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Tue Apr 05 19:21:01 2016 +0000
64b5b5ae0c8d95e774c9d90ac4daea231c94ad65Olivier Yiptong — Bug 1239116 - Places messages enabled for remote newtab r?emtwo
17a0ded9bb99c05c25729c306b91771483109067Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
9b307318175cf1864f30a5d31e6494fb356a7c45Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge m-c to m-i to fix perma failures
0847a24d311053f3b17f36b5680e208dd862857aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 85740a5fc12f (bug 1259466) for conflicting down with merge from m-c
1d7ff58884f4f9937d92a08b0648be580d0066aaSeth Fowler — Bug 1261553 - Don't return from OnVisibilityChanged implementations without calling the superclass implementation. r=mstange
b98bd60a5a876b55af6272c10fdd3b640a6dd9e8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1256165 - fit to width again after the restore session button is added, r=Felipe
b3d95f2926e6ca7011ea1a32288f04e22337b0ddXidorn Quan — Backed out changeset b2b0a09c6e1a (bug 729011) for bug 1257686
de39f972fdbe2bf09305c1f3022a1d31a6c7a811Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1261718. In nsSubDocumentFrame when getting the document from a view go through the view manager because it is more like to succeed. r=mats
c185e1c3be0547634af286920d5a34d6cf3f1bf7Bobby Holley — Bug 1261552 - Add FFI hooks to construct, copy, and destroy gecko style structs from servo. r=heycam
767a3ddd89e46554e84b51ee9f80ff1cbd2b91adBobby Holley — Bug 1261552 - Introduce StyleStructContext, and make all style struct constructors take it. r=heycam
74a65e4f87f0dc77bd550c117442173420fbe2a0Bobby Holley — Bug 1261552 - Introduce StaticPresData and hoist some shared functionality into it. r=heycam
f3c202b18fa268a30d4782653f4d2a76ccfeda74Bobby Holley — Bug 1261552 - Reimplement default placement-new for style structs. r=heycam
d7d928b340e56d95fd962146f21c8beb5e1aa663Jeremy Chen — Bug 1261568 - part2.2: add reftest. r=jfkthame
8a00403cb58f842bf6dd577c91cc2166f40294d8Jeremy Chen — Bug 1261568 - part2.1: update manifest before adding test. r=jgraham
066926557b7762909dbf037850941588051f2713Jeremy Chen — Bug 1261568 - part1: take -webkit-text-fill-color into consideration while
5cdaa1592a3645ff55236f51c00cc33de4f715d5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when using chunk-finder, r=jgraham
d7404a8b0bea3480531e40f25a85be077886c8bbAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when running web-platform-tests, r=jgraham
940686f9541f016098b8cae8001835d0d61dd637Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when running marionette tests, r=ato
f32c09cf6b231f5b2df0bc0a298cbc20de0485b3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when running talos, r=jmaher
108a50bd1e2aff467c9c6e4ab6af9c111b598412Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when running reftests, r=jmaher
a470bcc2b2bea4f35d52687ef599acf3fe7c8090Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1243083 - Enable e10s by default when running mochitests, r=jmaher
c75bf5061b8649ff380aa4c1cd28fbbef0a18e3cMike Conley — Bug 1261599 - null check SendPBrowserConstructor return in ContentParent to avoid crashes on content process shutdown. r=smaug
1354379685b5f6cbbe91151c0379cc2382a58015Carim Tho — Bug 1146990 - Log the URL of each tab when test leaks window handles; r=maja_zf
d40c605a68b2fa34c7808c8afb2da12dcfe901c0Felipe Gomes — Bug 1260190 - Disable e10s for accessibility users on OS X. r=jimm
50b8a47e960c6d3c71dffcb914fee8388b5a09f2Gerald Squelart — Bug 1261536 - Create a synthetic document after the window is set - r=bz
4e4923398238026c171cdc7f1ee06bc2efea62cdMarkus Stange — Bug 1248913 - Reftest.
