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Tue Jan 26 02:39:11 2016 +0000
f6dadf7f85e06969b8174e2c8dc1ab59df9aefd1Edgar Chen — Bug 1242820 - Disable devtools/shared/security/tests/unit/test_oob_cert_auth.js on emulator-x86-kk; r?jryans
10f682faba2092134658c3663182dee85ecefd87Edgar Chen — Enable Wifi debug log
a59bed206d74f3c16ca5c3f3f15fbc15ee673d1eEdgar Chen — Enable Network debug log
f9ab49da1c01702fde7aa3a71f270be048b19c59Edgar Chen — Enable RIL debug log
325973fd6fcf39a81a1882542a373e582cc4ddbcEdgar Chen — [DEBUG ONLY] Bug 1143380 - print how long does it take to launch emulator