keep keyboard up after voice input. r=liuche
26dad64fe595aee4558b842f7fa6915c0f8f7c92Eddy BruĂ«l — Bug 1164564 - Define an instance of the worker loader for worker threads;r=jlong
efa467fe589fc6210d44a5b8850f907f47613977Mark Banner — Bug 1168366 - Loop Link-clicker: Joining a room, giving feedback, looses context information until the page is reloaded. r=mikedeboer
d07aaab9e7f53882ecab9088f7455fd6143ab4ccMark Banner — Bug 1168564 - Fix some general RTL issues in the Loop panel and conversation window. r=mikedeboer
f78cdc1f29edd2dc2864cce1b3ab479f519ffacaAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1167181 - Fix pending getOriginalLocation requests while running browser_computedview_matched-selectors_01.js. r=pbrosset
1e8841b048f4d1ef418797aff5b1e72dc72d2ecaTim Taubert — Bug 1158855 - Don't collect children of SHEntries if one or more of those were dynamically added r=Yoric
c9bc8e768aa3abcf5231f7c19c56960639f00da4Panos Astithas — Define gDevTools in network-monitor.js for the rare case where it's not already present in the environment (bug 1167655). r=vporof
29560af167772e3d19a47cf2b538368d18ce1ea1Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1165482 - Suppress errors that occur is Developer Toolbar tab change handler if the tab is closed during the update operation. r=bgrins
3aeb33ad2c1034aa4938e52e99789ef894fe803fSami Jaktholm — Bug 1160774 - Don't wait for 'stylesheet-selected' event in source-utils.js as it is not emitted if the requested sheet is already selected. r=jsantell
994744c57cbc8e1aab39236aa878eddb18641c2bTim Taubert — Bug 1167579 - Fix intermittent browser_broadcast.js failures by rewriting modifySessionStorage() r=billm