4f29fd865fad1a5316990b763d3a21b0ea1fee7aMarkus Stange — Bug 1254834 - Set the display port on the right element in fast-scrolling.html. r=kats
4f1bcad3f4d6edb149785e1bbeb876ef74869bb0Markus Stange — Bug 1260335 - On perspective ContainerLayers, the clip deferred from their child layer needs to be affected by the perspective layer's async transforms. r=botond
ff6c2806545ebe2f2fa9ea9fd5b0d65cba478d59Markus Stange — Bug 1260335 - Add a comment that explains why the perspective child can't have more than one frame metrics. r=mattwoodrow
f001332ad789062c28a73f0bef1ace98569c5d50Daosheng Mu — Bug 1258061 - Clarify FramebufferTexture2D handling for tex2D and cubeMap; r=jgilbert
725a9dc9e9bf0dedbbfabe8481b28eaad329ac46alexander Bug 1260862 - "remove Cache/EnsureChildren". r=mzehe
954444d01cd10f263850121c87c706ca65682cd3alexander Bug 1261377 - "With current child caching reorganization, NVDA is no longer able to render some content". r=mzehe
e02a9b1b4931191f2fccc397e75ae8c28ef47460Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
4ebc3275aa3d5b9d7dc222864b5a29a24582c9ebJim Blandy — Bug 1251529: Provide default constructor for ShellAllocationMetadataBuilder. r=orange
973bbaa2be7bae42ae7d96dee962fbcfb7ee65b3Heiher — Bug 1260694 - IonMonkey: MIPS: Inline get MIPS flags. r=huangwenjun06
a82738ebcf080050a3b919502a5f9c6c37f14576Heiher — Bug 1260350 - GFX: 2D: Use ConvolveHorizontally_LS3. r=jrmuizel
b7ccb58f645c6e89cc0afe04ff041e8a4e940885Heiher — Bug 1260112 - GFX: 2D: Fix unaligned access in ConvolveVertically/Horizontally_LS3. r=huangwenjun06
0d06527892bcdb86beec7898b2402d7294354f55Jim Blandy — Bug 1251529: Provide default constructor for js::AllocationMetadataBuilder, js::SavedStacks::MetadataBuilder. r=shu
12f6c52e4b4df6527c98593c31840a8c68e2bf5fJim Blandy — Bug 1251529: Pass AutoEnterOOMUnsafeRegion to allocation metadata builder methods. r=fitzgen
fc76f66bf11f5800a7692ccf71add7ef8b01640dJim Blandy — Bug 1251529: Replace allocation metadata callback with a builder class. r=fitzgen
ad5ff46b72e7168e38d1c6c4cbe3b370ee0537b5Jim Blandy — Bug 1251529: In object metadata world, rename "object metadata" to "allocation metadata" and "callback" to "builder". r=fitzgen
8d62fbf0a21534909d69dd49dc56c862e7315ad1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 6: Add reftest for -webkit-box-flex inside of display:-webkit-box. r=mats
3c66c105ff258b0621c86d522bcd8f3b144ab31dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 5: Change "-webkit-box-flex" to alias its -moz equivalent, & change nsFlexContainerFrame to use it instead of flex-shrink & flex-grow in a -webkit-box. r=mats
a5dd5f3f2f39a67eb4459e340f4918728aed7b16Daniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 4: Add reftests for -webkit-box-ordinal-group inside of display:-webkit-box. r=mats
fe5648437459d81b17c5992a5213c956d8668efdDaniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 3: Change "-webkit-box-ordinal-group" to alias its -moz equivalent, & change nsFlexContainerFrame to respect it in a -webkit-box. r=mats
bd3daa360f1b95d56bc6422f9b02f0497df99805Daniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 2: Enable "-webkit-box-pack: justify" sections of -webkit-box reftests, & fix reference cases to use 'space-between' (the modern equivalent). (no review)
a9a79edf76f0d5171ec095f2b2d3156c2609fd0eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 1: Change "-webkit-box-pack" & "-webkit-box-align" to alias their -moz equivalents, & change nsFlexContainerFrame to respect them in a -webkit-box. r=mats
5d3bd2e9a019c867294bdab5a31817d4de1287f3Daniel Holbert — Bug 1257688 part 0: Add an "IsLegacyBox" accessor to nsFlexContainerFrame, to enable special handling of display:-webkit-box & display:-webkit-inline-box. r=mats
ab1e55d01de8dfc614e7a3d127c3add27beb030cSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1259541 - Reduce clearing backbuffer in nsBaseWidget::CreateBackBufferDrawTarget() r=mattwoodrow
61c5789a67aee10a69947c83342aa1d5cd24b3a0Geoff Brown — Bug 1251012 - Remove support for Android 2.3 from mach; r=jmaher
85740a5fc12fb0264ab964a262fa8bf6a45d7c55Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1259466. Add the pref to avoid complainers.
f1ee7dcaa1cb0002a4074ccab583a8e458257fe4Seth Fowler — Bug 1223751 - Assume all frames are visible in subdocuments of a top level content document that's assuming all frames are visible. r=tn
5209d6b9fe6e0e39f1b4c46b0642aae3ece65973Seth Fowler — Bug 1223747 - Don't assume all frames are visible in XUL documents. r=tn
f0110e77e9f7b40ba80b3640ea7cd038398b8eeeCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge